"Maine Cabin Masters Episode Guide

Visiting with the Maine Cabin Masters: Ashley Eldridge with Carson and Mary & I on May 1, 2021, Mary with Chase Morrill on May 16, 2020, and myself with Ryan Eldridge on May 1, 2021, all at their HQ, the Kennebec Cabin Co., in Manchester, Maine.
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This is not an authorized Episode Guide. I am not affiliated with the Maine Cabin MastersMagnolia Network, or Hero Media Arts. All opinions expressed here are my own. We are simply fans of the show.

This unofficial episode guide is mainly (“Maine-ly”?) for our own use. Maine Cabin Masters is one of our favorite shows, but we had yet to be able to find a complete, accurate, and more importantly, searchable episode guide for the show. Compiled from a number of sources, including binge-watching all episodes of the series multiple times, this guide puts all our family needs for a searchable episode guide in a single page.

Disclaimer - This Guide and IMDb

While the information listed here may appear to be a duplication of the Maine Cabin Masters’ Episode Guide on IMDb, the reverse is what occurred. In not being able to locate a more-detailed Guide, I realized the IMDb Guide had not been updated in some time. I binged the show on various platforms from June 20 – July 4, 2020, completing this page while viewing. I then edited and updated the IMDb Episode Guide from July 14 – July 17 using the info from this page. From September 18 – 27, 2020, and with the permission of Hero Media Arts, Kennebec Cabin Company‘s web firm, I also updated the images on the show’s IMDb pages. Season 4 was then split on IMDb by myself to create seasons 4 and 5 on December 4, 2020, to match the split on the Cabin Masters’ own site. On the IMDb page for season 5 I’ve added the eight special episodes as 508 – 515 (formerly numbered by myself as episodes 421 – 428), which Michelle Miller of Hero Media Arts has agreed with. I then also added the season 6 special episodes in the same manner. As the information that can be added to IMDb is fairly limited, the more complete information for viewing the show is on this page. As of season 8, I’m still voluntarily updating the show’s IMDb pages.

Episode Run Times & Ads

All Maine Cabin Masters episodes have a run time of 40;10, +/- just a couple of seconds here and there.

There has recently been considerable conjecture about whether additional ad are being inserted into the program. This is untrue. Episode timings beginning with episode 101, “The Daggett Camp”, are almost identical through the most recent episodes. These timings can be viewed in some on-demand systems where the show is available. To verify these timings on other systems, they can be double-checked with a chess timer, such as the chess timer at timeme.com. Open the Timing Controls link on the page, and set the Time Limit to 60 minutes. Play an episode, simultaneously starting Player 1 for the Program time. Then switch to Player 2 when ads begin, and switch back-and-forth throughout the episode.

Matthew “Dixie” Dix and I on May 1, 2021, Jared “Jedi” Baker and I on August 27, 2020., and carpenter Sara Dostie, who joined the Maine Cabin Master team beginning in season 6, with Mary on June 21, 2021.
Getting Around

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Have you ever wondered where Special Projects came from, what other suppliers the Cabin Masters have used, or how to visit some of the other locations they’ve visited on the show? We’ve compiled as much of that info as we can find, and included it on the Suppliers Lists page.
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The Info & Statistics Page includes where to watch Maine Cabin Masters, statistics about the show, which bodies of water cabins in the show have been near, Dixie’s seafood chowder recipe, and other information.
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Mary and I hanging out at the Emmith camp from episode 610, "2 Bathrooms, No Bedrooms", on June 20, 2021. The eagle Dan Burns carved in the episode can be seen in front of the cabin.
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Note 1: As this list is only Build Episodes, no repacks are included. Season 8 was all repacks, so see below this list for its episode listing.

Note 2: All episode numbers and titles in this Guide are derived from the Maine Cabin Masters own Episode Guide, which reflect the original air date sequence. Some carriers may differ as they’re using production episode numbers, which don’t reflect the original episode air dates.

