"From The Woodshed" Episode Guide

Maggie Morrill, "From The Woodshed" Producer, with Mary on August 27, 2020. This photo was taken after the taping of "From The Woodshed" episode 118 with "Wild Bill" Davenport.
Disclaimer - Unaffiliated with the Maine Cabin Masters

I am not affiliated with the Maine Cabin Masters, Magnolia Network, or Hero Media Arts/Hero Media Network. All opinions expressed here are my own. We are simply fans of the show.

Having said that though, and even though I don’t represent MCM in any manner, this particular Guide was developed at the request of Jen Reese, Kennebec Cabin Co.‘s Business Development Manager, from an idea by David Emmith, owner of the camp in episode 610, “2 Bathrooms, No Bedrooms.”

It’s interesting to note that in the opening of the first episode of the podcast, Chase mentioned not only having guests on from across the state, but also that “We get a ton of questions regularly that, you know, we don’t have a good way to address, so we think this is a good way to do it.” The real point of this requested Episode Guide is to index those questions, hearkening back to Chase’s statement in episode 101.

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The main reason for the Maine Cabin Masters‘ request for this episode guide was to transcribe all the questions asked within the episodes. As there are now hundreds of questions, I’ve placed them into 25 categories. Each category is also searchable within its own section on the page. There are quite a few questions which are asked multiple times, such as why not all cabins are insulated, why Ryan doesn’t cut or trim his hair, and many others. The questions are not answered here as some run five minutes or more. Please watch the individual episode for the answers.
Season 1 Episodes

While Maggie Morrill’s voice can be heard clearly in episode 101, she does not appear in the podcast as she is sitting behind the cameras. In episode 102 her desk was in place to the right of the guest. For episodes 106, Maggie’s questions for Chase & Ryan were moved to after the guest. This move became the norm beginning with episode 108.

Watch:Watch Episode 101
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan's first guest on the podcast is Maine Cabin Masters costar Ashley Eldridge! Chase, Ryan, and Ashley talk about the creation of the Kennebec Cabin Company headquarters in Manchester, Maine, and a hot new item flying off the shelves: Man Glitter. Ashley explains her design process when working on cabins, and gives us an update on everyone's favorite Cabin Master dog, Gus.
Release Date:May 11, 2020
Run Time:1:05:25
Opening:Chase and Ryan introduced themselves, and described branching out into things they can't do on the TV show. Ryan: "The show isn't going to go on forever. We're trying to build the brand to bridge the gap so we can continue on." Chase presented an unsuspecting and quite surprised Ryan with a can of "Man Glitter", which would be offered in Kennebec Cabin Co.'s store on the MCM Merchandise page.
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"When might we know when there might be a season 5?"
(Note: This was before season 4 was split in December of 2020 to create seasons 4 and 5.)
"How do I find out if you've picked my (cabin) application? Do you guys just call or is there a deadline to make those plans?"
"Do you renovate properties outside of Maine?"
"We will definitely visit Acadia National Park and the surrounding area. We would really like suggestions on what else we should experience in your state."
"We feel the budgets for your projects are ridiculously low. There's no way you could pay your staff, buy the materials, and do what you do. When the owners have a budget, is that just for materials?"
(Ryan [smiling]: "I knew this was coming.")
"I watch with amazement as you speed-drive screws during your work. How do you do that? What driver bit do you use, and what style screw head do you use?"
"Why are all the camps you work on raised off the ground? I live in Wisconsin, and all of the cabins I know of, including my family's, are built on concrete foundation. Is it because of terrain, or the lack of access to concrete?"
"On multiple episodes, it does't appear that insulation is used, especially in cabins with open ceilings. How are they kept warm in cold weather?"
Guest Discussion:Ashley wasn't aware of the retail version of "Man Glitter" either. The concept of "STS" was discussed, as was the podcast's regular question, "Water, coffee, or beer?" Chase asked that Ashley discuss her design process, including paint colors, and where the paints and stains come from from. She discussed what she'd been during during their Covid-related shutdown, including what would be stocked in the retail shop, and how online sales were progressing. The Woodshed tasting room's progress was mentioned, as it was approaching opening. They briefly talked about getting Gus (Full Name: August West Gustopher Columbus Morrill Eldridge) a buddy from a rescue facility. Also, getting furniture at Marden's, and using furniture from the camps themselves, was discussed, including the "Less is more" that's necessary for TV purposes. They got into talking about the "broom" jokes, including that Dixie started it, and that there might be a retail offering in the store.
Maggie's Questions for Ashley:"What do Ashley and Ryan do in their spare time? Do they only have one dog, Gus?"
"I would love to know where Ashley shops for interior furniture and tchotchkes. She does an amazing job."
"Who stages your cabins? Do the owners of the camps keep the furniture, or is it just for show?"
"Are you all really from Maine?"
"How come Gus isn't mentioned as part of the team?"
"What is the reason your Mom's dog is named 'Kermit'?"
"In a recent show where Ashley built a countertop using puck-shaped wood cuts and then used liquid plastic to fill in-between. I'm trying to locate such liquid, and I need to know what it's called."
(Side question from Chase: "Do you remember the name of the crushed sea shell tiles?")
"I am interested in you Morrills being tenth-generation Mainers. Our family must have come over early at the same time period. My family came from England in 1630 to Massachussetts Bay colony. Some of the family names are full names above. I'm curious if there are any ancestors in common. What are some of the names on your family tree?"

Watch:Watch Episode 102
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is Maine Cabin Masters fan favorite, "Doug the Plumber." Doug tells us how to make sure your outdoor shower is up to code, what he thinks about being the Cabin Masters' celebrity plumber, and tells us about his side gig making wooden wood stoves.
Release Date:May 18, 2020
Run Time:1:07:32
Featured Beer:Cushnoc Brewing Co.'s Kresge
Opening:Things were still shut down because of Covid-19, but MCM were still pushing forward. Chase and a camera operator went scouting for camps, even though production and builds were still on hold. They were also interviewing for additional carpenters.
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"How did you all come together?"
"Do you do any new construction?"
"Why do you use brushes for huge paint projects?"
"We were wondering if any of the homes featured on your show are used as VRBO or AirBnB?"
"What type of sunglasses do you wear?"
"Have you or anyone you know had a Bigfoot sighting?"
"Do you know when the retail store will be reopened?"
"Would you consider having a fan contest/fundraiser, where the winner could help you on a camp project?"
"Are you going to be on the Magnolia channel when it changes?"
Guest Discussion:Doug talked about fishing, as he brings his tools and fishing pole to job sites. Jedi was the one who brought Doug on-board, and the day of this taping he was working on plumbing downstairs at HQ. Doug talked about his history as a plumber, where he grew up, and places he'd worked for other employers. He also discussed his earlier work with cast iron pipes connected with molten lead, finding Mason jars partially filled with mercury, and how bad the earlier construction of grey water and black water systems can be.
Maggie's Questions for (guest):"How do you insulate the plumbing in cabins or the ground so they don't break or freeze?"
"You seem to get into all kinds of bent positions with ease. Have you ever gotten stuck?"
"How do you maintain your youth and vigor?"
"How can I increase my sewer hold tank volume without digging it up?"
"Our camp toilets sweat in the summer. Why, and what can we do about it?"
"Some cabins use pond water. Do you use some kind of filtration where the water comes in?"
Question from Ashley: "Because there are no sports, we were wondering how your o'possum is doing?"
Closing:Maggie does not want to be a plumber.

Watch:Watch Episode 103
Official Synopsis*:In this episode Chase and Ryan welcome Seth Gass, one of the primary camera operators (and Maine resident) for the Cabin Masters television production. The guys talk about how Seth's career has unfolded, the mechanics of making it look easy, and the magic of keeping the "real" in reality TV.
Release Date:May 25, 2020
Run Time:1:04:15
Featured Beer:Rising Tide Brewing, Baxter Brewing Stowaway, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Bud Light
Opening:Seth is a local cameraman on the show, which at the time of the taping in early May was still shut down for Covid. However, Chase was still scouting camps in hopes production could begin soon.
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"What is Lance doing these days?"
"What were your occupations before the show?"
"What are your favorite projects you've done for the show?"
"Has a cabin owner ever been displeased with the results?"
"Do all of your crew have their own cabins? Do you own camps somewhere?"
"Have you ever worked on any haunted projects?"
"How did Ryan propose to Ashley?"
"What has been your favorite arrival you've done?"
Guest Discussion:Seth doesn't like beer that tastes like coffee... They discussed canoe races near Bangor, and how Seth was a sculpture major intending to go into filmmaking. In L.A. he worked as an Art Production Assistant on the show "24." During one of the hiatus' he worked on "Extreme Makover: Home Edition" and subsequently became a camera assistant on "Undercover Boss" and a number of other reality shows. After becoming friends with Director Of Photography Zack Zamboni, he worked as a cameraman on Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown: Armenia." Being the only local camera operator for Maine Cabin Masters, Seth still does shoots on cabin projects by himself when the other camera operators are unavailable or working on other shows. Seth describes MCM as, "As real as it gets... 100% unscripted", being as close to Bourdain's realistic format as possible.
Maggie's Questions for Seth:"Have you ever broken a camera from tossing them while attached to, like, the wood?"
"With cabins in a remote area, how do you get the equipment to the work site, and how do you power it?"
"How do you stop yourself from laughing when filming?"
"How many cameras are used to film an episode?"
"What percent of filming makes it into the show?"
"Do you have a favorite project that the Maine Cabin Masters have done?"
"Is it a specific camera crew who works on the show, or is it whoever is available?"
Chase asked a couple follow-up questions: "Is it tough to step into a group of camera operators and kind of know what's going on and get your footing? And secondly, do people tend to, because you're from Maine, are they like, you know, 'He doesn't know what he's doing'?"

Watch:Watch Episode 104
Official Synopsis*:Cabin Masters project owner Linda Saulter joins Chase and Ryan to discuss what it was like to be selected for the show, and the effort it took to wait for the genuine "reveal" surprise of her renovated camp. The Saulter home appeared in Season 4, Episode 10 of Maine Cabin Masters.
Release Date:June 1, 2020
Run Time:1:03:23
Featured Beer:Allagash White, Coor's Light
Opening:This taping occured just after May 11th, when episode 101 with Ashley went live for the first time. Chase showed some gifts for the show that had arrived in their fan mail. They had reopened the retail shop, and were working on landscaping and placing kg's Curbside food truck.
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"What does Chase do in his free time, if he has any? This can be for Ryan, too."
"What process do you use to determine if you're going to keep the original kitchen cabinets?"
"I inherited a log cabin in Virginia that has been in our family since the late 1800s. If I need to replace any of the logs, how would you go about doing that?"
"Is it possible to exterminate the wood boards from an old turn-of-the-century house?"
"What was the method of heating the Shaw camp?"
"Chase wears a number of Letterkenny-related t-shirts on the show. Can you talk about how you became a fan of the show?"
"Do you travel to-and-from the work site daily?"
"I have a cabin that we're trying to renovate on a budget. We love how you guys put pine boards over the walls, which is what we're going to do. My question is, should we put a clear coat on the boards?"
Guest Discussion:The Saulters had opened their new camp for the season by the time of the taping. At Chase's request, Linda discussed the MCM experience from the cabin owners' viewpoint, that it was like winning the lottery. The Saulters had sold their home, were building a smaller home, and were living in the camp. They discussed the "mistake" of painting the floor green when Linda had specifically asked for no green, the measures that were taken to not "peek" at the camp while still living nearby, and Ashley's jet-ski arrival that slammed into the dock.
Maggie's Questions for Linda:"Did you change anything after the crew handed over the keys?"
"Have long after you applied were you contacted by the Maine Cabin Masters?"
"What was your favorite part of the renovation? What was your favorite change they made to the camp?"
Ryan aked a side question: "How many people do you think you could sleep in there if you had to?"
Closing:They thought they're getting better at the podcasts. It's all about the fans. Production on the next season of Maine Cabin Masters had still not begun.

Watch:Watch Episode 105
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Maine Cabin Masters costar Jared "Jedi" Baker to the Woodshed this week. Jedi tells us about playing hockey year-round and the details of the Maine moose-hunting lottery. The guys also play a fun game of "Never Have I Ever," Maine Cabin Masters edition.
Release Date:June 8, 2020
Run Time:1:01:43
Featured Beer:Allagash White, Coor's Light
Opening:Taped the Friday before Memorial Day, they were doing side jobs in a run-up to the start of show production. kg's Curbside Grill was also operating in their spot next to the parking lot.
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Why are Maine cabins called 'camps'?"
"How long does it take to film one season?"
"What is the best way to vent a cabin with vaulted ceilings without using a power vent?"
"How can we come to headquarters when you guys will be there?"
"What is the best saw to purchase for at-home DIY?"
"I have a typical A-frame sitting on pads. I'm trying to figure out if I can spray-foam under the camp. The floor gets cold, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to make it warmer."
"If you had to leave Maine, what state would you move to?"
"What bands do you like listening to?"
"Why are you sheathing with 1 inch? Wouldn't it be a cheaper and better job with any other?"
Guest Discussion:They hadn't seen Jedi in a while because of the Covid hiatus. Jedi had bought 100 acres that was an old working farm, with all kinds of treasures. He had played goalie in hockey for about 37 years but the rinks were all shut down. At Chase's request, Jedi described Maine's moose permit lottery, how the various zones work, and the subsequent hunts. The preparation and gear necessary if it's a successful hunt can be daunting. They then played "Never Have I Ever" in the manner of the Maine Cabin Masters.
Maggie's Questions for Jedi:"The beard is epic. When was the last time you saw your chin?"
"Who was or is your favorite hockey goalie?"
"What has been your favorite cabin to work on?"
"Where did the nickname 'Jedi' come from?"
"Where did you learn your construction skills?"
"What did you do before working for Maine Cabin Masters?"
"What do you like to do in your spare time?"

Watch:Watch Episode 106
Official Synopsis*:This week, Chase and Ryan welcome our go-to arborist and all-around tree whisperer, Harry Wolfington from Pinnacle Tree. Learn about the magic of "elevating," the dangers of the brown tail moth, and the kind of personality it takes to swing from trees 100 feet in the air.
Release Date:June 15, 2020
Run Time:0:59:59
Opening:Apparently, after the first full moon in June is when you lose your plants. There'd been a great turnout at the retail store, and they'd met a lot of fans.
Guest Discussion:Pinnacle Tree had been quite busy going into the summer of 2020. They were running 2.5 crews, gearing up for 3 crews. Earlier, the first project they did with Maine Cabin Masters was episode 108, "130-Year-Old Island Cabin", when they let Jedi get hoisted into the trees to do some work. Harry discussed some major challenges that they run into, including hiring and training. He began in the business at the age of 14, and while he'd taken some required courses, most of his knowledge comes from his experience. He discussed customer awareness of his field, and how much clients and camp owners either don't know or don't care about, including the mistakes of filling a rotted tree with concrete or "sealing" a cut with tar or another substance.
Maggie's Questions for Harry:"What is the best thing to do when you find a bird's nest in a tree that you're cutting?"
Chase asked a couple of side questions: "When is a tree too dead to climb safely?", and "How would you generally rate Maine's tree population?"
"When clearing for a lake, is there a strategy for not over-clearing?"
"How do you train to climb and cut/limb trees?"
"Are there any trees that are more browntail moth or caterpillar resistant?"
Ryan asked a side question: "Are there any invasive tree species?"
"If a tree falls into a pond or a lake or whatever, is there a certain permit required to remove it, or can it just be removed?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Is there a stain or paint you prefer?"
"My Dad was born and raise in Guilford and always calls himself a 'Maine-iac' but your opener says 'Mainers.' Which is it?"
"How do you deal with the black flies and mosquitos while working?"
"Does it bother Chase's wife, all the stuff he brings home?"
"Do you have any idea how much lumber you've used over the years?"
Maggie asked a question directed at herself: "How do you feel when you saw yourself on TV?"
Closing:Chase showed the Maine-made Brant and Cochran axes they'd be offering in the store. All the kids were on the unaired pilot, as Chase's wife Sara had brought pulled pork. Switching Chase & Ryan's questions to the end of the podcast was confusing at first.

