Architectural Art

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A couple pieces of technical art for my book “The Flint Coney; A Savory History“, which were unused.

The following images were created by myself as scalable vector images in Adobe Illustrator, with sources being from various historical photos and maps. All images are ©Dave Liske, Luna Pier, Michigan, All Rights Reserved, and cannot be reused without written permission or licensing.

Heid's Of Liverpool, in New York, one of the many places Greeks and Macedonians who immigrated to the Midwest in the early 1900s may have first had a Coney.
The school in Boufi (now known as Akritas), Macedonia, the foundation for which was laid in 1908, and the school completed in 1910. Most of Flint's original coney shop founders immigrated from Boufi, beginning in 1916. Restoration of the school began in 2020 and is ongoing.