Season #Ep. #Episode TitleAKA – Other Ep. #s and TitlesOwnersRelease Date
Season 1101The Daggett Family CabinThe Daggett CampThe Daggett Family1/2/2017
Season 1102Dilapidated Island CabinRob and Candy Eaton1/9/2017
Season 1103City Slickers Off the GridBarry and Ruth Baker1/16/2017
Season 1104Dated Cabin Turned RetreatBrian and Theresa Scanlan1/23/2017
Season 1105Rebuilding the Old SchoolhouseSue (Mom) and Chris (Son) York1/30/2017
Season 1106Not-So-Pleasant Camp on Pleasant PondNot-So-Pleasant CampCraig and Andrea Donovan2/6/2017
Season 1107A Cabin for the BrideLance and Lilly Gatcomb2/13/2017
Season 1108130-Year-Old Island CabinJac Arbour2/20/2017
Season 1109Off-The-Grid RenovationMatt Siekman2/27/2017
Season 1110A Camp on Two PondsMatthew and Randee McDonald3/6/2017
Season 1111Six Weeks for Two A-FramesCamp 1; Peggy Morrill: Camp 2; Chris and Lauren Andrews3/13/2017
Season 2201Bunganuc Creek LandmarkSteve Stern and Arlene Morris11/27/2017
Season 2202Clearwater CampDora Mills12/4/2017
Season 2203Veteran’s RetreatTravis Mills Foundation12/11/2017
Season 2204Kids’ Dream Lake HouseKids’ CampLuke and Laura Houghton12/18/2017
Season 2205The Hiltz CampRod and Barbara Hiltz1/8/2018
Season 2206Taking It To The Finish LineLarry Costa1/15/2018
Season 2207Oyster Farm ShackRyan McPherson and Briana Endicott1/22/2018
Season 2208The BullpenThe Morrill Family BunkhouseThe Morrill Family1/29/2018
Season 2209Heirloom Home on the ShoreTina Sener and Michele Robinson-Pontbriand2/5/2018
Season 2210Desert Pond HideawayVincent Hemmeter and Nicole Watson2/12/2018
Season 2211Pilsbury Rafting CabinMike and Kim Pilsbury2/19/2018
Season 2212Family’s Empty NestKirk and Lisa Wolfinger2/26/2018
Season 2213Family Fishing CabinEric and Sarah Libby3/5/2018
Season 2214A Family Gathering PlaceStephanie Sturtevant3/12/2018
Season 2215A Family Cabin Fit for a KingJon and Briar Fishman3/19/2018
Season 2216A Cabin for the YMCACamp; Kenebec Valley YMCA: Barn; Chase Morrill3/26/2018
Season 3301Inspirations BrewingShamus and Naomi Neville12/3/2018
Season 3302Paws, Present and FutureDave and Christie Allred12/10/2018
Season 3303Ho-Ho-HomeDoug and Lois Dodge12/17/2018
Season 3304Ship-Shape ShackSiblings David, Tom and Sally Orcutt1/7/2018
Season 3305Cabin OverhaulGene and Dotty Bettencourt1/14/2018
Season 3306Hook, Line, and SinkerKeith and Terri Smith1/21/2018
Season 3307Stable Family TiesSiblings Andrew, Nick, and Cammie Christ1/28/2019
Season 3308Past, Present, and FutureJon and Win Elliott2/4/2019
Season 3309The Honeymoon SuiteSeamus and Kali McKinney2/11/2019
Season 3310The Twister CampJim and Lisa Backman2/18/2019
Season 3311A Legacy PreservedWakefield Wildlife Sanctuary, Kennebec Land Trust: Theresa Kerchner, Executive Director, and Amy Lesko, Representative of Kendra Shaw’s Estate2/25/2019
Season 3312Golden Years Family CampSandra Stevenson3/4/2019
Season 3313Diamond In The RoughPam, Jane aka “Mom”, and Suzanne, all aka “PMS”3/11/2019
Season 3314Love YurtsGary and Mackenzi White3/18/2019
Season 3315A Dream Come True – HockeytownJon and Amy Faitsch3/25/2019
Season 3316The Dixie Dog DenMamie Beale, “Dixie”‘s Grandmother4/1/2019
Season 4401A Cabin in TrainingRon and Hilary Porter12/4/2019
Season 4402A Lobster Legacy ShackZach and Shannon Lindsey1/20/2020
Season 4403The Call of the LoonScott and Rachel Kopec1/27/2020
Season 4404Old Cabin, New TricksTeaching an Old Cabin New TricksAllen and Anne Springer2/3/2020
Season 4405A Multi-Family AffairKevin and Alison, and David and Megan2/10/2020
Season 4406Passport to GreenvilleJerry and Wanda Nutt2/17/2020
Season 4407It Takes a VillageThe Agassiz Village Board Of Directors2/24/2020
Season 4408BallardJared and Mia Ballard3/2/2020
Season 4409Retrofit for the Whole FamilyTony and Jeanne Sun2/9/2020
Season 4410Lighthouse PointSaulterJay and Linda Saulter3/16/2020
Season 4411An Uphill BattleConnie and Louise Nesbit3/23/2020
Season 4412A Home for the Cabin MastersKennebec Cabin Company3/30/2020
Season 4413An Island RetreatRobertsLeon and Kim Roberts4/6/2020
Season 5501A Dream Come Trueepisode 414 (changed Dec. 2020)Jay and Sarah Wolfington4/13/2020
Season 5502Cabin Masters to the Rescueepisode 415 (changed Dec. 2020)Gary and Ellen Fuller4/20/2020
Season 5503A Cabin for the Whole Familyepisode 416 (changed Dec. 2020)Larry and Noriko Pearson4/27/2020
Season 5504Keeping the Dreams Aliveepisode 417 (changed Dec. 2020)Kay, and her son Dan Webster5/4/2020
Season 5505A Re-Imaginationepisode 418 (changed Dec. 2020); The Shaw Camp Re-Imagination; ShawGreg and Denise Shaw5/11/2020
Season 5506A Cabin for Future Generationsepisode 419 (changed Dec. 2020)Siblings Joe and Mary Loring5/18/2020
Season 5507A Changing of the Guard’s Campepisode 420 (changed Dec. 2020)Jeff and Leah Bickford5/25/2020