Watch:Watch Episode 107
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is Isidora Pucciarelli, shop manager at the Kennebec Cabin Company headquarters and Chase and Ashley's longtime family friend. Isidora tells us about several exciting new items in the shop, including a Maine unicorn shirt-- made by none other than Doug the Plumber's brother! She also shares the surprising story behind her beloved 1990 Volvo.
Release Date:June 22, 2020
Run Time:1:05:50
Featured Beer:Baxter, Truly Hard Seltzer, Coor's Light
Opening:Chase made made cornhole sets with Fletcher that day, Ryan had 4 truckloads of concrete poured. Chase went back to the conversation with Harry Wolfinger the previous episode about disposing of Christmas Trees in streams and rivers, and had looked into it. They discussed the new cedar fence out back of the Woodshed, that it was made of seconds and leftovers.
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"I was wondering how many cabins you re-do a year, and how big is your crew?"
"Does everyone on your crew have construction experience?"
"Ryan, where/when was your first Phish show?"
"Do any of you do the hand-drawing plans at the beginning of the episodes?"
"How many dogs do you guys have, and whose is the oldest?"
"Crawling under all those camps to jack and level looks dangerous. Do you ever get nervous?"
"Who's older, Chase or Ashley?"
"Where does the name 'Kennebec' come from?"
"What are your favorite places to eat in Maine?"
Guest Discussion:Isadora has been with Maine Cabin Masters since before the retail space came together, and shows up in earlier episodes. She knew the Daggett family early on, who were in episode 101 and sold MCM the property for Kennebec HQ. She showed the wallets sold in the store that are made by Eva, the autographed saw blades that were used on the show and other projects, the float rope fetch toys for dogs with monkey fists for tugging, the small hand-painted signs and ornaments, the Maine crushed shell keychains, and the limited edition "Maine-icorn" shirts made by the brother of Doug the plumber. Chase also showed the Maine Cabin Master buffs. Isadora is also a massage therapist and yoga instructor at the Kennebec Valley YMCA, which was just reopening at the time of the taping.
Maggie's Questions for Isadora:"Do you only carry items that were featured on the show, or do you carry other crafters from Maine?"
"What is it like being surrounded by all these creative people? Are you creative yourself?"
"Is there a way to get on the waiting list for a loon whistle?"
"One of the episodes used blown glass lights in a cabin by someone in Maine. Do you carry those in the store?"
"What is the range in sizes for Maine Cabin Masters t-shirts?"
"What has been the surprise best-selling item in the store?"
Ryan asked the viewers a side question: "Would you guys buy (a saw blade) if it wasn't used?"
"What do you like to when you're not working at Kennebec Cabin Co. HQ?"

Watch:Watch Episode 108
Official Synopsis*:Fan favorite Matt "Dixie" Dix brings his laid-back vibe and friendly smile to the Woodshed this week for a conversation with Chase and Ryan. Dixie talks with us about growing up in Maine, his favorite parts of being a carpenter, and how he got his nickname. He also plays "Name that Tool" with Chase and Ryan, where the guys try to identify hand-held tools just from the sound they make. See if you can beat Chase, Ryan, and Dixie by playing along!
Release Date:June 29, 2020
Run Time:1:01:19
Featured Beer:Coor's Light
Opening:The big news was that they finally received word production on the show would start the following Monday, June 22nd. This was using an all-Maine crew (due to Covid) to produce ten episodes.
Guest Discussion:During the hiatus, Dixie had been catching up on projects he'd promised five years or so. They were finishing the tasting room, including the bocce court. They described crushing seashells for the court, and ended up driving a truck over it in order to have the weight to do it. They then played a game with Dixie called "Name That Tool", trying to identify eight battery-powered tools only from their sound. Ashley briefly visited the podcast as she hadn't seen Dixie in a while.
Maggie's Questions for Dixie:"As a carpenter, do you prefer finish work, framing, or demo? What do you find most enjoyable?"
"Is 'Dixie' your real name or is it a nickname, and if it's a nickname, how did you get it?"
"What is the favorite carpentry or building job you've done?"
Chase asked "How's Mamie doing?"
"How has your life changed since the success of the show?"
"You always seem so calm on the show. Is that your natural demeanor when you're working or not working?"
"How has the family liked the camp you renovated for your grandmother?"
"Do you have any fun stories of Chase and Ashley from when you were all younger?"
"How many of what kinds of dogs do you have/train?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Is there a way to get one-year-old pressure treated deck boards to stop oozing sap?"
"You guys inspired us to remodel our bunk room, and we're paneling with 3/4" by 6" white pine. The rest of the camp has no stain or polyurethane. Is it necessary to polyurethane the new wood?"
Ryan asked Chase "What's the difference between shellac and lacquer? Do you know?"
"Can you power wash your log home?"
"How would you describe a Maine winter?"
"Do you still go 'up to camp' even if it's 'down east'?"
"Where are some places in the world you'd like to travel to?"
"Did you build your own home, or did you renovate a home you bought?"

Watch:Watch Episode 109
Official Synopsis*:Tom Welch of Mainely Handrails is our guest this week, and he shares with us the process of fabricating one of a kind steel and aluminum creations, ranging from standard handrails to a life-size bear-B-Q! Tom also discusses his experience starting and growing a business, and lets us know where he stands on the best place to get a donut in Maine.
Release Date:July 6, 2020
Run Time:1:03:45
Guest Producer (with Maggie):Gavin O'Donnell
Featured Beer:Coor's Light
Opening:Production on MCM had started the previous Monday, June 22, 2020. The retail store had been, as Ryan put it, "nuts", and they were also working on their liquor license for the taproom.
Guest Discussion:Mainely Handrails can fabricate just about anything, as well as powder-coating the product. Tom has owned the company about 15 years, beginning with going after the granite step companies. He'd started in maintenance at a big company for about 10 years, making handrails on the side. Now they make just about anything requested, including plasma-cut precision work. They also discussed the design and construction of full-sized bear and moose fire pits that are available at the store.
Maggie and Gavin's Questions for Tom:"What was the hardest project you have done to date?"
"How long does it take to make a creation like the bear?"
"How have the advances in technology helped with your ability and efficiency to create your projects?"
"Do you have formal artist training? Does your CNC guy have formal artist training?"
"What are the challenges involved in your line of work?"
"We heard that you have a wicked sweet tooth. Is there a favorite bakery?"
Maggie and Gavin's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"What's the significance of your (Kennebec Cabin Co.) logo?"
"Do you guys like Moxie?"
"What are the challenges involved in your line of work?"
"After all your travels, what are your favorite lakes in Maine?"
"If you had to build with one material for the rest of your career, what would that be?"
"I noticed Ryan has a tattoo on his hand. Does he have any others? Does Ashley and Chase?"

Watch:Watch Episode 110
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this episode is Peggy Morrill, who goes way back with the Cabin Masters. She's Chase and Ashley's mom, Ryan's mother-in-law, and Maggie's "Mimi Peggy!" Peggy reminisces about what Chase and Ashley were like growing up, talks Maine history, and tells us how she came to Maine in the first place (the story includes a motorcycle trip!)
Release Date:July 13, 2020
Run Time:1:04:22
Featured Beer:Yeungling, Coor's Light
Opening:The first round of cabin filming with the local production crew had wrapped up. Chase then showed off some Thank You gifts they'd received.
Guest Discussion:Peggy's a two-time cabin owner, and a part-time artist on the show. She's not originally from Maine, being from Washington state, and has been a teacher for both preschool and 4th grade. There was a lot of family reminiscing in this conversation.
Maggie's Questions for Peggy:"Was there a lot of sibling rivalry between Chase and Ashley growing up?"
"Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?"
"Did Chase bring things home as a kid like he does now?"
"Which child was the most difficult, Chase or Ashley?"
"Did you ever work in the same school your kids went to, and did they like it?"
"Chase was talking about vacation on the last podcast. Where would you like to go for family vacation?"
"Do your kids come running when you need a project done, or do you need to wait in line like everyone else?"
"Which cabin renovation that has been done on the show was your favorite, not including your own?"
"Were the creative skills currently found in both Ashley and Chase evident when they were growing up?
Question from Ryan: "What do you think of everything that's gone on (with MCM) the last five years?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Ryan, the episode of you riding a horse is hysterical. You said you were scared but I think you were awesome. Have you ridden one since?"
"How come most times we never see you guys prime the outside of a cabin before you paint them?"
"When was Ryan's last haircut?"
"What do you guys drink to stay hydrated? I find that, in hot weather, water just doesn't cut it. Do you guys believe in electrolytes, and substitute sports drinks?"

Watch:Watch Episode 111
Official Synopsis*:Our guest in the Woodshed this week is Brad Weston. Brad has been a part of the Kennebec Cabin Company team for five years, and fans of Maine Cabin Masters have seen him grow up on the show. Brad shares about his years playing college football, and tells us what the Cabin Masters are really like as coworkers.
Release Date:July 20, 2020
Run Time:0:59:48
Featured Beer:Coor's Light
Opening:The walk-in cooler for The Woodshed had just been delivered.
Guest Discussion:Brad started with Maine Cabin Masters while he was a freshman in college, showing up first in episode 102, "Dilapidated Island Cabin." Chase asked what he likes to do with his time off, they discussed the football program at Husson University, and Chase then asked how working for Maine Cabin Masters compares with Brad's other experiences.
Maggie's Questions for Brad:Chase asked "What's your favorite part of the process of working on the cabins? Also, what is your least favorite?"
"Just curious if you're as much a dog lover as the rest of the team? If so, what kind of dog do you have?"
"How old are you, and who taught you how to build a house?"
"We know a lot of the team's music choices. What music do you like?"
"If you could pick the perfect camp, what is the one thing you would absolutely need to have?
  1. Lots of water frontage

  2. Great views

  3. Great fishing

  4. A log frame

  5. ... or something else?"
"What do you like best about working with the crew?"
"What's the heaviest thing you've lifted by yourself or with others on the show?"
"Who is the most patient person to work with on the crew?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Sooner or later, all good things come to an end. What plans do you have after the series ends?"
"I was lucky enough to have a one in my life. Have you ever had a 29-point hand, and if not, what is the highest cribbage hand you've ever had?"
"What is the earliest you've arrived to a job, and have you ever had neighbors complain about any of your construction builds?"
"Who would be on the Mt. Rushmore of influential and/or important Mainers?"

Watch:Watch Episode 112
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is Francis Folsom of Folsom Landscape Fabrications, the Cabin Masters' go-to landscape company. Francis tells us about his family's history with the Morrills and the Eldridges, and the challenges of landscaping when a TV crew is involved. He also shares his secret cure for Poison Ivy!
Release Date:July 27, 2020
Run Time:1:03:55
Guest Producer:Gavin O'Donnell
Featured Beer:Yeungling, Coor's Light
Opening:Maggie had a horse show and it was her birthday, so she was absent and Gavin took her place. Second shoot for the season started the following week, and all the permits and licensing for The Woodshed itself were finishing up.
Guest Discussion:Francis is from Augusta, and his family goes back decades with both the Morrills and Eldridges. His first cabin for MCM was Dora Mills' camp, episode 202, "Clearwater Camp."
Gavin's Questions for (guest):Ryan asked "What are the rules for bringing in trees that are not native?"
Ryan asked "Everyone says 'hardscaping'. What's 'softscaping'?"
Ryan asked "Tell everyone what 'dry stacking' is."
"What are the easiest and most hearty plants where it snows?"
"Why do I see you guys using rakes instead of 8 hp leaf blowers?"
"What is the best non-toxic way to kill weeds?"
"Do you test the soil before you pick the plants?"
Chase asked "What are some of your favorite plants to use on the camps we work on?"
Gavin's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Can cherry trees really grow in Maine?"
"How do you go about leveling a large back yard?"
"What's an alternative to an outhouse when a camp doesn't have running water?"
"If you weren't Cabin Masters, what other profession would you be doing?"
"How do you find material in such remote places?"
"Is it different now that you're more managing, like, three jobs at once rather than just going in to work every day?"
"What is the most embarrassing thing you remember or know about Ashley?"

Watch:Watch Episode 113
Official Synopsis*:Matt Assmus, Executive Producer of Maine Cabin Masters was our guest on the podcast this week. Matt tells us about the production work that goes into the show, and even shares about that time he toured Europe with a band! If you think you're the ultimate Maine Cabin Masters fan, make sure to play along when the guys try to guess "who said it?" with a list of quotes from the show!
Release Date:August 3, 2020
Run Time:1:07:40
Featured Beer:Shipyard Summer Ale, Coor's Light
Opening:Production was into a 'B' shoot, with only a couple arrivals, and the first reveals for the season were being planned. Eating at Pat's Pizza in Augusta is a Morrill-family tradition, and they plug it when they can.
Guest Discussion:The Maine production crew, in-place and working on the show because of Covid, was doing really well in maintaining the look of the show. Matt was the creator of the show, and has been the show-runner from the beginning. Matt has the final "eyes" on the episodes before they air. The show is edited in low resolution. After Matt's and the network's final approvals, the show is edited in high resolution for airing, with logos blurred out, etc. This discussion also includes talk of moving to possibly moving to HGTV, as Magnolia didn't seem to want the show once DIY was converted to it, but the whole situation had come apart through 2020 because of Covid. Production of MCM had then continued for DIY. Matt then went through the history of the development of Maine Cabin Masters. They then played a game with Matt, put together by Line Producer Lisa Stanley, identifying fifteen quotes on the show by who said it, camp, episode, and possibly season.
Maggie's Questions for Matt:"How does the production crew handle being in the back woods?"
"I was wondering how much you knew about Maine before the show, and what you think of our state now that you've spent a good amount of time here?"
"What are the challenges of producing Maine Cabin Masters that surprised you?"
"What is your favorite camp they have done so far?"
"What's worse, black flies or mosquitos?"
"What makes Maine Cabin Masters different from all the other fixer-upper shows?"
Chase asked "What shows have you worked on in the past?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:There wasn't time for fan questions from Maggie.

Watch:Watch Episode 114
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is Jeff Easterling, President of the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association. Jeff explains the role NELMA plays in educating and supporting lumber graders across the Northeast, and answers fan questions about the strengths of Eastern White Pine, and differences across Pine varieties. Jeff also challenges Ryan and Chase to a lumber-grading test! See if you can tell the difference at home.
Release Date:August 10, 2020
Run Time:0:58:24
Featured Beer:Peak Brewing Summer Session, Coor's Light
Opening:This was the beginning of Chase's tagline, "All things Maine, all things cabins, all things Maine Cabin Masters."
Guest Discussion:NELMA was founded in 1933 as a lumber grading agency and is in 20 states. Lumber is tested to ensure the mills are meeting local, regional and national standards. Mill graders are also trained and certified to perform the grading on-site under that mill's conditions. While automated grading exists, human graders will still be needed to verify the automated systems. Jeff brought in some Eastern White Pine boards to test Chase and Ryan's grading abilities, using three of the five possible grades.
Maggie's Questions for Jeff:"How many white pine mills are in Maine, and are they a big supplier of jobs?"
"More-and-more companies and organizations are trying to go carbon-neutral, one way being planting trees. Is going carbon-neutral something NELMA are considering and encouraging their partners to do?"
"I don't know if this is occurring elsewhere (this person is from northeast Ohio), but our pine trees are dying. What is causing this?"
"Has production been down due to Covid?"
"Please tell people the difference between 'Eastern SPF' and 'Western SPF'. Is one stronger than the other? Is Eastern White Pine KD (kiln dried) to 15% or less?"
Ryan asked "There are some regions of Maine that have stronger pines than others, like the 'King Pines'. And if you see that mark, you don't touch it?"
Chase asked "Besides the automation in grading, what do you see changing for NELMA and the lumber manufacturers?"
Ryan asked "What about genetics, and gently-modified species?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"So Chase talks a lot with his hands. I do too. Is this a family trait? Did he learn this from following his Dad around?"
"When was the last time any of the guys were clean-shaven? Would they shave it off if they lost a bet?"
"I was wondering if any of the guys have sore muscles from working so hard every day. Do you come in sore from the previous day?"
"What are some of your favorite Maine ghost stories?"

Watch:Watch Episode 115
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is Cole McElwain, the manager of The Woodshed, the new tap room at Kennebec Cabin Company headquarters! Cole, Chase, and Ryan taste some Maine-made brews that might make an appearance in The Woodshed. Cole shares some details about the soon-to-open tap room, and tells Chase and Ryan about his past experiences working in the restaurant industry. Tune in to learn more about Cole and The Woodshed!
Release Date:August 20, 2020
Run Time:1:02:04
Featured Beer:Cole brought in a number of different beers for sampling, including Marsh Island Brewing Pulp Truck, Allagash Brewing River Trip, Foundation Brewing Epiphany, Cornish Cider Co., and Orono Brewing Fruit Pie.
Opening:The Woodshed was close to being open as a taproom, which is why Cole was the guest. Comedian Chris Hardwick, host of "The Talking Dead". also had Chase on as a guest on his own podcast, ID10T.
Guest Discussion:A bartender his whole career, Cole made the rounds of jobs in the Bangor and Sugarloaf areas. They discussed how Covid was affecting bar and restaurant operation, including using picnic tables for outside seating, counter service, and servers for food delivery to tables. They talked about getting in little-known breweries, a stage for entertainment... Basically what it's become as a taproom.

