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Aren’t You A Foodie?

I am not a foodie. And it’s quite possible that, by definition, you aren’t either. If you really think about it, you may be a Cuisinologist, which is an entirely different way of thinking.

Sushi roll at Mr. Tuna in Portland, Maine


"One who gains knowledge about cultures through their cuisines; a Food Explorer."

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We're Always Exploring

Not a day goes by that we're not working on one or more of our technical or cultural projects. To us, not only is all of this fun, but all of it is also directly related to foods and their cultures.

Maine Lobster

The history of the classic eating instructions from the 1950s

The Duck Press

Researching the history of the recipe used with the Duck Press

Ingredient Scaler

A smart ingredient scaler giving
practical measures at any scale

The Coney Dog

Researching the Macedonian & Greek origins of the Coney Dog

Rocky Mountain Oysters at the Irma Hotel, Cody, Wyoming

Recipes, Travel,
& Food Photograhy

Luna Pier Cook

Our Oldest Work

This personal blog dates back to 2006, exploring a wide range of recipes, food-related discussion topics, and views into the restaurant industry from the worker's side of the pass window.