Season 6601Preserving a Passion that’s “In-Tents”Passion That’s “In-Tents”Alan and Kim Cornwall11/30/2020
Season 6602Peace, Love and a Fallen Pine TreePeace, Lova, and a Pine TreeDave and Kelly Wilkinson2/1/2021
Season 6603The Old Fishing CampCharlene and Pennilyn Andersen2/8/2021
Season 6604The Eyesore by the ShoreRhett and Caroline Eldridge2/15/2021
Season 6605New Wife, New Cabin LifeMike and Linda White2/22/2021
Season 6606A Very Scary CampIke Hamill3/29/2021
Season 6607Buttoned Up and Bug-Free LegacyTim and Patty Costin4/5/2021
Season 6608It Takes a Village of PeopleKennebec Valley YMCA4/12/2021
Season 6609200-Year-Old Boathouse RevivalNate and Kirstin Laflin4/19/2021
Season 6610Two Bathrooms, No Bedrooms609 – The Camp Built in 72 HoursDave and Maria Emmith, and Diane Maguire4/26/2021
Season 7701Lobster Shack ScrambleTed & Terry Wiederhorn11/29/2021
Season 7702A New Cabin Legacyepisode 701Pete & Michelle Henry12/6/2021
Season 7703Rivalry at the Chadwick CabinRobbie & Suzanne Chadwick12/13/2021
Season 7704A Cabin Tribute to Mimi EvaChase and Sarah Morrill12/20/2021
Season 7705A Former Family Cabin ReclaimedFamily Cabin ReclaimedGeorge & Brenda Joseph12/27/2021
Season 7706Refreshing the Cooper CottageLeslie Cooper Morenus, David (son) and David’s wife, Christina, and Jessica (daughter)1/3/2022
Season 7707The $25 Manchester Post Office708 – The Manchester Post OfficeDavid & Diana Worthing1/10/2022
Season 7708A Cabin Built by Bampyepisode 709Liz, Christopher, and Joe Hersom1/17/2022
Season 7709The Foster’s Re-renovationepisode 711Warren & Sally Foster, Pam, Becky, and Eric1/24/2022
Season 7710Updating a Lincolnville Lakeviewepisode 712Gary, Craig & Emily Reisner1/31/2022
Season 7711A Cabin With a Stream Running Through It713 – A Cabin and A StreamLee, Lesley, Beth, and Laura Herzig2/7/2022
Season 7712Revamping the Cook’s Beach Campepisode 714Craig and Tammy Lefebvre2/14/2022
Season 7713Camp ‘Contee Going Up!715 – A Container ConversionChuck, Chip, and Bruce Webber2/21/2022
Season 7714A Container Conversionepisode 715Brian and Amanda Barnett, and Nick2/28/2022
Season 7715A Medieval Maine Makeoverepisode 716Doug, Dave, and Kristina3/7/2022
Season 7716A Blank Slate Build for Momepisode 717Bill and Kerry McQuaid, Sandy and Sherry3/14/2022
Season 8801Seize the Daylight Basementepisode 808Chip and Jan Rooney11/7/2022
Season 8802The New Old Campepisode 809Dominic, Helen, & Meladee Palumbo11/14/2022
Season 8803Give a Dog a Campepisode 810Andy and Terry Holland, Jonathan11/21/2022
Season 8804Summer Camp Comfortepisode 811YMCA Camp of Maine; Jeff and Kim Gleason11/28/2022
Season 8805A Cabin for Karlyepisode 812Jon & Kristin Erickson, Grant, Karly12/5/2022
Season 8806New Cabin in Tree, Two, One…episode 813, 605 – New Wife, New Cabin LifeTravis and Shelly Wheeler12/12/2022
Season 8807Cabin SpiceMaine Outing Club, University of Maine1/2/2023
Season 8808I Get By With The Help Of Froggy FriendsLisa Craig, and son James1/9/2023
Season 8809Camp Lucky SevenDan, Tim, & John Cobb1/16/2023
Season 8810Mow the House DoenDavid & Bishop Hopkins1/23/2023
Season 8811A Penobscot Nation PreservationTheresa and Bill Secord1/30/2023
Season 8812Camp Over Troubled WatersMary Ann, Jaime, and Nick Zozula2/6/2023
Season 8813Outdoor Accessibility for EveryoneBruce and Annemarie Albison2/13/2023
Season 8814Form, Function & Fun on Flying PondJason, Nate, & Cam Foster2/20/2023
Season 8815Trolley Good Family CampHidden Trolley Family Camp2/27/2023
Season 9901Legacy Camp on Maranacook Lake1001Andy and Mary Klinoff10/23/2023
Season 9902The Red Camp in Belgrade1002Seitz Family10/30/2023
Season 9903Ski Cabin1003, Family Ski CabinRichardson Family11/6/2023
Season 9904Call The Guys1004, New Woodshop, Improved HeadquartersKennebec Cabin Co.11/13/2023
Season 9905Dome Sweet Dome906, 100611/27/2023
Season 9906Sweet Holiday Special907, 1007Chase Morrill12/4/2023
Season 9907A Twofer in West Gardiner908, 1008Rick and Janet Cotta1/1/2024
Season 9908Overhaul on the Upper Narrows909, 1009The Leach Family1/8/2024
Season 9909Fred & The Bishops’ Family Cottage910, 1010The Bishops’ Family1/15/2024
Season 9910Great Things in Small Packages911, 1011Center for Entrepreneurial Studies1/22/2024
Season 9911A Growing Gem on Pocasset912, 1012The Tooman Family1/29/2024
Season 9912All-Star Camp on Cobbossee913, 1014Dan Patrick2/12/2024
Season 9913Dilapidated to Debonair on Damariscotta914, 1015The Dikan Family2/19/2024
Season 9914Residential Camp in South China915, 1016, Helping After a House FireThe Dunn Family2/26/2024
Season 9915Outdoor Classroom at Gardiner High916, 1017Gardiner High School3/4/2024
Season 9916A Friend in Need917, 1018Tom Gallagher3/11/2024