Watch:Watch Episode 116
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is Dean Gyorgy of Hero Media Arts. You're probably familiar with the Hero Media Arts video pieces that run each week in the podcast, and you might recognize Dean's voice from the intro to From the Woodshed. We sat down with Dean to learn more about him and his business, and he told us how he defines a hero. He also shared his history with the Cabin Masters, and a few stories from his previous career working in minor league baseball.
Release Date:August 24, 2020
Run Time:1:02:06
Featured Beer:Our guest this week is Dean Gyorgy of Hero Media Arts. You're probably familiar with the Hero Media Arts video pieces that run each week in the podcast, and you might recognize Dean's voice from the intro to From the Woodshed. We sat down with Dean to learn more about him and his business, and he told us how he defines a hero. He also shared his history with the Cabin Masters, and a few stories from his previous career working in minor league baseball.
Opening:Maggie received her first fan mail.
Guest Discussion:Dean voices the intro for the podcast, and fully produces it. Hero Media Arts (now Cove Design Works) focuses on everyday heroes, and takes care of the web sites and social media for Maine Cabin Masters including their 3D tours, Kennebec Cabin Co., and The Woodshed. Dean talked about his various work history around the country, how he got back to Maine to start his own agency, and how it's now a family business. In creating their Everyday Heroes videos they take two minutes to immerse the viewer into local people and stories, which have performed really well.
Maggie's Questions for Dean:"How has your life changed since working with these guys (the Maine Cabin Masters)?"
"Do you have a favorite cabin that they have done?"
Chase asked "Do you have a favorite video you've done for 'Everyday Heroes'?"
"Did you know how to do podcasts, or is this all new to you?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"My family lives in a 100-year-old cabin in Central Camp, California. I'm probably working on stripping and painting the dresser and chest of drawers in the master bedroom. The last chest of drawers I did, I used latex paint, and now when the air is damp, the drawers won't open. What other paint should I use for the other pieces, or should I use a stain?"
"What cabin had the biggest turn-around from beginning to end?"
"Your show has encouraged me to trek out and rediscover our family camp in northern New Hampshire, neglected close to 20 years, but home to many wonderful memories. I was pleased to find that it was in much better shape than I expected, but it has a tar paper exterior which I always hated, even as a child. What would you recommend to make the exterior more attractive, but yet affordable and durable for a pond location?"
"Do a lot of the camps have neighbors that are quite close?"
"Do people really leave their camps in such disarray, or is it staged for the show?"
To Chase: "Why did you decide to go to to college at The Atlantic? What did you learn there that helps you today?"
"Was there a time you regretted that you'd wished you had worn working gloves? Most of the time I don't see any while demoing."
"For the cabins that are four-season camps and, since most are off the ground, how do you keep the pipes from freezing in the winter?"

Watch:Watch Episode 117
Official Synopsis*:This week Chase and Ryan sat down with Maine Cabin Masters producers Lisa Stanley and Jason Kemp. Lisa and Jason have been working on the show since season one, and they share some of the funny moments that have happened along the way. Tune in to hear Chase and Ryan challenge Lisa and Jason to a game of "Lingo Bingo." Chase and Ryan quiz Lisa and Jason on their carpentry and construction knowledge, and Lisa and Jason test the guys with a list of TV production terms. See how many you know!
Release Date:August 31, 2020
Run Time:1:01:14
Featured Beer:Coor's Light
Opening:By the time this would air, the beer would be flowing at The Woodshed.
Guest Discussion:The show has had a new Executive Producer every year, which is why there are minor changes each season. Jason does the initial edits down to about 55 minutes, and asking for additional shots, prior to the editors at Dorsey Pictures in Colorado finessing the result into 44 minutes, which is then tightened later to 42 minutes. Each show is seven acts, and Jason "writes" the show by assembling the sequence into a story. Lisa is in control of the budget, and is really the final eyes for each episode. They played a game called "Lingo Bingo", with Chase and Ryan asking construction terminology, and Jason and Lisa asking production terminology.
Closing:Charli had joined Ryan and Ashley's household.

Watch:Watch Episode 118
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is "Wild Bill" Davenport, a longtime friend of the Morrill family and the Cabin Masters. Wild Bill tells us about the various interesting jobs he's held over the years and shares the story of his friendship with Chase and Ashley's father. The guys also reminisce about the pilot episode of Maine Cabin Masters, where they traveled to the far northern reaches of Maine in the middle of winter, and brought Wild Bill along for the ride.
Release Date:September 7, 2020
Run Time:1:00:31
Featured Beer:Sebago Brewing Simmer Down
Guest Discussion:Eric Morrill and Bill had met on a job together when they were much younger. Bill is basically the Maine Cabin Master's paint shop. The conversation was a lot of family, work, and salvage recollections.
Maggie's Questions for Wild Bill:Ryan asked "What do you think Eric (Morrill) would think of all of this?"
Ryan asked "How has carpentry changed since when you first started?"
"Did Chase get his creative engineering mind from his Dad?"
"Looking at Ashley trying to cook in the show, besides doing carpentry, was their Dad a good cook like others in their generation?"
"Where did the name 'Wild Bill' come from?"
Chase asked "Where did the name 'Duffy' come from?"
"Was Ashley bossy when they were growing up?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"What is a nice area on the lake to buy or build a home for a retiree from New Jersey? Needs to be close to shopping, hospitals, and cultural areas. Any suggestions?"
"What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a Maine Cabin Masters site?"
"At The Woodshed, will you be offering beers from Cushnoc?"
"Have any of the Cabin Masters had any close encounters experience or crossed paths with another reality show ('Northwoods Law') in Maine?"
"Chase, you have been great saving things used for camps. Has the county ever cited you for having an illegal junk yard?"

Watch:Watch Episode 119
Official Synopsis*:This week we were visited by Corbin Eldridge, Cam LaSalle, and Gavin O'Donnell - the Teen Cabin Masters (also known as the "Z-Masters," since they're representing Gen Z!) The guys tell us about their summer working with the KCC team, including the learning moments and the highs and lows. They also share their plans for returning to school this fall, and tell us if they see themselves working in carpentry or construction in the future.
Release Date:September 14, 2020
Run Time:0:57:18
Opening:The Woodshed had been open for more than a week, they were still assembling picnic tables. Applications go into a database... Two cabins for the current build season were from applications that were two years old.
Guest Discussion:The Teen Masters had already stopped working for Maine Cabin Masters for the season, at the start of high school classes. They described where they go to school, how they're related to the team, and what it was like working on the cabins with MCM and the production crew. The Teen Masters then talked about how Covid affected their relationships with friends through the schools and the sports programs, which had been closed since March. They then talked about how comfortable they might be with the various tools.
Maggie's Questions for Corbin, Cameron, & Gavin:From Ryan: "What's the one thing you learned working with us this summer?"
From Chase: "Did you learn anything about the TV production side of things that you didn't know about?"
"What job do you dream of having when your schooling is completed?"
"Mentoring is critical to any apprenticeship. Was there a particular person on the crew that made a big impact on you?"
"How do you think 2020 might impact your future?"
"What did you learn this summer that surprised you?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"My husband and I live outside of Anchorage, Alaska, and we noticed that Chase wears an Ivory Jacks hoodie on many episodes. We wondered what is the significance of the hoodie, and can we send him one from one of our area of Alaska to give us equal time?"
"What is the weirdest or most random item you have found during demo?"
"Do y'all really get along as well as you do on the show?"
"What is the best type of flooring for non-heated summer camps that are on pillars, with no basement, and open to freezing?"
"What did Chase end up doing with the ponies you got from Lance?"
"Will you guys be putting more deleted and blooper scenes on your Facebook page?"

Watch:Watch Episode 120
Official Synopsis*:This week our guests in the Woodshed are Brian Taylor and Jason Thornton, members of the Kennebec Cabin Company crew. Brian and Jason grew up together and have been working with the Cabin Masters for several years. They tell us about their shared love of skiing, and what makes working with the Cabin Masters different from other construction jobs.
Release Date:September 21, 2020
Run Time:1:06:27
Featured Beer:Stony Creek Brewery Little Wing Haze IPA, Coor's Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon
Opening:Maggie had started her first week of school since March 13th, and was going to do her third horse show that weekend.
Guest Discussion:BT and Jay started by talking about where they're from and what they've done, meeting up at one point in New Mexico. Jay was a teacher before joining Maine Cabin Masters at the urging of BT.
Maggie's Questions for Brian and Jason:Ryan asked "What's your favorite camps you've worked on, least favorites?"
Chase asked "What's your favorite part of the process?"
"When building or restoring cabins, what's the hardest skill or thing you've had to learn on-the-job?"
"As the quiet guys on set when they're filming, what is the hardest time you've had not busting out laughing at the antics of Ryan and Chase?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Do you always stain your outdoor decks? What kind of stain do you typically use, and what would you recommend for a west-facing deck that gets full sun?"
"Do you ever have to take into consideration about black bears being near camps, and if so, what do you do different to the camps to keep the black bears out, especially during the winter when no one is at camp?"
"I'd like to know how the cabins withstand frost and freeze when the footings are nothing more than those concrete discs. Why aren't 48-inch-deep posts or footings not required?"
"What are you most looking forward to this season?"
"Who decides who will do what job?"
Closing:Ryan went through a few pieces of fan mail, including a 'Brown Bear Saloon' hoodie for Chase from the family who'd asked about his 'Ivory Jacks' hoodie the previous week.

Watch:Watch Episode 121
Official Synopsis*:Our guest in the Woodshed this week is Justin LaPointe, the Morrill family's longest employee! Justin started working for Chase's dad even before Chase did. Justin told us all about his love of Moxie, the classic Maine soda. He also shared about getting his "dumpster wings"-- the first time he went dumpster diving with Chase's dad! Tune in to learn the inside scoop about working with the Morrills and the Cabin Masters.
Release Date:September 28, 2020
Run Time:1:01:35
Opening:Maine Shack is owned by Mainers out in Denver, and they'd swapped Grand Opening visits with The Woodshed and kgs Curbside Grill, serving their dishes within kgs' food truck.
Guest Discussion:They presented Justin with a 12-pack of Moxie, which Chase, Ryan, and Maggie had as a float with ice cream. Justin was 15 when he started working with Eric, Chase & Ashley's Dad, thanks to Wild Bill. He was also part of the show's unaired pilot, which they discussed in more detail. After questions, they presented Justin with a Moxie tie.
Maggie's Questions for Justin:"Who's a better boss, Chase or his father?"
Ryan asked "What do you see as the same between Chase and his Dad?"
"What's the best day you've ever had at work, and why?"
"What is the weirdest thing you've helped Chase salvage?"
"Did you think the show would take off as it has?"
"Were you experienced in construction, or did Eric teach you everything you know?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"What's the best way to fix a door that is off because the frame has shifted? The door wouldn't shut, so we took some off the top and bottom, but there's a half-inch drop on the top of the door. The hinge side is fine, but it's dropped a half an inch on top on the other side."
"I've noticed that you use a lot of 6 inch and 8 inch shiplap boards on the interior of many of the cabins that you save. My question is, how do you complete the corner on the horizontal shiplap. Do you butt-end them together in the corner, or cut a 45-degree angle and put them together in the corner?"
"I saw one of your episodes Ryan made a comment about sprayng ployurethane on white pine. I have a cabin that I'm building, and the interior is completely 1 x 10 TNG white knotty pine. I would like to keep it natural and light like it is now. Everyone sprays lacquer on this type of interior around here, and after a year it will turn a dark orange color. What would you recommend to keep the original, natural look. I used water-based polyurethane in the past on other white pine, and it doesn't seem to turn the orange color with age. I used foam brushes to put it on. Can you spray water-based polyurethane?"
"You see other people at the camps working beside the top five of you. How many people besides other contractors like tree removal or landscaping do you work with?"
"How is Charli acclimating to her new home, and does Gussy still approve?"
"Does Chase ever lose his temper?"

Watch:Watch Episode 122
Official Synopsis*:This week in the Woodshed we will have Jeff Myers from Great Northern Docks, the dock supplier of The Maine Cabin Masters. Jeff tells us about the history and benefits of Great Northern Docks, and answers questions about the best type dock for a variety of conditions and locations. He also tells us about some of the cool custom installations the Great Northern Docks team has done.
Release Date:October 5, 2020
Run Time:0:56:18
Guest Producer:Fletcher Morrill
Featured Beer:Bunker Brewing Bunktoberfest
Opening:Maggie was at a horse show, so Fletcher was Producing, even though he'd never seen one of the podcasts.
Guest Discussion:Great Northern Docks has been there at the same location in Naples for 42 years (since 1979), which had started as Merriam Hardware offering dock parts. They started with the Maine Cabin Masters on episode 303, "Ho-Ho Home." They do many more freshwater docks than tidal. Great Northern Docks had also provided the entertainment stage for the back yard at The Woodshed. "Building Your Own Dock", written by the owners, is available on Amazon as paperback or for Kindle.
Fletcher's Questions for Jeff:"Which was the most complicated residential installation you have ever done, and why was it complicated? Size, location, maybe intended usage?"
"Do your docks work mainly for ponds, brackish rivers, or tidal rivers? We live on a tidal river in Oregon, and are wondering if there is a brother company here similar to yours?"
"Are most of your docks permanent, or can some stay out of the water to store?"
"What is the most fun dock that you have installed?"
Chase asked "Are there limitations to the size of docks you can install; Besides structural, are there code limitations that you have to worry about?"
Ryan asked "You don't need a permit for a dock that is removed every year, correct?"
"What is the best dock design for easy access with a pontoon boat? U-shaped, L-shaped, or straight?"
"What is the latest in the season that you should take a dock made by you out of the water?"
Fletcher's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"In the old intro, why does it sound like Chase is asking a question when he says Ryan is a 'voice of reason'? Does he not believe it?"
"You have a great flag. Why that design by your team? What is the story/history behind it, and where can we get one? It doesn't appear on your site under Merchandise Shop."
"Can you guys speak on how great a job Maggie is doing?"
"Do you leave your names, autographs, business cards, date magnets, or pictures, hidden in the walls somewhere so future generations will know you did the renovations?"

Watch:Watch Episode 123
Official Synopsis*:Our guest this week is Karen Carberry Warhola, Director of the Maine Film Office! The Maine Film Office works with production teams from all over the country (and the world!) to help them film movies, tv shows, music videos, and advertisements in Maine. Karen talked with us about her favorite parts of working with production teams, and told us her favorite made-in-Maine film. Tune in to learn about the Maine film industry!
Release Date:October 12, 2020
Run Time:1:00:49
Guest Discussion:Karen has been with the Maine Film Office since 2012. It's a state marketing office within the Office of Tourism. There's no permitting except for working within the Parks systems, task-specific licensings, etc. Maine became a "safe" place for productions to both live and film during Covid.
Maggie's Questions for Karen:"Can you describe the film/TV industry in Maine using just three words?"
"What is the biggest challenge of your job?"
"Is Maine an all-season shooting location, or do crews shy away during extreme months?"
"What is your favorite part of the state, like, southern Maine, the mountains, the coast?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Wondering about the Cabin Masters' NFL thoughts about Tom Brady now playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?"
"Have any of you climbed Mt. Katahdin, and if so, can you describe Knife's Edge?"
"My son is 15 and is an excellent student, particularly in math, science, and woodshop. He's begun talking about construction trades as a career path. What advice would you give him to help him decide his next steps?"
"What common trait have you found, with cabins that have held up well to Maine weather?"
Closing:Chase asked the first trivia question from the "So You Think You Know Maine?" board game as a viewer contest.

Watch:Watch Episode 124
Official Synopsis*:Tonight we have a short episode to wrap up our first season of From the Woodshed! We have loved learning from and laughing with all of our guests this season. Thank you to all of our listeners who sent in questions each week, and watched along for our Youtube premieres! We are taking a little time off to focus on our fall cabins, but will be back before you know it with season two. Tune in to hear our trivia question winners, and our ideas for the future of the podcast.
Release Date:October 19, 2020
Run Time:0:15:22
Guest Producer:Fletcher Morrill
Discussion:They'd done the 24 episodes for season 1 in 6 months. They then went through the trivia contest winners from the previous two episodes. There would be a bit of a hiatus, and then they'd begin to start production on season 2 of the podcast.

