Suggested Pronunciation & Definitions

cuisinology, cuisinologist, noun – /kwəˈzēnˈäləjē/ – or – /kwuh-zeen-AHL-uh-jee/

The following definitions are based on previous usages as described on other pages of this site.

1) the study of or an expert in gaining knowledge about cultures through their cuisines; a Food Explorer;

“The cuisinology of Parmigiano Reggiano is very specific, going back to the Italian provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, and Modena, and areas of Bologna and Mantua..”

“He’s a cuisinologist with specific interests in the Greek origins of the coney island hot dog phenomenon.”

2) an alphabetical list of words related to food, including that food’s origins and history;

“The cuisinology of the Flint Coney includes a topping of beef heart developed by a Macedonian immigrant and made by an Irish butcher from Wisconsin, and a Vienna cured in a popular German sausage house.”

3) the food technology of a cuisine;

“The cuisinology of the heartier Canadian white bread (known simply as ‘white bread’ in Canada) begins with a government mandate specifying a protein content for bread flour that’s typically 12.5% – 13.5%.”

From: cuisine, “A style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment”, and -ology, “a subject of study; a branch of knowledge”