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Season 8 Episodes

Season 8 is repacks only (i.e. “Best Of”, “Top Ten”, etc.). No cabin projects are included in season 8.

801 - Fully Decked Out

Release Date:July 11, 2022
Synopsis:The Maine Cabin Masters have all hands on deck to count down their top 10 Fully Decked Out Cabins. These decks were the biggest wrecks before the Masters arrived to cut out the rot and restore these outdoor spaces for fun in the Maine sun.

802 - Jedi & Dixie's Favorite Moments

Release Date:July 18, 2022
Synopsis:For years, Jedi and Dixie have worked side by side with Chase, Ashley and Ryan rebuilding and restoring cabins all across the state of Maine — and they’ve made a lot great memories along the way. In this episode, Dixie and Jedi revisit some of their favorite builds, thrills, and special projects. Whether it’s working in freezing conditions, stealing an afternoon to fly-fish or finding time to get in a hockey game, Jedi and Dixie make sure that the Cabin Master way isn’t all work and no play. The team wouldn’t be the same without them, so tune in and see all the special moments & memories they’ve made along the way.

803 - Cabins That Were Not Cabins
Release Date:July 25, 2022
Synopsis:Whether it’s a tight budget or a lack of materials, there are times that the Maine Cabin Masters have to get creative when it comes to building and restoring camps for their clients. Tonight the Cabin Masters are counting down their top ten camps that started as something other than a camp. From retooling old sheds and shipping containers, to getting medieval on a role-playing village, join the Masters as they revisit their favorite camps that started as something else. If it has a roof and walls, Chase, Ashley, Ryan and the Cabin Masters team can turn it into a cabin.
804 - These Camps are Cookin'!
Release Date:August 1, 2022
Synopsis:Fire up the grill and put on the lobster, because tonight’s episode is all about cooking in Maine. Nobody wants to vacation on an empty stomach, so over the years, the Maine Cabin Masters have built kitchens, grills, and outdoor ovens so that camp owners can keep their families and friends fed. Tonight they’ll revisit some of their favorite food-friendly installations that brought meals and feels all across Vacationland. From hunting cabin cookeries and lake-and-bake wood stoves, to chill and grill backyards and on-the-water drinks on tap, join the cabin masters as they boil down their favorite camps for cooking.
805 - Most Historic Camps
Release Date:August 8, 2022
Synopsis:Grab your time machine and a comfy chair, because tonight the Maine Cabin Masters are counting down their top ten most historic camps. Over the years, the masters have renovated and preserved many camps steeped in Vacationland history and lore by adding a modern spin to their projects without losing any of their vintage charm. From antique clam shacks and broken down beach clubs, to hundred year old farmhouses and lagging log cabins, join the masters as they shake off the dust, root out the rot, and revisit classic cabin restorations all across Maine. This episode is one for the history books!
806 - From Cramped to Camp
Release Date:August 15, 2022
Synopsis:Stretch out and get ready to tear down some walls, because tonight, the Maine Cabin Masters are counting down their top ten cabins that went from “cramped” to “camp.” When you’re camping, everybody needs their own space. As families expand and children grow up, nobody wants to be cooped up on vacation. Over the years, the Masters have opened up roofs and added on square footage to turn tiny one-room stay-aways into comfy two-floor getaways. From stuffy ten-by-ten franken-camps and space-wasting layouts, to expanded floor-plans and lofty additions, join the Masters as they renovate roomy cabins all across the great state of Maine.
807 - Tour of Maine
Release Date:August 22, 2022
Synopsis:Put on your hiking boots and pack your bags, because tonight the Maine Cabin Masters are taking you on a tour of their home state. Over the course of an hour, Chase, Ashley, and Ryan will highlight some of their favorite areas, activities and cabins all over the Pine Tree State. From Smalls Falls belly-flopping and coastal clam-digging, to lobster-boat fishing and pine-forest hiking, they’ll take you from the Northwest Mountains to Down East on the Maine coast and by the end of this tour you’ll be planning your own trip to the team’s home turf. What better tour guides than the Cabin Masters!
Season 7 Episodes

There was no opening intro for season 7, only the Maine Cabin Masters logo for a few seconds.

Episode Title Swap: Season 7 episode 13, “Camp ‘Contee Going Up!”, and season 7 episode 14, “A Container Conversion”, were originally aired in reverse of what was announced. Because of this, many carriers will still show one one episode on their schedule and air the other. It’s currently difficult to tell which will air at the specified time.

701 - Lobster Shack Scramble

Release Date:Nov. 29, 2021
Location:Daughty Cove, Harpswell
Owners:Ted & Terry Wiederhorn
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, midsummer (8 weeks)
Special Projects:Raised planters made from lobster crates, a lobster bouy whippoorwhill, dock with kayak launch, wooden lobster trap coffee table
Synopsis:For Ted Wiederhorn, a cabin on the ocean front was a dream he had all his life. Now he finally has his wish granted after purchasing an abandoned lobster shack on a peninsula, only accessible by boat or hike, and with a 10 – 12 foot tidal difference. But the property has fallen into disrepair, and it’s up to the Cabin Masters to get this shack up and shaking once again. The Wiederhorns would like to use it as a yoga studio, and overflow for guests, as well as for Ted’s lobstering license. The project will include updating the old lobster shack to create a vibrant new living space with Solar, new docks for ease of access, and removing piles of refuse by barge. With a tight deadline and a $50,000 budget, the Cabin Masters have a nautical build ahead of them.

702 - A New Cabin Legacy

Release Date:Dec. 6, 2021
Location:Flying Pond, Mt. Vernon
Owners:Pete & Michelle Henry
Budget & Timeline:$60,000, 16 weeks (ended up being 12 weeks)
Special Projects:Fused glass nightlight and loon window hanging, original table and chairs painted and added to the screened-in lanai
Synopsis:A family with a legacy of enjoying the lakes of Maine just bought a 30-year-old Gambrel Garage with an efficiency apartment on the second floor located at Flying Pond. There are also two older out-buildings, a lanai and a bunkhouse. But the apartment is too small and outdated for the family to stay in together. Chase and the Cabin Masters arrive early in winter to have this camp completely remodeled in time for summer, with the old bunkhouse as inspiration. With slippery and cold weather conditions, and the entire first floor needing to be converted from a garage into a living space, the Cabin Masters have much to accomplish in a short amount of time. But Chase and the team transform the space into a dream cabin, giving it a beautiful cottage feel and more than doubling the living space.

703 - Rivalry at the Chadwick Cabin

Release Date:Dec. 13, 2021
Location:Cobbosseecontee Lake, Winthrop
Owners:Robbie & Suzanne Chadwick
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Boat bar, bottle cap serving tray, Mainely Handrails fire pit
Synopsis:The Chadwick family has purchased a cabin built in 1906 by the Cony family, and now need the Cabin Masters help for a long overdo remodel. Fun fact, the Cony family also built Chase, Dixie, and Ashley’s old high school. Not so fun fact, Cony high school is the rival of Ryan, Brad, and Jedi’s old high school, Gardiner. Can the team overcome their past schoolyard grudges to fix a rotting roof, completely remodel the interior, and add in a specialty fire pit and outdoor bar all on a tight 8 week deadline?