* “Official Synopsis” is taken directly from the episode’s YouTube page.

Season 2 Episodes

Watch:Watch Episode 200
Release Date:December 3, 2020
Run Time:0:00:28

Watch:Watch Episode 201
Official Synopsis*: Season Two of From the Woodshed kicks off with an appearance from Ashley Eldridge, Maine Cabin Masters co-star and everybody's favorite designer. Ashley and the guys give us an update on the current season in production (without giving away any secret details), including a renovation at a summer day camp that Ashley and Chase attended as kids. Away from the show, Ashley's been having some car trouble recently. Just wait 'til you hear why!
Release Date:December 7, 2020
Run Time:0:53:33
Featured Beer:Allagash Brewing White
Opening:This was the first time they were able to publicly acknowledge that Maine Cabin Masters season 4 had been split by the network, taking it down to 13 episodes, to create an already-aired season 5 using the last 7 episodes of season 4, and that the current builds would be for what would now be known as season 6. Episode 601, "Preserving A Passion That's 'In-Tents'", had already aired on November 30, 2020.
Meet The Campowners:The Cornwall family, owners of the cabin in episode 601, joined Chase & Ryan remotely for a virtual chat, which was a first for the podcast. (Chase: "Now what do I do?")
Chase & Ryan's Questions for the Cornwalls:"What did you think about the whole process, and what did you think about it all?"
"Did you get to use the camp much this summer?"
"How did what you saw (at the camp) relate to what you saw on TV?"
Guest Discussion:Gus and Charli were in the studio. Ryan said it was a dream come true to be sponsored by a beer company (Allagash Brewing). One project they were working on was for Kennebec Valley YMCA's Camp KV on Maranacook Lake in Readfield, which Chase and Ashley had gone to many times as kids. The store had been processing "a ton of orders", and were outgrowing the spaces. Ryan talking about fans visiting: "That's one thing, I think, that the pandemic has shown us is that... At The Woodshed we've been pushing it with music, I've been coming by at night and I've seen people outside, and you wouldn't have seen that last year. So hopefully, this is one thing that doesn't change after this." They then mentioned that podcast guests for season 2 would, many times, be Zoom guests.
Maggie's Questions for Ashley):"You often refer to your 'Design Team.' How many people are on your team, and how did they become part of it?"
Chase said "Explain the whole design process."
"What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being on the show?"
"How did you and Ryan meet?"
"If you could pick anywhere in the world to visit, where would you go, and who would you take with you?"
Chase asked "Where would you like to, anywhere in the country, work on a cabin?"
"What's your favorite field trip you've ever been on for the show?"
"Have you ever lived anywhere else besides Maine?"

Watch:Watch Episode 202
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome another familiar face to the studio, as Cabin Masters co-star Jedi joins the conversation. The guys talk about their mask-wearing strategies (sometimes a challenge with a beard), Jedi's hunting season observations, and the status of his hockey career.
Release Date:December 14, 2020
Run Time:0:59:30
Featured Beer:Allagash Brewing Sixteen Counties
Opening:Skybox Holiday & Event Lighting had come out and decorated HQ and The Woodshed, which matches the rest of Manchester. Maggie was about to start skiing with the high school team, so they discussed equipment.
Guest Discussion:They convinced Maggie to sing the "Sixteen Counties" song, which she did quite well. They talked scented masks, with Chase suggesting a layer of pine needles in them (Maggie: "Or you could just brush your teeth.") Colby College had posted pictures of the team during the salvage from episode 601. Jedi had done some duck hunting, loves going out in the morning. There's a difference between freshwater ducks and ocean-going ducks. Chase and Fletcher go magnet fishing, looking for dropped items in lakes and rivers. When it comes to animals, they all go by the rule "If you kill it, you've gotta eat it." Most of the crew are deer hunters, and had done quite well for the season, with landscaper Francis Folsom having also taken a moose. "If you live in Maine and you're bored, it's your own fault."
Maggie's Questions for Jedi:"How has your life changed most since becoming a Maine Cabin Master?"
"What does the 'Q' stand for on your hockey uniform?"
"We've never seen you without a beard. Is there anything you would consider shaving it for?"
"Where did you get Suzi, and how long have you had her?"
"What is your favorite thing about being a Maine Cabin Master?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"How do you do things with such low budgets?"
"Do you guys actually work on all the job sites, or is that just for the cameras?"
"How have your lives changed most since the start of Maine Cabin Masters?"
"Where do you guys hope to see yourselves in five years?"

Watch:Watch Episode 203
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed author Tim Cotton, whose book "The Detective in the Dooryard," is a hot seller in these parts. The guys discuss Tim's transition from cop to Maine humorist, the rise of the Bangor Police Department Facebook page, and the real story behind the Duck of Justice.
Release Date:December 21, 2020
Run Time:1:04:10
Featured Beer:Allagash White
Opening:They were still working on cabins even though temperatures were in the single digits.
Guest Discussion:This was the beginning of the series of episodes where guests would be interviewed via Zoom. Tim had been with the Bangor Police Department for more than 30 years and had just published his first Maine-centric book, "The Detective In The Dooryard: Reflections of a Maine Cop", and is signed to do three more books. Tim's Facebook page for the Police Department has more than 325,000 followers as of this writing. He'd started as a disc jockey for a few radio stations before becoming an Officer, becoming a Public Information Officer as a Sargeant. He then described the story of the Duck Of Justice, and said the Department is now selling DOJ t-shirts and masks for charity and other purposes. People have come from as far away as China and Australia to see the Duck.
Maggie's Questions for Tim:"Have you ever had writer's block, and what helped it disappear?"
Chase asked "There's a long history of storytelling, storytellers, in Maine. Who were some of your inspirations?"
"Favorite season: Maine summer, or Maine winter?"
"What can you learn as a police officer that no other job can teach you?"
Chase asked "Are you still writing for the Facebook page?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:To Ryan "How many Phish shows have you been to, and do you have a favorite?"
Chase asked Ryan "How many states have you seen Phish in? Countries?"
"What is your plan for celebrating Christmas this year?"

Watch:Watch Episode 204
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the show Chris Ermides, the host of the Ask This Old House Podcast. The guys compare notes about the joys of working in the trades, educating the next generation, and the responsibility of renovating and preserving old homes.
Release Date:January 4, 2021
Run Time:0:59:28
Featured Beer:Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, Allagash White
Opening:"Hard tellin', not knowin'."
Guest Discussion:"This Old House" first aired January 1, 1979. Chris is the host of the newest podcast for the show, which is a similar format, with viewers asking questions and experts providing the answers. Chris and Ryan are both secondary English majors. Chris though taught English in both middle and high schools. "This Old House" is mostly based in the Boston area, and is exapnding into Rhode Island. They discussed the challenges of hosting home improvement podcasts, and the amount of information that's sometimes needed to properly answer a question.
Maggie's Questions for Chris:"I'm a former archaeologist in the U.K. and love old buildings from Roman ruins to Adrian's Wall to the 1960s. I've become a sucker for timberframe buildings especially Tudor-age buildings in the U.K. and the pioneer and cellar cabins in the U.S. What's the most satisfying old house show you've ever been involved with or seen repaired?"
"What is the next trend after stainless steel appliances?"
Chase asked "Do you thnk colored toilets and bathtubs will ever come back into style?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:Maggie had a letter with photos: "I had a bit of trouble while constructing my gingerbread A-frame cabin. Who else to call but the 'Five Amigos'? Please review the photos."
"Do you go to the camps and meet the homeowners prior to seeing it for the first time on TV?"
"Why are there no closets in the bedrooms?"
"Chase's trailer tires are a high risk occupation. Has Chase considered filling his trailer tires with foam, the same type used for tractor tires, or using solid rubber? I ask because if I were in Chase's shoes, having my trailer tires come apart on me would drive me nuts."
"I see Dixie and Jedi using tool belts sometimes, and other times using tool totes. When or why do they choose a tool tote/tool bag vs. a tool belt?"

Watch:Watch Episode 205
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the show Al Feather from Hammond Lumber. If you're a fan of the show, you've heard about the great service provided by Hammond Lumber, the official building project parter of Maine Cabin Masters. Learn more about this 4th generation Maine company and how it supports contractors and DIYers across the state.
Release Date:January 11, 2021
Run Time:0:56:41
Featured Beer:Allagash White
Opening:Maggie had won her first ski race of the season.
Guest Discussion:Al had sent along some Hammond Lumber Yeti travel mugs for all three of them. The lumber industry had seen a huge uptick in sales because of the pandemic. Hammond Lumber started in 1953 with the purchase of a sawmill, with a retail business added shortly afterward. Hammond has 21 locations. Al has been with the company 37 years, and there are about 800 employees. They were also awarded 2020 Pro Dealer Of The Year. His name is actually Steven, so he told the story of why he's called "Al" at work. The Belgrade location is the flagship store, and is also where the mill is located. Chase and Ryan raved about the mill and what an amazing operation it is.
Maggie's Questions for Al:Chase asked "In 2020... Has a lot of the building industry shifted from commercial more to residential that you've seen, or is it still going strong in all sectors? What are some big changes you've seen recently?"
Chase asked "How do you keep employees, and how do you keep them happy?"
"What's the best thing about working at Hammond?"
"How did you start in the lumber business?"
"Who came up with the line used in your ads, 'Ham and eggs, ham and cheese, Hammond Lumber'?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"I would like to know what you want viewers to learn or take away from Maine Cabin Masters or the podcasts?"
"We have a camp on a tiny private island in Damariscotta Lake that has been in the family since the 1930s. We are considering moving an 1815 Cape & Jefferson to a piece of property in the Chimney Point Association off Bunker Hill Rd. to have a place on the shore with lake access. Our question is, what would be the best way to move the house? The two options we see are, along the road with the need to move the power lines, or float it down the lake."
"Why don't you insulate any of your cabins?"

Watch:Watch Episode 206
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome University of Maine wood products engineer Russell Edgar to The Woodshed. Russell and his team research ways to expand the impact of the state's forest resources through technical innovation and education. Maine's tree species aren't always the straightest or the strongest or the tallest, he says, but a value-added approach allows our wood products industry to compete worldwide.
Release Date:January 18, 2021
Run Time:1:03:51
Featured Beer:Allagash White
Opening:The Morrills have quite a history with UMaine - Orono, with Maggie's namesake being the first female engineering graduate. The Woodshed was also getting a Covid-friendly facelift. Maggie described in detail the difference between MCM on DIY Network, and what would be available on the Discovery+ streaming service.
Guest Discussion:Russell described what the Center does, how they started, and what they're doing to add value to Maine's wood products and support Maine's forest products economy. They work in collaboration with NELMA with processes such as the recent complex work needed to add the Norway Spruce to the other nine approved building products, using more than 11,000 samples. Russell also talked about the world's largest largest 3D printer that's part of the Center, and what that means as part of their research into current and future wood products.
Maggie's Questions for Russell:"Which two people have had the most influence on your career?"
"Can you tell by looking at the wood samples the exact area from the state it comes from, or if it comes from out-of-state?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"My wife and I recently purchased our dream cabin in West Virginia because we love the show so much. However, the cabin was renovated with pine board ceilings and some of the boards are warped, and pulled through the nails. Any tips/tricks on how to repair?"
"My question stems from the Bullpen episode. In the initial run through the camp, there were IU magnets or push pins in a frame or two. What are the family connections to Indiana University? As an Indiana native, I'm curious."
"You show a lot of year-round upgraded renovations but you never show what the heating is or how the het is set up. I don't see furnaces or baseboard heaters, a wood stove occasionally, but that's it. What's your heating of choice?"
Chase mentioned "A lot of viewers notice, when we install fridges, maybe half the time the fridges are oriented so they don't open in the right direction."
"Construction is a dirty job. Who does all the laundry, and how many changes do the guys go through?"

Watch:Watch Episode 207
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Jodie Mosher-Towle, the president of the North Pond Association in Belgrade. Jodie and volunteers like her across the state educate lakefront property owners in preserving water quality. Algae blooms, invasive plant species and toxic runoffs are real dangers to the health of Maine's lakes and ponds. Practical steps and a broader awareness are important in preserving our precious resources.
Release Date:January 25, 2021
Run Time:0:57:38
Assistant Producer:Nori Morrill
Featured Beer:Bigelow Brewing Dementia Dog, Allagash White
Opening:Nori told the "bunny story", about how they ended up with 12 rabbits. In talking about guinea pigs, Chase said that he's eaten guinea pig in another country. Ryan mentioned someone had talked about eating horse, which he likely couldn't do, but he's eaten frog legs, oxtail, eyeballs, bull testicles aka "Rocky Mountain Oysters"... "But I don't think I could eat horse, and I definitely couldn't eat dog." They acknowledged that these dishes are because of the different cultures that serve them.
Guest Discussion:The North Pond Association is one of the many similar associations around the state, and is part of the Seven Lakes Alliance. They've had some fairly dense algae blooms on North Pond recently, which can be the result of land overuse and other issues such as phosphorous drainage from fertilizations. Watershed Base Management Plans are important for public funding for cleanups, grants, etc. Maine Lakes operates the Lakesmart Program, providing education to homeowners, businesses, and lake associations about lake cleanliness awareness. These aren't Maine-specific issues, they're national and worldwide concerns, and this is how Maine and Maine's lake associations are dealing with them. She then told the story of the infamous "North Pond Hermit" who Jodie had met, and is helping to coordinate cleanup of his camp.
Nori's Questions for Jodie:"What are the best plants to have on the edge of a river or lake to help prevent erosion, but won't overtake the area?"
"What are the rules for cutting trees and limbs in close proximity to the water?"
"How do septic systems affect local lakes? And how can we raise awareness about seasonal septic systems?"
"I know people who go down to the lake to bathe and wash their hair. Is it bad?"
Ryan asked "Everyone says you can use Dawn (to bathe in the lake) because they clean the birds and the oil spills with it. Have you heard that one?"
"I see a lot of people with rocks lining their shorelines. What is this for, and is it something we should all be doing to our lakefront properties?"
Nori's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Do the cabin owners get to keep the home furnishings?"
"What type of wood do you use for plank floors? I love the color and the knots, and I am hoping we can install some in our vacation home."
"Do you have any ideas to insulate and close off under high-exposed pier and beam cabin? I'm located in Alaska where it's extremely cold."
"Do you guys do other jobs besides cabins? I have a big piece of property in central Maine that I would love to build my forever home on. It would be a year-round house But I'd love it to have a cabin feel."
"What is the one tool you can't live without?"

Watch:Watch Episode 208
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan (and Ashley!) welcome world-renowned artist Mary Engelbreit to The Woodshed. You may not know her name, but you've surely seen her work on greeting cards, calendars, and book jackets. What's the Cabin Masters connection, you ask? She's a fan of the show! Mary sent a piece illustrating Ryan's famous "Saltine" quote (which now proudly hangs at KCC headquarters), and we thought she'd make a great guest!
Release Date:February 1, 2021
Run Time:0:46:48
Assistant Producer:Nori Morrill
Featured Beer:Allagash White
Opening:They announced the beginning of the "Project Pointers" segment, and how to send in questions and videos for answers. They'd also finally installed a new sign at the HQ in Manchester, and had installed the smelt/ice shacks for "indoor" dining on the property.
Guest Discussion:Ashley joined them for the guest discussion, as she's a big fan of Mary Engelbreit's art. Mary described how she became an artist, which areas she had worked in, and how it all progressed into her own decorating magazine. Looking at Mary's studio behind her, Ryan mentioned Ashley needs her own studio. Mary was a fan and had sent in a sign with Ryan's saying "They don't want the Ritz, more like a saltine." She then described how she'd found the show, and what their connections are to Maine even though they live in St. Louis.
Nori's Questions for Mary:Ryan asked "Where is the craziest place you've found your art? Where'd it end up?"
Ashley asked "What would you say your most popular image is?"
Ryan asked "Where do people go to look at your work?"
"How do you work through creative block?"
"Who were your early artistic influences?"
"Where did your love for Scottie dogs begin?"
Nori's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"If you had to fight off a gang of evil carpenters from another dimension, what would the superpower be of each Cabin Master?"
"Update on the rat in Ashley's car?"
"Who does the drawings on the plans during the show?"
"If you were designing a camp from the ground up with a reasonable budget, what would it look like?"