704 - A Cabin Tribute to Mimi Eva

Release Date:Dec. 20, 2021
Location:Annabessacook Lake, Monmouth
Owners:Chase & Sarah Morrill
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Hooked rug pillows from Parris House Wool Works, custom kitchen cabinets, art pieces made by Peggy and the kids in memory of Mimi Eva
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters restore a cabin once owned by Bette Davis for Chase’s wife, Sarah, as a tribute to her late mother. With a $40,000 budget and only twelve weeks to build, the team gets to work updating the interior with a new kitchen, bigger windows to let in more light, and Chase’s funky decoration style. The final restored cabin is one Mimi Eva would have been proud to see and is ready for the next generation of the Morrill family to enjoy.

705 - A Former Family Cabin Reclaimed

Release Date:Dec. 27, 2021
Owners:George & Brenda Joseph
Budget & Timeline:$35,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Steel “movement” art by Jamison York, laser cut map of both the current and previously-owned properties from Benoit’s Design Co.
Synopsis:A family that has owned land in Maine for over 100 years has recently re-purchased some land they had sold in the past. With the land and cabin back in the family, it’s up to the Cabin Masters to update it. Chase and the team start by removing the old chimney, jacking and leveling, cleaning 4 – 5 inches of snow out from inside, then building an entirely new bedroom and bathroom. They also landscape the property in muddy and frozen winter conditions. Last, they find their centers while creating a yoga and meditation space in front of gorgeous picture windows.

706 - Refreshing The Cooper Cottage
Release Date:Jan. 3, 2022
Owners:Leslie Cooper Morenus, David (son) and David’s wife, Christina, and Jessica (daughter)
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Sea glass chandelier made of driftwood from the property’s shoreline, poured epoxy kitchen countertop, dock stairs down to the water of Harpswell Sound
Synopsis:The Cooper family has been coming to the cottage their grandfather built in the 70’s for generations. But now it’s time for an update, and this cabin needs new everything. Good thing the Cabin Masters are here to help refresh the interior kitchen and bedrooms, build safer access to the loft, and add on a new screened in porch. They also plan on removing an inflammable apple shed from the property and build safe stairs down to the shoreline. With a twelve-week timeline and a $30,000 budget, it’s time for the Cabin Masters to pick up where grandpa left off and take this cabin into the 21st century.
707 - The $25 Manchester Post Office

Release Date:Jan. 10, 2022
Owners:David & Diana Worthing
Budget & Timeline:$25,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Window flower boxes made from commercially-available mailboxes; Gliding bench rocker made from an old buggy seat found on the property
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters are converting the first post office ever built in Manchester, in-use from 1945 to 1962, into a small cabin in an off grid location. Won with a bid of $25, the Worthing family purchased the post office to give it new purpose. Now, after sitting dormant on their property for so many years after it was moved there about 15 years before, the Worthings have asked the Cabin Masters for help converting it into a cabin while still preserving the history, complete with an added outhouse. With a budget of $25,000 and an 8-week timeline, the team springs into action to finish this unique build on time and on budget.

708 - A Cabin Built by Bampy

Release Date:Jan. 17, 2022
Location:Upper Narrows Pond, Winthrop
Owners:Liz, Christopher, and Joe Hersom
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:An “H” family initial made from the wood from the kitchen cabinet which came from the same church as the floor, custom Shriners’ emblem to hang in the gable end
Quote(s):“Here’s Dougie!!!”
Synopsis:Built originally for a bachelor party using old floors from a church in Pittston, Maine, grandfather and Shriner Rick “Bampy” Hersom has renovated and maintained the family cabin for generations. His recent passing has left more than just a family who miss him dearly; it’s left his favorite place in disrepair. The Cabin Masters jump in, excited to pick up where he left off by making a bigger bathroom and kitchen and adding new loft space for the Hersom’s growing family. But when Doug the plumber digs up the septic system, he finds it’s been rotted out and will need a complete overhaul. Can the Cabin Masters stay within the budget and the timeframe of this build, or will this unexpected project stop the build in its tracks?

709 - The Foster's Re-renovation

Release Date:Jan. 24, 2022
Location:Cobbosseecontee Lake, Manchester
Owners:Warren & Sally Foster, Pam, Becky, and Eric
Budget & Timeline:$35,000 – $40,000, 10 weeks
Special Projects:Stone fire pit, old wooden jelly cabinet converted into a bathroom cabinet with a distressed finish, plasma-cut “Foster” nameplate on the steel stair rail restored by Mainely Handrails
Synopsis:Many years ago, Chase’s father Eric Morrill renovated the Foster’s cabin. Owned by the Fosters since 1871, and even becoming a public swimming area at one point, the cabin has a personal history to Chase and Ashley, as well as their Uncle Lee and Aunt Sharen. By adding a new bathroom, improving the utilization of space, and refurbishing the landscape The Cabin Masters hope to follow Eric Morrill’s lead and make this cabin something special. Along the way the team will uncover a colony of voracious carpenter ants, Ryan will get to practice his landscaping skills with the team’s new tractor, and the Masters will struggle fitting the new shower through the front door, all while saving the old jelly cabinet and the octogonal window in the gable end.

710 - Updating a Lincolnville Lakeview

Release Date:Jan. 31, 2022
Location:Pitcher Pond, Lincolnville
Owners:Gary, Craig & Emily Reisner
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, 10 weeks
Special Projects:Wall-hanging exterior herb garden, steel bunk beds in the bunkhouse
Quote(s):“Don’t let your Monday ruin your Sunday.” – Ryan’s shirt
Synopsis:The Reisner family vacations in Lincolnville every summer with the mission of updating their thirty-year-old cabin. But every summer they get too distracted enjoying Maine and end up with nothing done. Enter the Maine Cabin Masters to stay on target! But there are build surprises around every corner of this project slowing the Masters down, like finding extensive sill rot under the windows. Not only is the team fixing up the cabin, but they are also updating a bunkhouse and building an entirely new boat house in time for the family to enjoy the summer. The Masters rush to finish the boat house but have to take their time measuring to stay within the strict permitting guidelines. Chase and team will need to stay focused and precise to finish the Reisner cabin on time!

711 - A Cabin With A Stream Running Through It

Release Date:Feb. 7, 2022
Location:Pitcher Pond, Lincolnville
Owners:Lee, Lesley, Beth, and Laura Herzig
Budget & Timeline:$60,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Firebox made from an old wooden starch container, table lamp made from Ashley’s acoustic guitar, concrete steps to the pond removed and replaced with aluminum stairs and dock
Quote(s):“Maine Cabin Masters, our cabin’s a disaster!” – Herzig family
Synopsis:Chase, Ashley, and Ryan arrive at the Herzig family camp to a pleasant surprise; the family has come together to sing them an original song! But the lyrics reflect the family’s situation in a more dire light; “Maine Cabin Masters, our cabin’s a disaster. MCM, we need you!” With their father having both a heart attack and Covid in the same year, and their camp sinking because of a stream running underneath it, Beth and Laura Herzig have been going through it. But the Cabin Masters have come to the rescue to start getting this family back on track! With a $60,000 budget, a goal to winterize and lift the cabin, and a tight timeline to get it all done it’s up to the build team to help the Herzig family change their tune.

712 - Revamping the Cook's Beach Camp

Release Date:Feb. 14, 2022
Location:Great Pond
Owners:Craig and Tammy Lefebvre
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Restored and used the original “Cook’s Beach – 600 feet” sign found under the second building, restored a 4-drawer dresser found at the camp. lockers on the porch of the main camp
Synopsis:The Lefebvre family has just purchased a camp that in Ryan’s words “…get’s the award for nicest property, worst camp, maybe?” Once a public beach, the cabin and bunkhouse have been rotting on the property for over thirty years to the point where mice literally rain from the ceiling! With the cabin in need of a thorough remodel and bunkhouse needing to be built from scratch, the Cabin Masters have their work cut out for them. But with a 12-week deadline and a $50,000 budget for both structures, the team will design on a dime to turn this camp from worst to the best!

713 - Camp 'Contee Going Up!

Release Date:Feb. 21, 2022
Location:Cobbosseecontee Lake
Owners:Chuck, Chip, and Bruce Webber
Budget & Timeline:$30,000 – $40,000, 12 weeks (finished in 6 weeks)
Special Projects:Re-used the door into the bump-out as a tabletop, fall foliage and cattail cutout art made into a the screen door, rock garden for brother Dylan’s memorial stone
Synopsis:Out on Cobbosseecontee Lake, the Maine Cabin Masters arrive to help the Webbers remodel their family cabin from the 1960’s. The cabin needs more living space, but there’s a catch; the team can’t build outside of the original footprint, only up. That plus a $30,000 budget, sheets of metal slipping off the roof, and a live electrical mast that gets downed during demolition keeps the team on their toes. But what starts out as a troublesome puzzle soon becomes one of Ryan’s favorite camps, and the finished cabin is an amazing transformation from the 1960’s original.

714 - A Container Conversion

Release Date:Feb. 28, 2022
Location:Sebec Lake
Owners:Brian and Amanda Barnett, and Nick
Budget & Timeline:$60,000, 14 weeks
Special Projects:“Happy Hour Power” steel signage, customized spiral staircase, steel outdoor fireplace, custom pressure-treated deck chairs
Synopsis:When the Barnett Family purchased their land on Sebec Lake, big plans for a lakeside cabin were stalled by rising costs of building materials. So they got creative and acquired an old shipping container to transform into their dream camp. They knew it would take a big imagination and a lot of skill to turn the shell of the container into a functioning camp, which is why they call in Chase, Ashley, and the Maine Cabin Masters. But this structure is a challenge for the Cabin Masters team, who are used to working within wood walls, not metal. They’ll also have to build most of the cabin hours away from the Barnett’s land, then ship it to its forever home. Will it survive the over two hour drive? One thing is for sure, if anyone is up for the task, it’s the Maine Cabin Masters!

715 - A Medieval Maine Makeover

Release Date:March 7, 2022
Location:Burgundar Village, Henderson
Owners:Doug, Dave, and Kristina
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Live-edge benches around the fire pit with “Burgundar” outlines burnt into them, repaired and restored the merchant’s pushcart that was on-site, “B” period flags for inside the inn and some of the outdoor areas, “Live, Laugh, LARP” sign
Synopsis:Deep in the forests of Maine, Masters of Cabins, Chase and Ashley, have been summoned to Burgundar, a medieval live action role playing community in need of the builders’ aid. Burgundar’s market tent, fire pit, and gathering inn are failing, and the Cabin Masters team must rally together to save the day. The Masters have grand plans for the camp, but must battle a ferocious rain storm and winter moving over the land that put them in peril missing their timeline. Will the Masters of Cabins prevail and give the Burgundar community a camp that will stand the test of time?

716 - A Blank Slate Build for Mom
Release Date:Mar. 14, 2022
Location:David Pond, Fayette
Owners:Bill and Kerry McQuaid, Sandy and Sherry
Budget & Timeline:$75,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Coat rack made from golf clubs, oak spiral staircase, wreath made from boughs found on the site
Synopsis:The McQuaids have recently become the owners of an empty lot across the street from their beloved cabin on David Pond — and they thought there was no better way to use it than to build their Mom a cabin of her own. She and her late husband, the patriarch of the McQuaid family, loved coming up to the lake and a new cabin would be the ideal culmination of the dream they shared together. It’s truly a blank slate for the Cabin Masters, who will design a camp that can serve the McQuaids for years to come. They make sure to include some special touches of the McQuaid’s Dad’s memory in what they hope will be a home away from home. Not many people can say they have a Cabin Masters original from the ground up, and the McQuaids are thrilled to see what they come up with!
Season 6 Episodes

Repack 611, “Best Summer Camps”, aired out-of-sequence on March 15, 2021, between episodes 605 and 606.