Watch:Watch Episode 209
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to The Woodshed sports broadcasting legend Dan Patrick, who comes prepared with his own list of questions for the guys! He interviews people for a living, of course, as host of the Dan Patrick show on major media outlets across the country. Dan wants to know how we endure Maine winters, the one carpentry skill everyone should possess, and the real behind-the-scenes dynamics of one of his favorite TV shows.
Release Date:February 8, 2021
Run Time:1:10:28
Assistant Producer:Jen Reese
Opening:Guest Dan Patrick is a big fan of Maine Cabin Masters, and Ryan had already been on his show a couple of times.
Meet The Campowners:This new taped segment featured an interview with the Wilkinson family, whose cabin was featured in episode 602, "Peace, Love and a Fallen Pine Tree." They discussed what everyone, inluding the MCM team, felt was missing from the aired episode, and how the Wilkinson's felt about the end result.
Guest Discussion:Dan discussed how he learned of the Maine Cabin Masters and how he feels about the show. "I'd love to be able to relate to you guys... But I can't do anything." As in interviewer Dan asked a lot of questions himself, asking if the show is making the state more popular and therefore some Mainers might be upset that the team is getting people to go to Maine. He's always surprised at how places got into such a state of disrepair. He also wondered, could the show work anywhere else? And, what was the worst injury on the show? He's been in 18 films, beginning with Adam Sandler's "The Longest Yard." Ryan asked "Which one of the Danettes would you be most comfortable putting on our crew for the day?" Dan asked, "If I say I want to hire you, 6 weeks and I have 40 grand, is that all it's costing is 40 grand? What do you guys supply aside from the 40 grand?" He also asked, "At what point did somebody say, 'We should film you'?"
Jen's Questions for Dan:"What are your top three Sandler movies that you've been in?"
Ryan asked "On your lobster roll, do you eat butter or mayonnaise?"
Chase asked "Do you fish?"
Ryan asked "What are you going to do when you retire?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"My cabin is located in south-central Alaska. I'm trying to find a way, and different ideas and designs, to enclose the undercarriage of the cabin. Also to have a swing-door type so I can drive my snowmobile in. If you've got any ideas, I'd appreciate it."

Watch:Watch Episode 210
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Vanessa Santarelli, founder and owner of Your Maine Concierge, the state's first custom guided-experience company. She's also co-host of the Maine Life TV show. She travels throughout Maine researching and highlighting unique businesses with style and flair, and is a big influencer in spreading the allure of the state's many charms.
Release Date:February 15, 2021
Run Time:1:10:58
Assistant Producer:Jen Reese
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Ice Storm of '98
Opening:The Woodshed had completed its remodel, and is offering a new sandwich menu.
Guest Discussion:Vanessa described what Your Maine Concierge is all about, and that it was the first agency in Maine of its type. Ryan mentioned how much she'd helped the Maine Cabin Masters their first couple of years. Ashley was then helping them in return by guest hosting the MaineLife TV show.
Jen's Questions for Vanessa:Ryan asked "What's the weirdest request you've ever had?"
Chase asked "Do you ever get pushback from people who don't want too many people visiting their area?"
"You kept a travel log for 20 years?"
"How has the pandemic affected your business?"
"I am needing a place in November for a number of women for a craft retreat. Do you have any suggestions?"
"We are planning a five-day trip in May. We would like to see the coast, rivers, and lakes. Any suggestion on where we could find an itinerary?"
"I've been on vacation in Bar Harbor a few times in ten years, and feel ready to graduate and get to know other places in the Pine Tree State. What are some other pet- and budget-friendly spots?"
Meet The Campowners:An interview with Charlene & Cheryl, owners of the camp featured in episode 603, "The Old Fishing Camp." Chase asked what they thought of the end result, and they went into detail about all aspects of the build.
Questions from "Project Pointers":"This is our dining room, and my project is to put a door where the window is. Once, Ryan said 'You can always put a window where a door was., but you can't always put a door where a window was.' So, I'd like your opinion on, how do I make that a door?"
"I'm working on a ceiling getting off 500 glue dots. The floor in here is a little bit roughed up, just wondering how I should fix it?"
Jen's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"My wife and I want to cook a Maine-themed meal for the night of the new season premiere. But, we don't like seafood. What are some of your favorite Maine dishes that we could cook that don't have seafood in them?"
"When you leave the walls open, I noticed that electrical wire are left exposed. Should they be covered?"
"I purchased a summer camp on Norway Lake, and would eventually like to retire there. In order to make it 'year-round', do you have a put a foundation in? And if so, would a crawl space be adequate to protect pipes, or is a full basement needed?"

Watch:Watch Episode 211
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Hillary Roberts from our local Humane Society, which has been serving the community since 1927! The organization offers "second chances" for domestic animals, providing essential health services before connecting them with a new family. The organization has had to change their operating procedure during the pandemic, but volunteer interest and demand for animal companionship has never been higher!
Release Date:February 22, 2021
Run Time:1:02:08
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Logger Road
Guest Discussion:The Kennebec Valley Humane Society was founded in 1927, moving to their current location in the 1960s, and they accept almost any domesticated animal to be adopted. Because of the pandemic, the facility is only able to be visited via appointments. But there has also been a marked increase in interest in animal adoptions and fostering. Hillary described how she got into her animal rescue career. Chase asked if the facility is independent, or if they're an agency, etc. They're always looking for 4 things: Doctors, fosters, volunteers, and donors. The Society has purchased 75 acres that was previously a farm, for a new facility for a lot of expansion.
Maggie's Questions for Hillary:Chase asked "Are there certain times of year where you see more adoptions? Surrenders?"
"How many animals have you adopted?"
"Have you ever said 'No' to an adoption, and why?"
"What is the weirdest animal that has ever been at the shelter?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"The question I have is white-washing, painting, or leaving it alone. It's a big debate in our house. We've been sanding logs and clear-coating them, and we're still trying to brighten the cabin up a little more. We're not sure if we should paint in-between these logs (on the ceiling) or whitewash to brighten, and the stairwell which is the front entrance should be white-washed, and if we did white-wash, would we need to sand it down first because the upstairs is new wood and was recently replaced."
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Have anywhere earned their Dumpster Wings lately? If so, what have they found?"
"I own a small lake cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan, that was built in 1933. We have issues with red squirrels in the area occasionally finding their ways into the cabin. Do you have any advice for making the cabin less attractive as a cozy, winter nesting location for the red menace?"
"Is Ryan the only DeadHead in the group?"
Closing:Chase had been researching CNC machines, and was wondering if viewers had recommendations for CNC routers vs. CNC laser cutters.

Watch:Watch Episode 212
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to The Woodshed Steve Lyons, the Director of the Maine Office of Tourism. There's no shortage of natural attractions in our great state, of course, but Steve explains that Maine is primarily a "lifestyle brand," and his team is interested in the core personal values of our visitors. Beyond the typical destinations along the coast (think lobster and lighthouses), Maine can also appeal to niche environmental interests and those seeking vacation "experiences" that they'll never forget.
Release Date:March 1, 2021
Run Time:1:04:33
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Innuendo
Opening:They had spent five hours to tape three "repack" compilation episodes. Ryan had an idea for snowmobile helmet holders for the smelt shacks, and texted it to Tom Welch of Mainely Handrails, who had one constructed shortly afterward that same day.
Meet The Campowners:An interview with Rhett & Caroline Eldridge, Ryan's brother and sister-in-law, and owners of the cabin seen in episode 604, "The Eye-Sore By The Shore." They had watched the episode with Ryan, and described their initial thoughts and reactions. Their son Corbin, as a Teen Cabin Master, of course wasn't allowed to say anything about the project when he came home from working on the cabin.
Guest Discussion:Steve has been the Director of the Maine Office Of Tourism for 4 years, and described the marketing the office does. He had come from marketing in the ski industry at individual resorts. They do try to promote the lesser-known regions and rural areas instead of just focusing on those that are more well-known. They also promote activities such as hunting and fishing, in coordination with the Maine Guide program, instead of just promoting traditional tourism. The Office has had to put together the "Look Out For ME" program to encourage visitors to respect both the public lands as well as privately-owned properties, which in Maine is 94% of the state.
Maggie's Questions for Steve:Ryan asked "So when things do get back to normal, tell us three things that might be off the beaten path that you might recommend to people."
"Is it possible to see the best of Maine while also visit lighthouses?"
"What is the best time to visit Maine with no bugs, and no snow?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I am looking for some suggestions on repairing a rotted rim joist, sill plate, and subfloor on the gable end of my 700 sq. ft. cottage. The rotted area is on the gable end of the cottage. I am concerned about supporting the structure which is probably being held toether over the rotted area by the wooden siding. The former owner apparently cut away a large part of the rim joist for some unknown reason where a masonry porch used to be. I've seen many understuctures that were rotted and repaired on the show, and thought you might have a quick suggestion."
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"We recently bought a 117-year-old home, and the living area is all original wood. It is what I describe as 'old library floors.' I love them but the problem is, I don't know what to clean the old grime off with. I really don't want to sand them because it's a beautiful color. Any suggestions would be appreciated."
"We have a camp in Winthrop and it needs a new roof. It is a 3-season camp with insulation in the walls and roof, but not underneath. Would it be a bad idea to put a metal roof on it, as I have heard you talk about problems with humidity build-up. Would sprayfoam insulation under the cabin help?"

Watch:Watch Episode 213
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Zachary Fowler, the Season 3 winner of History Channel's "Alone." Fowler lived completely on his own (no camera crew) in Patagonia for 87 days to win the survival show competition. He moved to Maine in his early 20s and began an off-the-grid lifestyle, foraging for supplemental food and maintaining a homestead. When his wife encouraged him to fill out an application for the show, he was swept into a life-changing adventure!
Release Date:March 8, 2021
Run Time:1:01:27
Assistant Producer:Fletcher Morrill
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Howl Together
Opening:Chase and Fletcher had been binging all of the "Alone" seasons on the Travel Channel. People across Maine had also been tapping their maple trees for the season, including Chase.
Guest Discussion:Zachary was the winner of the History Channel's "Alone", being by himself with 4 cameras for filming by ones self for 83 days. He described how the show works, and how people are removed when they ask to be. He had moved from Vermont to Maine to be a boat-builder, then lived on his own for a while, teaching himself foraging and trapping along the way. When "Alone" started, he realized that was how he'd been living anyway, so he applied after a dare from his wife. He then described the Boot Camp he had to attend to determine if he'd be on the show. Once in Patagonia, he was physically alone for the duration of the shoot. He now has his own podcast, Fowler's Makery & Mischief.
Maggie & Fletcher's Questions for Zachary:Ryan asked "Where are some other places in the world where you'd like to go challenge yourself?"
Ryan asked "What are some of your favorite things about Maine?"
Chase asked "Is there much of a survivalist scene in Maine?"
"What was your reaction when watching yourself on 'Alone'?"
"When do you think your happiest moment was on your whole trip?"
"What did you do with your winnings from 'Alone'?"
"Are there any items that you wish you had brought on your 'Alone' journey as part of the 10 that you did?"
"Fish was a staple in your diet. How do you feel about fish now?"
Chase asked "What about batteries (on 'Alone')?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"We have an issue with ice buildup directly over our front steps. It's at a junction where an addition was made to the original 1800s house in the 1970s. About 5 years ago we had the entire house reroofed, and at the same time increased the insulation in the attic. The interior walls of the house where the build-up is have also been insulated. We are at a loss as to why this happens. We figured you may have some ideas as you experience the same types of weather we do in central New York."
Maggie & Fletcher's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"I would like some info on a good composting toilet. I need one, I'd like to make my choice once and done."
"With all the rot caused by water on wooden structures, why don't you use guttering?"

Watch:Watch Episode 214
Release Date:March 15, 2021
Run Time:1:27:30
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Out Of Range
Opening:A new repack episode was the same night, 'Best Summer Camps.'
Guest Discussion:Ashley presented a short video giving a tour of Kennebec Cabin Company's 'Behind The Scene' areas that are never seen, Isadora gave a tour of the retail store, and they toured The Woodshed and the outdoor area with the ice/smelt shacks. Back in the studio, they described how they've had to put off a couple of reveals because of mud. Jedi described some of the projects and issues he'd been working through, as well as ice fishing. Dixie had been smowmobiling a lot and building a new "shed", as well as working on MCM projects. The mud at various camps is a serious problem.
Maggie's Live Questions From Fans for the Maine Cabin Masters:To Ashley: "Out of all of the cabin's you've designed, which is your favorite?"
To Ashley: "How are you handling your growing success?"
To Chase, Ryan, & Ashley: "How were you found? (For the newcomers)"
To Jedi: "What is your favorite Red Sox player of all time?"
To Jedi: "Do you have any tattoos?"
To Chase, Ryan, & Jedi: "What is the coolest, strangest, or spookiest thing you've ever found during a cabin demolition?"
To Chase, Ryan, & Jedi: "What happens to Maine Cabin Masters after DIY (Network) goes away?"
To Chase, Ryan, & Jedi: "On the show everyone seems to get along really well. Are you all friends outside the show as well?"
To Jedi: "Favorite Phish or (Grateful) Dead song?"
To Dixie: "Do you fish at every camp where you build?"
To Dixie: "Who is your favorite music artist?"
To Dixie: "Are you as mild-mannered in real life as you are on-screen?"
To Dixie: "What's your favorite part of Maine to build in?"
To Dixie: "When can we get a t-shirt that says 'Swamp Donkeys'?"
To Dixie: "When are you going to give us your Chowdah Recipe?"
To Dixie: "Has there been a camp where the fishing has been so awesome you want to go back and fish?"
To Dixie: "How's your Grandma doing?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I have a home in Pennsylvania. What is the best way to insulate the floors?"
"Saw an episode where you sprayfoamed and covered pine tongue-and-groove. Trying to do it, but read it needs a fire retardant. Is the pine ok?"
"I volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida, and I want to build a tortoise cabin. Bumble is a three-footed red-footed tortoise. He lost one foot in a dog attack. It doesn't get very cold here, but I'm trying to incorporate a heated floor for him so he's comfy in the winter. I'd love to hear if you have some ideas for Bumble."
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"I noticed Ryan and Ashley have lost a ton of weight. Do you want to touch on that?"
"Would you cut your beards and hair for charity?"
"What is the one hobby you've picked up during Covid?"

Watch:Watch Episode 215
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the studio Julene Gervais, the host of Greenlight Maine. For those not familiar with the show, think Maine's version of "Shark Tank," where entrepreneurs come before a celebrity panel to present their business model (Chase was a guest judge a couple of years ago). Greenlight Maine is currently in its sixth season, and Julene shares exciting news of a new spinoff series called "Elevating Voices," celebrating the initiatives of 12 minority owned businesses throughout the state.
Release Date:March 22, 2021
Run Time:0:57:30
Assistant Producer:Jen Reese
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing MHT Lager
Opening:They were trying to figure out how much Eastern White Pine they use every season. They're looking for more musicians for The Woodshed: If interested contact Jen at jreese@mainecabinmasters.com.
Guest Discussion:Chase was a guest judge on "Greenlight Maine" a couple years back, which is a Maine-specific show similar to "Shark Tank." The show is in its 6th season, and there's so much more that goes on behind the scenes than what people see. They began in Hudson University using their studios, and are now on Maine Public Television and will be using their studio. She then discussed the new show "Elevating Voices", which a diversity spin-off of "Greenlight Maine" focusing on minority entrepeneurs. Julene began in Wilmington, NC, then moved to WADM in Presque Isle, and moved around to different on-air positions before the start of "Greenlight Maine."
Chase & Ryan's Questions for Julene:Ryan asked "What are some of the most unique things you've seen?"
Chase asked "How do people apply to be on 'Greenlight Maine'?"
Chase asked "Can it be an idea, or does it have to be an established company?"
Chase asked "How many times do contestants present to different groups along the way through the competition?"
Chase asked "Have you seen many companies that are geared toward the pandemic?"
Chase asked "Do you have to be a Maine company to be on the show?"
Jen's Questions for Julene:"What is one small business you think Maine is lacking?"
"What's the best way to advertise a company in Maine? Print, digital, radio, TV, word-of-mouth?"
"Maine is so hot right now. Why do you think everyone is interested in coming here? Is it 'Maine Ingenuity', or is it something else?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"We have a concrete pad that is half under a screen porch and half under a deck. The part that's under a deck consistently gets green mold on it, and we pressure wash it all the time and try to get rid of it. Is there anything else we can do?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Why does Ryan have such a wonderful Maine accent, and the rest of the guys and Ashley don't show any accent even though they were born in Maine?"
"What kind of screws do you use in the projects?"
"When Ashley was on the podcast with Mary Engelbreit, it looked like she was wearing a new ring, Ryan. Did she finally get a wedding ring? What's the story about why she didn't have one?"
"Ryan, who is pictured in the green 'Steal Your Face' shirt?"