601 - Preserving a Passion That's "In-Tents"

Release Date:Nov. 30, 2020
Location:East Pond, Oakland
Owners:Alan and Kim Cornwall
Budget & Timeline:$30,000 – $40,000, 6 – 8 weeks
Special Projects:Paintings and family photos framed by decorative metal panels found in the cabin, salvaging some of the squash & basketball floors from Colby College to use in the Cornwall cabin, mounted the “C” from the Colby basketball court in a shadowbox for “Cornwall” to hang inside the cabin.
Synopsis:On the first day of summer a couple asks for some help to expand their East Pond camp that Alan’s grandfather purchased in 1970. They need more space for their family, but still want to preserve the camp for the future. One daughter even stays in a tent on the deck as there’s no room inside for her.

602 - Peace, Love and a Fallen Pine Tree

Release Date:Feb. 1, 2021
Location:Bear Pond, Hartford
Owners:Dave & Kelly Wilkinson
Budget & Timeline:$55,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Repainted the hand-painted trim boards and used them on the porch roof, restored the old teepee with new canvas having the Maine flag, added a second floor loft with a library ladder from the owners, added new stairs down to the lake
Synopsis:Since the 1960s, Dave Wilkinson has dreamed of owning a camp on Bear Pond. His father spent summers logging on the lake, and Dave would set up a simple teepee camp on the shores wherever he could. A decade ago the Wilkinson family, Dave, his wife Kelly, and sons Rex and Cy, realized their dream, purchasing “Wit’s End” in Hartford, ME. But a nasty winter storm and a fallen tree threatened to destroy the camp. Heartbroken, the Wilkinsons called on Chase and the Cabin Masters for a rescue. The structure will be reinforced to stand the test of time and, with Rex and Cy both expecting their first child, space will be added for the growing family to spread out in. The Wilkinsons are funky people, and the Cabin Masters plan to not only preserve but celebrate the camp’s oddities, complete with a fresh face on Dave’s old teepee.

603 - The Old Fishing Camp

Release Date:Feb. 8, 2021
Location:Clary Lake, Whitefield
Owners:Charlene & Pennilyn Andersen
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, 10 weeks (completed in 8 weeks)
Special Projects:Siding the color of the Tupperware cups in the cupboard, dock with bench and solar lights, moonshine bottle chandelier, wooden door handles from branches
Synopsis:An old fish tale claims that before the Andersen family became owners of their Clary Lake camp in 1964, $5 would buy a stay at the cabin, complete with a massage and a bottle of moonshine. True or not, sisters Charlene Andersen and Pennilyn Dudley fondly recall many stories from the last 50 years of living at the camp. Though well-loved and well-lived in throughout the years, the camp has not gotten the TLC it’s deserved. The sisters are hoping that, with a primp and pop of color, Chase and the Cabin Masters team can restore the health of their family camp.

604 - The Eyesore by the Shore

Release Date:Feb. 15, 2021
Location:Cobbosseecontee Lake
Owners:Rhett & Caroline Eldridge
Budget & Timeline:$55,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Cribbage board made from one of the boards from the original camp, favors called in to maintain budget (concrete for the foundation, redi-rocks for retaining wall for parking), stone and steel fire pit, marine canvas sling chair for Caroline from Ashley, scrapped but almost new steel spiral staircase, Ryan and Ashley also contributed $15,000 to $20,000 since it’s his brother’s camp
Synopsis:The Eldridge family has lived on Cobbosseeconntee Lake for nearly a century. For the last thirty-years they’ve been the infamous owners of the biggest eyesore on the lake – a dilapidated one-story structure with chipping paint and a collapsing retaining wall. Now, with the help of Chase, Ryan and the rest of the Cabin Masters, Ryan’s younger brother Rhett and his wife Caroline will no longer be the owners of the biggest eyesore on shore. However, as the team begins to tear into the old shack, they realize this little job has some of the biggest problems they’ve ever faced.

605 - New Wife, New Cabin Life

Release Date:Feb. 22, 2021
Location:Great Pond, Belgrade
Owners:Mike & Linda White
Budget & Timeline:$60,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Barn quilt artwork, restored the hardwood floors, epoxy floor in the basement
Synopsis:Mike and Linda White’s cabin on Great Pond in Belgrade, ME is a true family camp. In 1957, Linda’s father sold his Ford convertible for the funds to purchase the shell of the cabin and, after adding interior walls, a kitchen, and a statement red fireplace, gifted it to his daughter. When the Whites married in 2019, Linda not only gained a husband but also expanded her family to include three children, their spouses, and six grandchildren. Now, to fit the whole family comfortably for generations to come, the newlyweds need to expand and upgrade their cabin — and they consider Chase and the Cabin Masters the most qualified for the job. Making the cabin bigger and brighter, the Cabin Masters will add a daylight basement with a bathroom, two bedrooms, and an open living area. They’ll also preserve Linda’s father’s touches, including the original hardwood floors and the red fireplace. When it’s all said and done, the White family will have a camp large enough for the entire clan to live life at its very best.

606 - A Very Scary Camp

Release Date:Mar. 29, 2021
Location:Long Pond Stream, Mt. Vernon
Owners:Ike Hamill
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Bookcase made from shutters removed from the camp, timberframe deck and roof/gazebo with a swing over the pumphouse, stone woodstove hearth, stone shower, restored table with chairs with custom carved leather seats
Synopsis:You never know what’s at the end of a dirt road in Maine, which is where the Hamill family’s 1963 Mount Vernon cabin is creepily isolated. When owner Ike Hamill’s father purchased his dream camp near a stream in 1996, after spending many years and many river trips wistfully gazing upon it, little did he know that it would become his son’s favorite place to write horror novels – especially during a thunderstorm. For the rest of the Hamill family, the cabin is a place of fun and enjoyment. Though they love that it’s as rustic as they come, with only the bare minimums– 320 square feet and no kitchen, bathroom or electricity– the Hamill family hopes that Chase and the Cabin Masters can improve the camp’s livability. By adding electricity, running water, and a 16′ x 20′ addition that would double the size of the camp, the Cabin Masters will create the cabin Ike’s father has always dreamed of, rustic charm and all.