Watch:Watch Episode 216
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed studio Kathryn Emery, syndicated home improvement expert and host of Be The Best Home. Kathryn spent 17 years with Home Depot before launching her own brand around home improvement stories and product reviews and presentation. She appears regularly on Good Morning America, CBS The Doctors, and Home Shopping Network.
Release Date:March 29, 2021
Run Time:1:08:33
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Logger Road
Opening:Because of the amount of mud, and the related spring thawing, they discussed the seasonal weight restrictions on the roads. Chase's maple sap taps were all running, in anticipation for boiling it down to syrup.
Guest Discussion:Kathryn has never been to Maine, but wants to visit. The pandemic has helped the housing and remodeling/home improvement industries because of people being homebound, noticing things that need to be done or working on long-delayed projects. She was with Home Depot for 17 years, and had decided in 2018 to begin Be The Best Home. She then became her own storyteller in the home improvement industry. She found that approachability was the key, through testimonials and product reviews. She and Ryan then discussed their robot vacuums, as well as naming the devices. Similar to the Maine Cabin Masters it's Kathryn's voice, and she feels she has to be authentic just as they do. They discussed how the prices of materials and supplies have risen quite a bit since the beginning of the pandemic.
Maggie's Questions for Kathryn:Chase asked "Do you stay on top of trends?"
Ryan asked "What are your top five tips about spring cleaning?"
"What are the popular paint and fabric colors this year?"
"What projects have you seen grown in popularity during the pandemic?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"My street is between a saltwater tidal marsh on one side, and a beach at the end of the street. My window issue is escalating, and I'm wondering DIY or go get a pro, and PVC or pressure-treated? I'm leaning toward PVC, but if I do it myself, how?"
"South central Alaska, I have a 24' x 24' addition to the house, I have 4-by-12s on a helical pier system, I have plumbing and sanitary sewer I'm going to run underneath it, how do I keep it from freezing? I've got about a 42-inch freeze depth here."
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"My wife and I are renovating our camp near Kane, Pennsylvania. We've installed pine shiplap in two rooms, and like the whitewash look. Would you describe the process you use to apply whitewash, and the products you prefer?"
"I'm always amazed watching how you raise cabins out of dirt and reset them on concrete cookies with new supporting structures. I've not been able to find these concrete cookies. I was wondering if you could suggest a different way to support the framing for an 8' x 10' building? The structure will be under 120 square feet so I don't need a permit. I want to make sure I have a solid base for the building. Any ideas would be helpful."

Watch:Watch Episode 217
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Alden Robbins, from Robbins Lumber, to the Woodshed studios. Alden's great-great-grandfather Otis and his brother Frank bought the Searsmont mill in 1881, and he fully embraces the legacy of the family business. Alden shares his view of the current Maine wood industry, new trends in wood use, and some exciting new products from his team.
Release Date:April 5, 2021
Run Time:1:08:32
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Coastal Haze
Opening:Chase described how France is using drones to find 1,000-year-old blemish-tree oaks for rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral.
Guest Discussion:Robbins Lumber operates their own sawmill. Alden's Great-Grandfather bought the mill in 1881, which was built by George Dyer, and Alden now owns it with siblings. They now have an 8.5 MW heat and power facility running the operation, which burns 16,000 green tons of wood chips per hour. Alden then described how the generator and boiler work and what they do for the mill. Robbins Lumber isn't a retail operation ... They sell their products, and some from others, as wholesalers to retailers, construction companies, etc., both nationwide and globally. Alden is currently the Chairman of NELMA, as were some of his previous family members.
Maggie's Questions for Alden:Chase asked "Are you 100% Eastern White Pine producing, or do you do other species of wood?"
Chase asked "Are you seeing a trend in a resurgence and rediscovery of Eastern White Pine as a green option instead of premade products?"
"What are the differences between cedar and Eastern White Pine exterior shingles?"
"Robbins is known for beautiful high-grade pine. Where in Maine does it grow and how is it sourced?"
Meet The Campowners:In a taped segment, Ike Hamill visited from episode 606, "A Very Scary Camp."
Questions from "Project Pointers":"Watching your show we have seen you use ClipStone behind a woodstove, and was wondering how you frame out the thimble woodstove chimney, and prepare it for the ClipStone?"
"We are remodeling a cabin in northern Minnesota. The ceiling is going to be vaulted. There is a free-standing brick fireplace in the middle of the cabin. There is nice brick in the cabin and on the roof. The area betwwen the current ceiling and the roof is just cement block. What can we do to cover the cement block so it looks nice? The cabin was built in 1965, so we won't be able to match with a brick veneer."
"My daughter's house is about 100 years old, and the indoor flight of stairs squek unbelievably. Is there any way to fix this?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"I notice a lot of cool t-shirts worn by the guys on Maine Cabin Masters. My question is, do you have a box full of t-shirts that you all share, as I'm certain I've seen the same distinctive t-shirt being worn by different team members?"
"I see that you use sprayfoam insulation. I'm curious how you would replace or repair an electrical wire as it is stuck in the insulation?"

Watch:Watch Episode 218
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed studios Paul Pabst, Executive Producer of the syndicated radio program The Dan Patrick Show. The guys cover everything from regional microbrews, the appeal of "real" TV and radio, and the magic of the 2004 Red Sox.
Release Date:April 12, 2021
Run Time:1:07:25
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Coastal Haze
Opening:Maggie had a pool going on when the ice would be out on Maranacook, so they discussed some other bodies of water. The kids had also pranked Chase after April Fool's Day, by hiding one of each of his pairs of shoes.
Meet The Campowners:Tim & Patty Costin from episode 607, "Buttoned-Up and Bug-Free Legacy" visited remotely.
Guest Discussion:Paul is the Executive Producer of The Dan Patrick Show. He's related to the people at Pabst Brewing, and gets shirts from them on occasion. They then discussed beers and microbrews in both Maine and Vermont, and how prevalent they are. Paul owns a 1970s-era log cabin on 6 acres in southern Vermont. They then talked about how much people on the Dan Patrick Show really like the Maine Cabin Masters. The discussion moved into scripted vs. unscripted shows and podcasts in both home improvement and sports presentations, and how those compare. Paul has a habit of rooting for the "little guy", with his loyalty leaning toward supporting local teams. He explained how Will Ferrell ended up on the Dan Patrick Show as Ron Burgundy from "Anchorman" for an entire episode. Paul then asked if Chase and Ryan remember the first time someone came up to them in public to ask for an autograph or a picture.
Maggie's Questions for (guest):"Which Maine Cabin Master best represents you, and which one best represents the other guys?"
"What's your favorite sport to report on, and why?"
"Tell us a Dan Patrick story no one knows."
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I'm not the handiest person in the world. We have a wooden table in our kitchen [that] we eat all our meals on. It is about 20 years old. We love it, but the table surface looks old and dry. How can I spruce up our beloved table?"
"I am redoing my laundry room. I want to keep the ceiling exposed with the rafters showing, but I want the walls sealed between the rafters. My question is, how can I do this easily and imexpensively?"
"My uncle built my house just before WWII, stick-built with a lot of recycled fir and pine. He made a Z-back door that now has rotted at the bottom. I would like to repair rather than replace it. Any advice or tricks of the trade to repair the door?"
Ryan's Question for Maggie:Maggie was asked "Did you volunteer for this position?"

Watch:Watch Episode 219
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed studios John and Jake Marden, two members of the family behind the iconic Maine brand. Marden's Surplus and Salvage launched in 1964 and now operates 14 stores across the state, offering you-never-know-what at fantastic prices. Chase and Ryan are frequent shoppers and big fans, and Marden's material often makes it into Cabin Masters projects. There's no telling what treasures you'll find, from clothing to flooring to seasonal items to footwear to food and fabric ... they truly have it all and as they say "You should have bought it, when you saw it, at Marden's".
Release Date:April 19, 2021
Run Time:1:06:54
Assistant Producer:
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Coastal Haze
Opening:Chase and Ryan discussed in-depth how much they shop at Marden's, which is something they do quite often. They also mentioned "A", "B", and "C" shoots with the film crew, and what those mean.
Meet The Campowners:Renee and Paul from episode 608, "It Takes A Village of People" visited remotely. The Kennebec Valley YMCA hasn't been able to show the new Arts & Crafts cabin off yet as the season hasn't started yet, but they're getting ready for campers.
Guest Discussion:Mickey Marden started the company in 1964. Ashley and Chase shop regularly, while Ryan shops probably once each month. Mickey was a mail carrier and had an auction house, which is what morphed into Marden's first store in Fairfield. They currently have 14 stores throughout Maine, including three former Wal-Mart stores. Their's aren't stores full of rejected items: Ryan describes the offerings as "really nice stuff", including brand new windows and furniture they've used in camps. The Marden's described how their business has changed with the pandemic, including at their four stores along the Canadian border that are now missing those international customers. It's a family-owned-and-operated company, with around 700 employees.
Maggie's Questions for John & Jake:Ryan asked "Do you ever buy anything sight-unseen?"
Ryan asked "What's the weirdest thing you've ever bought?"
Chase asked "Is there anything you still get excited about when someone calls about something that's available?"
Chase asked "Is there anything you won't buy?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"My house was built in 1945. My question is, how difficult is it to repair or replace the soffit and fascia board around the house? Does it all need to be replaced, or can I replace some of it? How do I tell?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"How do you jack and level cabins without doing structural damage and breaking windows? Have you ever had any real significant problems doing it, and how did you resolve it?"
"Favorite '[Grateful] Dead' album, and favorite non-'Dead' album?"

Watch:Watch Episode 220
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed studios Jeff Devlin, star of the show "Stone House Revival", which airs on DIY Network and HGTV. Jeff's show is produced by Dorsey Pictures, which also does Maine Cabin Masters, so they certainly have behind-the-scenes stories to swap! Jeff shares the ups and downs of the TV industry, his views on the future of the trades, and some carpenter's particulars about working with historic stone homes in rural Pennsylvania.
Release Date:April 26, 2021
Run Time:1:04:41
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Coastal Haze
Opening:They started another new round of camps this week. Chase picked up the Mini-Mod from the Bickford episode (507 – A Changing Of The Guard’s Camp).
Guest Discussion:Jeff was in his office, i.e. the front seat of his truck. They talked about planning in their industry of construction, but how hard it can be when those plans don't work out. Jeff was a carpenter since the age of about 15, and ended up as a camera operator during the pro-grade betaSD camera era, operating a camera crane later in his career. He was working on his own house when he was pranked by a crew member who wanted to "test a camera." He found out later it was actually a screen test, that became his show "Spice Up My Kitchen." He knew the crew, unlike the Maine Cabin Masters who have no behind-the-scenes experience. They then discussed handling cancellations: "Stone House Revival" had been cancelled a couple years ago, but made a come-back. Like the Cabin Masters, Jeff does three-or-so projects at a time, cast to be as close together as possible. He and his family live in a 250-year-old stone farmhouse. Jeff then described being "forced" to use hand tools to achieve a certain look vs. using power tools, and how it taught him the satisfaction of the finished product. "You'll make more money as a carpenter than you will as a TV carpenter."
Maggie's Questions for Jeff:Ryan asked "What's the deal with all the stone houses in that area (of Pennsylvania)? Was there a lot of stone available?"
"What was one stone job you thought was beyond saving, but your team didn't?"
"Is it hard to replace old rock/stone with new stone?"
"What was the most historically-connected home you've worked on?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"We recently bought a small camp in Casco, Maine, that needs a jacking and leveling due to many years of frost-heaving. I've watched all of your episodes over the years, and you frequently show the jacking and leveling process, but can you please explain how you install the piers for the foundation? I've seen the cement pads that you use, but how do you prepare the ground to accept them?"
"We recently purchased a lakefront cabin in Pennsylvania. It is a rustic seasonal camp which currently has no running water. What is the best way for us to get water from the lake to use for things like flushing toilets and taking showers? Are there purification systems available that would make the water safe to drink?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"How do you all keep the bugs like mosquitos and ticks away while you work? You guys seem like you work on some remote deep-woods locations. The bugs never seem to bother you."
"Since the design and building are done without plans, how do you determine how much wood and missed building materials you will need to complete your vision?"

Watch:Watch Episode 221
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed studios Stephanie Gardner of Lakepoint Real Estate in Belgrade, Maine. The Cabin Masters have been getting fan inquires for years about available about vacation properties for sale. To address the need and help make those connections, Kennebec Cabin Company has partnered with Lakepoint as the exclusive realty partner. Check out the real estate page on the KCC website to find your dream home. During the show, Stephanie talks about the allure of Maine and what's driving the "wicked hot" market.
Release Date:May 3, 2021
Run Time:1:08:31
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Muddy Boots
Meet The Campowners:David and Maria Emmith from episode 610, "2 Bathrooms, No Bedrooms" visited the podcast remotely.
Note:The Maine Cabin Masters' partnership with Lakepoint Real Estate does not mean buying a property through Lakepoint Real Estate guarantees the Maine Cabin Masters will work on it. Property owners still need to go through the standard application process for the show.
Guest Discussion:Lakepoint Real Estate is now the official real estate partner of the Maine Cabin Masters. When headed to the family cabin while growing up, Chase and Ashley used to always stop in Belgrade to feed the ducks. Real estate is booming in Maine right now, especially waterfront properties, and Lakepoint, with a staff of 12, specializes in those properties. They get calls from all across the country from people wanting to buy in Maine. Stephanie talked about the benefits of shared waterfront properties, one of which is not having to pay waterfront taxes. She has also been involved with the Belgrade Lakes Association, and follows the water quality and other issues. They do a lot of sight-unseen offers and has to deal with them slightly differently than other offers.
Maggie's Questions for Stephanie:Ryan asked "Your average customer, they're not all looking for Cabin Master-worthy properties? They're looking for anywhere from the high-end, low-end ... How do you guys satisfy that need if the camps around you guys are getting taken away ... Do you work ouside different areas? Do reach outside to other realtors?"
Ryan asked "How has the price of new materials ... Does that directly influence the price of properties that are already built because of replacement costs? Does that send the market up?"
"My husband and I have looked for a camp for years, but of course they are flying off the market currently. What tips do you have for folks far away? What is the best way to purchase a camp if you live out-of-state?"
"Can you talk about the process of purchasing lots? How does it differ from buying a home? On average, how many acres to possibly build no more than two small homes?"
"If you see a camp that is obviously over-priced for the market, what is the best way to negotiate the price down to a reasonable level?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"We have recently demoed our kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is close to its completion. We have chosen to use a natural brick backsplash in the kitchen area. What do you suggest that can be used to protect the brick and not be too glossy? We are also thinking that people may want to paint or do German schmear in the future, so we would love something that may work for all future applications."
"Here are some pictures of the stained cedar claps on our camp located on Clearwater. Immense mold on the north side of the house. Should I have the house re-sided, or can someone clean it and restain?"
"I have that fake wood decking, both the front and back stairs are made out of it. The stuff gets so hot it'll fry your feet, and during a slight rain the stuff becomes slick as ice. I've seen many a mailman go down. I've tried mixing some sand into some poly and putting a coat on, and that worked for a season. I also bought some anti-skid tape, and that was a complete fail. Any ideas to make the steps a little safer?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"The Kennebec Cabin Company method of using pine for walls, is that similar to shiplap? What's the difference between the flat-side look of pine wood walls?"
"Love camera angles when you throw stuff out windows, etc. Just how many cameras get broken or you go through?"

Watch:Watch Episode 222
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed studios Andy Shepard, the General Manager and CEO of Saddleback Mountain. Saddleback is the Cabin Masters' go-to place for ski and snowboard fun, and Andy is largely responsible for the renaissance of the resort, which opened this season for the first time in nearly five years. Andy is a former executive of L.L. Bean where the idea of stellar customer service and giving back to the community was ingrained. He helped secure the financing to make necessary improvements, and with a dedicated staff has once again made Saddleback a cornerstone of Maine winter recreation.
Release Date:May 10, 2021
Run Time:0:54:11
Featured Beer:Baxter Brewing Staycation Land
Opening:They were just about done with new episodes being aired on DIY Network, and were about to release season 6 for streaming on Discovery+.
Guest Discussion:Andy was their first in-person guest in quite some time, and Saddleback had just had their first concert in almost a year. Saddleback Maine is a favorite ski resort for the Maine Cabin Masters team and families. Andy made sure to compliment his staff on the success of the resort this past season while the resort was under new owners from Boston. While an executive at L.L. Bean he created Maine Winter Sports Center, which after being renamed as the Outdoor Sports Institue, built Nordic facilities in Fort Kent and Presque Isle, and drew four biathlon World Cups to Aroostook County. It also offered reduced-price ski rentals to schools. (News Center Maine, June 4, 2019) He was then constantly getting calls to run resorts when sales occurred to see if he would be interested. He assisted in finding a buyer for Saddleback, which had been closed for five years, and was then named CEO to rebuild for the reopen for the 2020 - 21 season. Saddleback owns 6,400 acres, and knows how they develop that property will define them. As the Appalachian Trail runs directly over the top of the mountain, they worked with the Park Service and other agencies to ensure the Trail and resort would continue to co-exist in tandem. Saddleback is a 4-season resort, and will begin their summer programs in June.
Maggie's Questions for Andy:"What sets Saddleback apart from other places to ski in Maine?"
"What is the best way for someone to get into skiing for the first time?"
"Now that the first season is over, what's the biggest thing you've learned?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I had a workshop for my wife built for her custom dollhouses and stained glass about 15 years ago. We questioned the gravel pad it was built on but was told it would work. Within the first few months the foundation sank on the back-right side, and as a result the front doors would not shut. We called the company that sold it to me and the did a series of band-aid fixes, and went as far as to call the original builders who were contracted out to fix the problem. The builders came out and jacked up the shed on the front-left corner. We were able to shut the front doors for about 6 months before it got worse. We called the contractors to look at the issue, and they could not figure it out. We have an idea that includes bottle jacks, pylons, and steel beams after I put the bricks from the first level corner, but not sure if this is the best approach, thinking that it might damage walls or windows."
Closing:Chase read some letters from fans, including cabin project requests, and news from a new Eagle Scout.

Watch:Watch Episode 223
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to the Woodshed studios Jenn Lever and Devin Smith of Baxter Brewing Co. in Lewiston. Baxter is the sponsor of the "coffee, water or beer" segment on From the Woodshed, of course, (guess which one they choose), and in its 10-year history has become one of the most iconic local beer brands. Chase and Ryan put their guests through a blind taste test (with some hilarious results!) as they discuss the collaborative nature of the craft brewing scene in the state.
Release Date:May 17, 2021
Run Time:0:55:03
Featured Beer:Various Baxter Brewing Co. products
Opening:They discussed Maggie's current horse shows and how she's both showing and leading.
Guest Discussion:Throughout the discussion, Chase and Ryan served Jenn and Devin beers in cups to see if they could determine what beer it was. Jenn has been the President of Baxter Brewing for 2 years, and the company is 10 years old. Jenn and Devin explained the technical aspects of why their tall can is 19.2 oz instead of 20 oz or some other even size. Labels are important in the beer industry, and is regulated by the state which has approval authority, with Baxter's design being quite nice. Baxter is in 7,000 square feet in the Bates Mill complex in Lewiston, with the pub having 24 beers on tap. The Maine beer brewing companies are a community, and tend to work in collaboration with one another to get things done, with Allagash Brewing in Portland setting the tone. Jenn described how beer names are also important, and why they need to be easy to pronounce. Baxter distributes to Maine, New Hampshire, Massachussetts, and Pennsylvania, with different areas having different obvious preferences. One of the more uniquely-named beers they tried during the podcast was Baby Kittens from Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. in East Hampton, Connecticut.
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I have a cabin in the Adirondacks that currently does not have running water. I would like to put in a system that would pull water from the lake. Do you have any recommendations on the best way to do this? We would like to use it for showers, toilets, and the kitchen. We are not expecting to use it for drinking."
"I want to build a small greenhouse in my yeard, but due to the price of lumber I'm looking for some ideas incorporating used or less-expensive materials, not lumber. Any ideas?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"With all the different towns you work, who keeps up with the zoning and building codes?"
"How is it decided, your method of transport to a new camp you'll work on?"

Watch:Watch Episode 224
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan spend just a few minutes with a review of From the Woodshed, Season 2. We had some great guests, supportive sponsors and a lot of fun with new interactive segments. Thanks, everybody. We'll be back in July with Season 3!
Release Date:May 24, 2021
Run Time:0:08:14
Discussion:To Chase and Ryan it felt as though season 2 of From The Woodshed flew by, but to Maggie it felt like ten years. They talked about the newer sponsors, and their guests for the season. There was also mention of the live podcast scheduled to occur on July 25, 2021. Season 3 begins in July.

* “Official Synopsis” is taken directly from the episode’s YouTube page.

"Behind The Scenes" Live Podcast, July 25, 2021

Watch:Watch Episode
Release Date:July 25, 2021
Run Time:1:59:40
Discussion:200 fans had purchased tickets for the live event at The Woodshed. Ashley gave an update on the show, 3 reveals were coming up, and they were 2 weeks out from wrapping things up. Ryan also mentioned the supply chain being backed up. Dorsey Pictures had even been filming at Ryan and Ashley's house the previous week. Ashley also described some new fused glass products available in the store, and that they'll have MCM Union Suits available. Dixie talked about the time he spends in Rangley and Saddleback, and Jedi talked about the trips he's been taking to Lincolnville. They all then talked about some of the college-age kids who've been with them since their high school days. Dixie and Jedi were also on the Big Buck Registry podcast for quite a lengthy episode.
Maggie's Questions for the Cabin Masters:"Pancakes or waffles?"
"We all wanted to meet you. Who would you want to meet, someone famous?"
"Do Charli and Gus sleep in the bed with you at night?"
To Ashley: "Is it hard for you and Ryan to not always talk about work?"
To Ashley: "What was your most challenging design?"
To Ashley: "How much time does it really take to decorate a cabin?"
To Ashley: "If you could make a chandelier out of any material, what would you pick?"
To Ashley: "What is Ryan's favorite Grateful Dead song?"
To Dixie and Jedi: "We know Chase learned building from his Dad. How did you both learn?"
To Dixie and Jedi: "What is your favorite memory from the show?"
To Dixie and Jedi: "What is a must-see for people visiting in this area?"
To Dixie and Jedi: "If you had to eat a crayon, what color crayon would you eat?"
To Dixie: "Can you whistle?"
To Dixie and Jedi: "Do you do beard maintenance?"
To Jedi: "What did you think of the Bolts (aka Tampa Bay Lightning) winning the championship for the second year in a row?"
Guest Discussion with Lt. Tim Cotton:Last time the Detective was on the podcast there was a Christmas tree behind him. The Bangor Police Dept. Facebook page has about 340,000 followers. The store at Kennebec Cabin Co. will start carrying the Detective's book, and he'll be doing a book signing. He started with long-form writing on FB and was "trashed" for doing so. But he's continued to do so, and it's worked. Ashley presented Tim with a signed MCM hammer.
Maggie's Questions for Lt. Tim Cotton:Chase asked: "Have you ever had a run-in with Stephen King?"
Chase asked: "Any books in the future?"
Ryan asked: "Are you a morning writer, or an evening writer?"
Fletcher wanted to know about interesting animal stories as a cop.
Chase asked: "Are there some stories you havent told that can't go in the book?"
"What advice would you give to a young cop?"
Chase asked: "What advice would you have for a young writer?"
"What is your favorite book to read?"
"What is the best part of your job?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:To Chase: "Do you always find what you're looking for in your truck?"
To Ryan: "What is the most unusual thing you have autographed?"
"Heads, shoulders, knees, or toes?"
"Why do you use pine for the builds?"
"Who's a better framer between the two of you?"
"Has the permitting process ever pushed back a project timeline?"
"If you had to put roots in another state other than Maine, where would you think would be the best to build cabins and live?"

Season 3 Episodes

Watch:Watch Episode 301
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan kick off Season 3 of From the Woodshed with the traditional "first guest," - the one and only Ashley Morrill! The team updates us all on a busy summer at Kennebec Cabin Company, we welcome some new sponsors, and get back in the groove with Project Pointers and Maine Trivia segments.
Release Date:October 18, 2021
Run Time:1:06:58
Featured Beer:Dasch Blueberry Seltzer
Opening:Maggie mentioned they had taken all her free time over the summer, but she was going to the Harry Styles concert at Boston Gardens. Cabin Master HQ has been very busy over the summer, complete with the upgrades to The Woodshed. They also mentioned the (hopefulle) seamless transition/rebranding from DIY Network to the Magnolia Network on January 5th, with 13 or 14 episodes coming up. They then had a nice tribute to Tim "Deerfarm" Reeves, a Monday-night chatroom staple who had passed away over the summer. They dedicated the podcast to him.
Guest Discussion:Chase and Ashley had grown up next to The Red Barn, which Hero Media Network had included as the video for this podcast. They also showed off mugs Camden Pottery had made with their likenesses. Leaves have peaked in the middle of October and the weather had been in the 70s. Chase had changed out the toilet in their house, and the old one had been sitting on the porch for probably a couple months. For a Halloween decoration, it's ended up with a skeleton sitting on it with a pumpkin between its legs. Season 7 is almost done filming, hopefully the airing of episodes on DIY Network will begin in November. They've now crossed the 100-episode point! The Teen Masters have all begun college, including Corbin. The team had also gone to the NELMA annual meeting at one of the Presidential hotels near Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Quimby is Dixie's new black lab, who hadn't had a first day on the job yet. They mentioned the concept of doing a "Dogs of Maine Cabin Masters" calendar, as there are certainly enough dogs on the crew. The first pig roast in late September for the Mug Club had gone well, with great-tasting pigs, and they were quite happy with the event.
Maggie's Questions for Ashley:"Do you have any dog-proof decorating tips?"
"How do you keep your sense of humor and not stress while handling all the design work?"
"We've seen you use power tools. How deep do your construction skills run?"
"What do you like to do when you're not decorating? Any hobbies?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I live in upper New Hampshire, and have an unheated covered deck with 3/4" plywood floor, not pressure-treated. We enclosed the area to create a very nice porch, and want to finish the floor. The plywood is in good shape, but was never sealed above or below. When the weather is damp, the floor creaks as you walk on it. Then, when it's dry, there is no noise. The plywood is glued and screwed down. My question is, should we seal or paint the exposed floor and plywood under the decking, before putting in a floor?"
"I have a circa 1964 camp on Cobbossee in Litchfield, Maine. Several years ago I had insulation blown into the walls, attic, and underneath the camp, which is on pillars and posts. The underneath portion is enclosed in plastic. I have been told by several Mainers that this is not a good idea. Your thoughts?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Being the downhome folks you all are, did it take you, collectively, long to learn, and get used to, being in front of the camera, and learn all the signals and the camera talk?"
"When you are evaluating a property, TV or not, how do you determine if a camp is too far gone for a renovation and should just be replaced?"
"How do you keep all the dogs from running off at all these camps? Do you bring food and water dishes for them?"
"Who is better, the Grateful Dead, or Phish?"

Watch:Watch Episode 302
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Cabin Masters co-star Jared "Jedi" Baker back to Season 3 of the podcast. The guys cover a lot of ground in a catch-up conversation, from the warm weather's impact on hunting season, mounting chainsaw motors on 10-speed bicycles, and Jedi's extraordinary lottery ticket luck.
Release Date:October 25, 2021
Run Time:1:03:35
Featured Beer:Dasch Blueberry Seltzer
Opening:Ryan mentioned the Friends Who Like Maine Cabin Masters Facebook page, and Chase mentioned the changeover from DIY Network to Magnolia Network. There's still no firm date for the start of season 7, but Ryan said apparently the first 3 episodes are some completed during season 6 which were never shown. Benjamin Moore has been sponsoring the team's visits to the Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park. Skis were then discussed, with Chase offering to set up a bench from Colby College so Maggie could learn to wax her own skis.
Guest Discussion:Jedi described more about Dasch Seltzer, which he is quite familiar with, including creating some mixed drinks with the three flavors. Jedi mentioned that fat tire riders and runners need to be careful on snowmobile trails during winter, as it can be unsettling to round a curve on a snowmobile and come up on one. Hunting hasn't been good as it's been unseasonably warm, and the birds haven't had a reason to migrate. The smelt shacks will be coming back to The Woodshed for winter dining and drinking. They discussed a current new build for season 7, where from the beginning of the build to the point of adding the roof was only nine days, as everything had gone smoothly. After talking about tips & tricks, they discussed compiling what they could think of and putting them all online. Chase mentioned his dad being a Blue Tarp Magician, who could make saunas or just about anything else out of them. Jedi loves gambling, not in a bad way though, and had won a number of scratch-off tickets the previous Friday for a total of $800.
Maggie's Questions for Jedi:"Generally speaking, how late in the season can you do construction/renovation? How early in the spring can your work begin?"
"What style of interior wood paneling do you prefer? Shiplap, tongue-and-groove, or bead board?"
"Will there be a Camp Jedi renovation in the future?"
"If you could choose a theme song for your Maine Cabin Masters crew, what would it be?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I'm an author, and I am writing a scene where the characters need to get spray paint off of cedar shake shingles. What would you use to remove the spray paint?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"If you weren't doing the show, what would you be doing?"

Watch:Watch Episode 303
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome former Marine Craig Grossi and his dog, Fred, who met under the most trying circumstances of an Afghanistan battlefield. Through brazen courage and a bit of luck, Craig managed to get Fred onto a troop extraction helicopter and ultimately back to his family's home in Virginia. Fred returned the favor by helping Craig through the lingering challenges of post-traumatic stress, and together the pair continue to inspire others by sharing their incredible story.
Release Date:November 15, 2021
Run Time:1:03:52
Featured Beer:Dasch Cranberry Seltzer
Opening:Business Manager Jen Reese was finally a visible participant in the podcast, instead of staying behind the cameras. Chase and Ryan began by visibly grossing Maggie out with their talk of how they wear their long underwear during the current cold weather. Maggie had also made it down to Boston for the Harry Styles concert, and was wearing a "Harry" shirt for the podcast. The big announcement was that season 7 of Maine Cabin Masters would begin airing on DIY Network on Nov. 29, 2021.
Guest Discussion:Fred enjoyed the Lobster Treats for Salty Dogs, which are available in the Kennebec Cabin Company retail store. The humans tried some as well, and actually liked them. Craig then detailed the story of finding Fred while a U.S. Marine intelligence specialist in Afghanistan about ten years ago. He was attached to a recon unit in October of 2010 in an intense Taliban-controlled area with a lot of engagements. They spotted a lone puppy that was kind of funny who intrigued the Marines. Craig then spotted the puppy again, who was emanciated, and almost left him alone. But through a lot of jerky they became friends. He then made sure to get Fred home through a lot of bases and a lot of aircraft, and considerable risk for both disciplinary actions and Fred being put down, as long as Fred wanted to go, and was obviously successful in doing so. At one point, Fred even "faked" being a contraband-sniffing dog for DHL. Craig has now written two books detailing the story, which are available from his web site. Prior to the pandemic, they were constantly on the road on book tours, including companies, corporations, talk shows, and the population of Hillsboro, Wisconsin, which had adopted the book as their "town read."
Maggie's Questions for Craig and Fred:Chase asked "How does Fred do with the Maine winters?"
"How many treats has Fred gotten since coming stateside?"
"How do people buy your book, and find out more information?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I purchased a pine log home in North Stonington, Connecticut, about 4 years ago. I had a contractor from Maine come down and sanded the house to the original wood with hand sanders, and applied Q8 log oil. The house looked amazing. About 12 months in I had started to get some mold on the house and I've done a bunch of spot-checks with multiple products to try to remove the mold, and they all either removed some of the stain or caused streaking. I've debated using weather-seal stain that has the sealant in it so it would be easier to wash the mold off in-between applications, but not sure if that would adhere properly since Q8 was already applied about two-and-a-half years ago. I have also heard that oil-based stains with sealant have their own issues years down the line. I have also been advised never to use a top-coat over the stains, when that breaks down moisture and mold could start growing underneath, and then then the house would need to be sanded/media-blasted again, and I don't want to do that again."
"We have a camp on a lake on MDI (Mount Desert Island) with lake-drawn water. What are the pros and cons of leaving the water hose in the lake all winter? Our family has done that for years, but now as new owners we are not sure what is best."
"My question is, what is the best way to go about making sure that you are getting a handyman/carpenter/contractor who actually has the skills you need? I've been burned a couple times, and am leary of going ahead on a couple of more projects that need to be done?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"What do you do when you're not filming? Are you still working on cabins?"
"Would you guys consider taking your show on the road, and coming to Alabama?"

Watch:Watch Episode 304
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Steve Bromage, the Executive Director of the Maine Historical Society. The guys discuss the organization's incredible artifact collection (including an original copy of the Declaration of Independence!) and its mission to preserve and share "Maine story" through the Maine Memory Network. From our legacy of ice, lumber and lobster industries to the high tech innovations of the future, we continue to find ways to thrive and preserve a unique way of life.
Release Date:November 22, 2021
Run Time:0:59:41
Featured Beer:Dasch Blueberry Seltzer
Opening:Ryan and Ashley had just gotten back from a trip to Los Angeles for a Dead tribute show, where they stayed in Hollywood at the Ritz-Carlton. Ryan had his first In'n Out burger, and they visited Venice Beach. He used an app to order breakfast in L.A., and it went to Las Vegas instead. The Woodshed is also now available locally through Door Dash.
Guest Discussion:The Maine Historical Society will celebrate their 200th anniversary in 2022. Steve detailed the various offices and functions in their non-profit offices in Portland. Maine is quite diverse, and the Society tries to focus on the exolution of those diversities. Ryan talked about how he thought he knew Maine, but now with the show he's learned a lot more about it than he thought he'd knew. Chase mentioned how some localities are now going back to their histories to begin promoting themselves. Maine does have to adapt in order to keep its economy growing. The paper mills had mostly shut down, but Ryan mentioned how the paper mill in Rumford is ramping back up. Steve mentioned how the Cabin Masters seem to be at the center of Maine's sense of place. Ryan mentioned the historical pieces they've found in camps during demos, and how there's so much history out there. Some of the camps just seem to be stuck in time. At the Society's museum in Portland, one of the pieces is one of the 25 known original copies of the Declaration of Independence. Ryan mentioned how Maine seemed to flounder in the 80s and 90s, but is experiencing a renaissance.
Maggie's Questions for Steve:Ryan asked Steve, "What's your favorite time in Maine's history?"
"What are three things non-Mainers get wrong about Maine?"
"What can you tell us about the Maine/Massachusetts connection, and how or why they separated?"
"How were the current borders between Maine, Quebec, and New Brunswick established?"
Extra trivia question: "What famous Virginian actually wrote part of Maine's Constitution?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I've got an older home with spray insulation, your go-to from what I've seen. I currently have regular R-grade. What can I do to beef up my insulation value?
"I am purchasing 10 acres with a house from my grandmother, which has been in my family for almost 100 years. The house was built in 1945 and three bedrooms plus living room have hardwood oak floors. In some areas over the years, oak planks/slats have separated a bit between each other. I'm wondering if you could advise me in the best possible way on how to fill those small gaps and refresh those nice floors?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"I'm always curious at the end of the project when they are about to show the owners the finished project, Ashley says to Chase 'Let's go get changed.' Exactly where do they go to change? Wondering where they go as they aren't close to home."

Watch:Watch Episode 305
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to The Woodshed studios Mike Eldridge and Kyle Thomas, Ryan's father and stepfather. The duo is full of stories of Ryan's formative years, from his grade school candy hustling to the evolution of his musical taste. Mike is manager of the Friends of Maine Cabin Masters Facebook page (25k followers and growing!) and they both have a unique perspective on the Cabin Masters' growing fame.
Release Date:November 29, 2021
Run Time:1:05:42
Featured Beer:Dasch Cranberry Seltzer
Opening:It was a pretty decent fall weather-wise, unlike in 2020, just before Thanksgiving. Cushnoc had done a release for a Cushnoc Pilsner, selling 6 kegs in one day. The Woodshed IPA might be available in cans later. Chase mentioned covering things for winter, and had made a metal run to the scrapyard, including 12 appliances. "Bettah late than nevah."
Guest Discussion:Kyle and Mike refer to themselves as the Maine Grand Masters. Kyle is recently partially retired, and Mike works for MCM. Mike and Kyle began with stories of Ryan buying candy and candy bars and reselling them to fellow elementary and junior high students. There were stories of loaded truck breakdowns, broken femurs while skiing while having no insurance, and teaching himself carpentry since neither of his Dads had enough experience after deciding not to teach English. Ryan also had the opportunity to work with the state of Maine DOT with Mike, and he did it for a year, but quit when it didn't fit in with the Grateful Dead's tour schedule. (Dixie and Kyle both also worked with the DOT for Mike.) Ryan then explained how the relationship with his two Dads worked and has developed through the years, which Kyle then described in more detail since the 1980s. Mike then began talking about disappointments with both Ryan and Rhett, including expensive vacations and cruises that the boys wanted to avoid because of girls back home. Ryan became a Deadhead because of Kyle, and enjoyed classic rock because of Mike. Mike then described how the drum circles at The Woodshed came about, and how Ryan at first wasn't keen on the idea. Mike is the Admin of the Friends Who Like Maine Cabin Masters Facebook page, which has exploded in membership in the five years since it started. Mike has decided his "retirement job" is going to The Woodshed to meet people. He's found some people who visit aren't even aware of the show, but had only heard the food was so good.
Maggie's Questions for Mike and Kyle:What do you both think of the Maine Cabin Masters' fame? Has it changed the family dynamic?
Where does Ryan get his sense of humor from?
Questions from "Project Pointers":I live in England in a Victorian workers' cottage mid-terrace, and I just wonder what product you use on your roof. I have a slate roof currently, but I want a product that will be long-lasting and affordable. I want it to last my lifetime. I figured since you are working on cabins in remote areas with harsh weather, you might have a more substantial product.
We have a log cabin in east Tennessee, and used a wood-burning stove for heat in the dead of winter. We've decided we need a larger stove that can burn for more than 12 hours so the cabin doesn't cool down as much in the morning. Our search for a larger stove has not gone past the brochure stage of looking, and we are seeking advice from other wood burners. Our cabin is three levels of 1,200 square feet per level and an open floor plan between the main floor and the upper floors. Our current stove is in the basement and will heat the entire house once the cold air is removed. Is there a brand or style of stove you would recommend?
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:Given the rural nature of most camps, is there ever any issues with fire codes? Is water available to be pumped from lakes or ponds? Our home's in the mountains of Idaho, and I had to prove our volunteer fire department had the equipment to pump water out of the creek as there were virtually no fire hydrants in the area. How is fire protection handled around the lakes?
Sometimes you use pucks, and sometimes you use posts when adding or fixing foundation issues. What criteria do you use to make that decision?

Watch:Watch Episode 306
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Dan McCarron to The Woodshed Studios for a conversation about the red hot Maine real estate market. Dan is owner of Lakepoint Real Estate in Belgrade, the official real estate partner of Kennebec Cabin Company. He talks about the frenzy brought on by the pandemic, the shift in desirable geographies in the state, and how the roles of both buyers and sellers have changed in recent years.
Release Date:December 6, 2021
Run Time:0:58:17
Featured Beer:Canteen Vodka Sodas
Opening:Maggie likes the Green Bay Packers because of Harry Styles, who also has a new line of cosmetics, which Maggie has pre-ordered. Winter is coming up, it's almost time for the ski season to start. Some of the heavy-duty rails from the Colby College demo have become a pig pen for a pig Chase is taking care of. Chef Melissa Kelly of Primo in Freeport raises pigs, and when Ryan told her about it she became interested in what they did.
Guest Discussion:Dan's dog Bella looks exactly like Fred from episode 304. It's been a busy couple of years in Maine real estate. Maine realtors have broker throughout the state for more localized services. Lakepoint Real Estate hasn't done much cabin sales in the past, but that's been increasing recently. However, inventory has been decreasing. The market has been getting better since the pandemic began, almost doubling and tripling. Cash offers with no inspections and a fast offer have been becoming more normal, as have bidding wars. Out-of-state buyers tend to be more higher-end, and may even bring in their own inspection "teams." Buyers are also seeming to be becoming interested in more northern properties, with remote workers becoming more mobile as well. Their sales are generally 70 - 80% waterfront. Real estate was a career change for Dan about 10 years previously, from selling consumer electronics video games, including product testing of the Tom Clancy games. It was the travel of the career such as to the annual CES vs having kids and staying home that made him change first to lending, then real estate, to stay home more.
Maggie's Questions for Dan:Ryan asked "Any advice for the people thinking about buying in Maine?"
"Is it easier to buy land and build over buying an existing home?"
"Does Maine offer energy-saving rebates?"
"Are the areas between Gardiner and Augusta experiencing a bit of a renaissance?"
"Can you speak to how realtors from your office stay informed about shoreline zoning ordinances and do they stress the best management practices of LakeSmart for properties you sell?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"We'll be building a timberframe/post-and-beam cabin next spring in Montana. The main timbers are hemlock and will remain indoors, much like the framing of Ryan's house. How do I treat the frame members? I've been told boiled linseed oil is the way to go. Not wanting that gray weathered look if I can avoid it."
"I have a question in regards to the paint that is used to paint the floors. What kind of paint is used, and do you need to put a few coats of poly on top?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"In From The Woodshed episode 303 you talked about how you don't like the Cabin Masters' Tips ads that run on DIY, those being the stair stringers, the cedar shakes with Dixie, and the high school physics. If you could create three Tips ads to replace those, what would those tips be?"
"Is there any old terms from your Grandpappy or crazy uncle used back in the day, like for an example, 'Oh, horsefeathers'?"
"We live in Alberta, Canada. I saw you put tongue-and-groove knotty pine on bathroom walls. Should I Varathane it before putting it on bathroom walls at a cottage?"

Watch:Watch Episode 307
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome Lou Manfredini to The Woodshed Studios for a shop-talk conversation about construction and building trends. You might know Lou as Mr. Fix It on the Today Show, or from his popular HouseSmarts radio, TV and internet content, but he was a builder for 20 years before beginning his broadcasting career. The guys talk about the evolution of construction techniques and technologies, the lure of DIY-ing in your own home, and the pandemic's impact on home renovation.
Release Date:December 13, 2021
Run Time:1:04:32
Featured Beer:Dasch Blueberry Seltzer
Opening:Make Eldridge didn't at all like the way he sounded on the Fathers' podcast, that he "sounded like a redneck." Ryan and Ashley had had Covid-19, and even after a 10-day quarantine still hasn't gotten his taste back, having lost his taste at Thanksgiving, which he had missed. They already had their tree, but Chase and Sara had not yet, even though as Maggie said Chase always finds one that's too big and has to cut the top off. Ryan and Chase owe money to Maggie from a bet during a previous podcast, as they were so far off on how much lumber they've used over the years.
Guest Discussion:Lou is "Mr. Fix It" on the Today show, and has done his HouseSmarts radio show since 1995. He's been to Maine but not with his wife, and has been to Portland three different times. A former home builder and carpenter by trade, he would listen to the CarTalk radio show from his home in Chicago. He started his radio show and had done some TV, when in 1999 he received a phone call about doing some internet consulting work. They then had a contact with the Today show about a holiday toy drive, which he went to NYC to be involved with. NBC flies him to New York for each segment, which they have since 1999. He was asked early-on to do a segment about home improvement tools for women and was told "The Today show is all about women" and, "You're only as good as your last segment." If you're going to "phone it in", you're not going to be around long. Lou discussed how, before the internet and YouTube, people would bring him magazines asking for specific items to be recreated. The internet has seemed to make people more informed about DIY projects and techniques, although not always in a good way. Online reviews aren't always right either, and the professionals know what works and what doesn't. Mobil had developed Trex decking in 1996, and Lou and his partner Mike were some of the first adopters. He used it instead of cedar decking on 3rd-story rooftop decks where the cedar couldn't really withstand the constant sunlight. The earliest Trex boards were really heavy, but it worked. They were also Corian countertop fabricators, which Dupont had to reel-in after a while to only trained fabricators. Lou lives in a 1939 Colonial home, which originally was built from old-growth lumber, which isn't how things are done anymore. They discussed how the work that they do also has to fit the climate and environment, being able to withstand certain weather systems and events. Rough lumber work will also never be perfect, and people need to accept that. The pandemic generated a lot of new homeowners who aren't necessarily familiar with the noises homes make due to weather, or how to take care of things that go wrong, and they lack some hands-on confidence that can easily be helped. The construction industry has always been a good litmus test for how well the economy is doing.
Maggie's Questions for Lou:What is the #1 home improvement project your listeners are talking about for 2022?
What do homeowners get wrong all the time when it comes to doing projects themselves?
Is there a DIY project homeowners should never try but should always call a professional?
Questions from "Project Pointers":I'm putting in a three-piece shower unit but I have a window. Can I cut out the fiberglas around the window and seal it?
Can I put tongue-and-groove knotty pine in a bathroom at our cottage, and does it need to be white-washed? Would I need to do anything special if I'm putting it over drywall?
We would love to hear your advice on how to address some significant cracks in our foundation and cellar floor. We have a seasonal home on Long Pond in Somerville, Maine, and it's about time we got some expert advice.
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:I want to use the same tongue-and-groove boards that you use in all your projects. Where can I get them? The project I want to use them for is to do interior wall coverings and ceilings in my garage. Can they be used if there are rooms above them, and if they can, what thickness should they be?
How come Chase got rid of the whiteboard in the episodes? I love and miss it.
My question is, do your dogs ever get slivers in their paws from wood scraps?

Watch:Watch Episode 308
Official Synopsis*:Chase and Ryan welcome to The Woodshed Studios the President of Kennebec Savings Bank, Andrew Silsby. The guys talk about the storied history of our local bank (the charter was signed by Governor Joshua Chamberlain in 1870!), its mission to support charitable projects in our community, and the way-of-life appeal of our great state.
Release Date:Jan. 17, 2022
Run Time:1:11:35
Featured Beer:Dasch Blueberry Seltzer
Opening:Ryan and Ashley had taken a trip to Puerto Rico for a much-needed vacation. It's a different vibe down there, with people seeming to take more pride in things. Maggie and Nori had started skiing for the season again, and Fletcher had gotten an X-Box for Christmas. The transition from DIY Network to Magnolia had occurred January 5th.
Guest Discussion:Kennebec Savings Bank was founded by a law signed in 1870 by Joshua Chamberlain, who was Governor at the time and was encouraging banks to form after the Civil War. It was established for people to save money and buy a home. They've only ever had four locations in Augusta. Kennebec Savings locations are well-known for their property designs and their landscaping. They've recently merged with Kennebec Federal Savings, an 85-year-old bank in Waterville with 20 employees. The Kennebec Valley has become a rather philanthropic culture within the past five years. Andrew is also part of the "Maine Life" show on Sunday mornings, which is now seen in multiple states. While other mortgage lenders might require 80 signatures on closing papers, Kennebec Savings require 17.
Maggie's Questions for Andrew:Ryan asked "What's the difference between a credit union and a bank?"
Ryan asked "How did you get into banking?"
"What is your favorite thing about living and working in Maine?"
"How has the banking industry changed in the past two years with the pandemic?"
Questions from "Project Pointers":"I have recently purchased a camp on the lake that I spent all of my summers at during my youth. When the camp was purchased, the existing heating system was fueled by kerosene, and the heating ducts were located in the ceiling of this one-story cabin. During the process of raising the camp to replace the rotted foundation, I had a flat fuel tank installed under the camp and insulated, thinking we could use regular heating fuel which costs less than kerosene. My question is, what is the most efficient manner to heat this cabin? Heat pumps have been recommended to me as being a very efficient manner to heat our camp in our efforts to winterize, which would allow me to fall back on regular heating fuel as a backup source. However, I'm questioning if I would be better-prepared for the northern Maine winters by having some type of wood-burning source for heat, or considering solar, or anything else you might recommend."
"How do I jack and level a large 150-year-old farmhouse?"
"We recently purchased a seasonal cabin in the Belgrade area. We've never lived on a lake or in Maine. We aren't sure what we can and can't do near the water. Currently, the view is obstructed by large pine trees on the edge of the lake, and lots of smaller bushes in-between the lake and the cabin. What can we do to open up our view?"
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:"Why do you guys never flip the refrigerator doors over in any of your episodes?"
"It sounds like you guys have some time off this winter. Do you have any vacations planned with your families? Do you guys do vacations together?"

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Official Synopsis*:
Release Date:Jan. 24, 2022
Run Time:hh:mm:ss
Assistant Producer:
Featured Beer:
Meet The Campowners:
Guest Discussion:
Maggie's Questions for Mark:
Questions from "Project Pointers":
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:

Watch:Watch Episode 310
Official Synopsis*:
Release Date:Jan. 31, 2022
Run Time:hh:mm:ss
Assistant Producer:
Featured Beer:
Meet The Campowners:
Guest Discussion:
Maggie's Questions for Tammy:
Questions from "Project Pointers":
Maggie's Questions for Chase & Ryan:

* “Official Synopsis” is taken directly from the episode’s YouTube page.