607 - Buttoned-Up and Bug-Free Legacy

Release Date:Apr. 5, 2021
Location:Farr’s Cove, Cobbosseecontee Lake, West Gardiner
Owners:Tim & Patty Costin
Budget & Timeline:$75,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Custom pine tree lamp shades for a table lamp and a floor lamp, using old wooden road signs found in the cabin’s walls to make a lock-together playhouse for small kids, reupholstered the cushions for the glider, rebound a family journal from 1897 found in the camp and made a presentation box for it
Synopsis:Tim and Patty Costin met in Maine as teenagers and fell in love not too far from Farr’s Cove, where they purchased their first lakeside home together, an 1890s-era camp, in 1990. Now, thirty years later and parents to two sons, also named Tim and Pat, the growing Costin family needs more space than their hundred-year-old camp provides. As new grandparents, Tim and Patty want to create a family home they can watch their grandchildren grow up and enjoy, just as their sons have enjoyed for the past three decades on Farr’s Cove. The team needs to add an entrance, and a bedroom by expanding the second floor loft, while maintaining the camp’s charm.

608 - It Takes a Village of People

Release Date:Apr. 12, 2021
Location:Maranacook Lake
Owners:Kennebec Valley YMCA
Budget & Timeline:$0, 12 weeks
Special Projects:A sign for the building made from “cookies” and epoxy, double-sided collapsible easels with built-in high wall trays, painted “cookies” for inspiration, similar to painted rocks, made by the entire team
Synopsis:As children, Chase and Ashley would spend their summers at the Kennebec Valley YMCA. Ashley believes her years at the Y may have inspired and cultivated her love of design today. Now, decades later, the summer camp of their youth is in desperate need of a new Arts & Crafts building; and with no budget for the project, the YMCA knows there’s only one team willing to take the job: Chase, Ashley and the rest of the Cabin Masters. With help from the community, Chase and the team race against winter to finish the build before the snow starts flying. This is the first project the team has constructed from bare ground to the finished building. The Y requested 20′ x 20′, but the team decided on 32′ x 26′ instead, which became 30′ x 26′.

609 - 200-Year-Old Boathouse Revival

Release Date:Apr. 19, 2021
Location:Cobbosseecontee Lake
Owners:Nate & Kirstin Laflin
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:A red Puffin Boat for the Laflin daughters that can be turned into a bed, a removable slide from the deck directly into the water
Synopsis:Nate & Kirstin Laflin and their family fell in love with the circa early-1900s camp called “The Little Red Camp” as soon as they saw it. Located on Cobbosseecontee Lake, this 200-year old boathouse turned cabin is a rare find because it is stationed directly on the water, something a potential camp owner would never be able to find today. After a boat ride to the camp with Ryan’s mom Paula Thomas as the pilot, Chase and his team will have to figure out how to keep the cabin safely near the water, all while jacking and re-enforcing it, addressing rot issues, uneven walls and ultimately adding a second floor to create more space for the Laflins to be able to enjoy their summer retreat with their two young daughters.

610 - 2 Bathrooms, No Bedrooms

Release Date:Apr. 26, 2021
Location:Lake Annabessacook, Winthrop
Owners:Dave & Maria Emmith, and Diane Maguire
Budget & Timeline:$55,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Aluminum catwalk and ship’s ladder made by Mainely Handrails to connect the two lofts, a tree stump chainsaw-carved into an eagle, three skylights for additional light
Quote(s):“Wanna poop together?” – Ryan to Ashley, in separate bathrooms
Synopsis:For 40 years Dave Emmith dreamed of following in his grandparents footsteps and owning a camp on Annabessacook Lake in Winthrop, ME. In 2006 when land on the lake went up for sale, he jumped on the opportunity. From there, Dave set out with plans to construct a cabin. With the help of his family, they were able to build the camp within 72 hours! Now, as a recent retiree, Dave is looking to turn the cabin into a getaway for his wife and himself. However, the cabin that was built in 72 hours is lacking some of the most common creature comforts. For starters, there are no bedrooms. Dave had designed it to only be a two-bathroom cabin with a small kitchen. With that, the Emmith’s want to add more space to the camp, create a master bedroom and separate the two bathrooms the camp does have so that they can enjoy all the cabin has to offer with their family and friends. They also wanted a new dock to replace the rickety one that’s there. Thinking ahead, Dave already had the building permit in the window.

611 Repack - Best Summer Camps

Release Date:March 15, 2021
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters count down their Top 10 summer camps that offer the most supreme grilling, lakeside chilling and summer shenanigans. Plus, Chase, Ashley and Ryan share deleted scenes and reveal incredible cabin transformations.

612 Repack - Ashley's Favorite Memories

Release Date:May 3, 2021
Synopsis:Ashley takes the lead as she reminisces about her favorite Cabin Master memories. From the clever and crazy ways Chase has brought them to new camps, to being the boss, finding strange items during demoes, favorite field trips and Maine artisans, to what it’s really like to work with Lance as well as working almost daily with Ryan, along with her favorite reveals, fun and laughter are around every corner in her top picks. There are also a number of deleted scenes that have not been shared on social media.

613 Repack - Chase's Favorite Memories

Release Date:May 10, 2021
Synopsis:Chase takes a trip down memory lane as he reveals insider info that only the Cabin Masters know. From sharing the lasting impression his father left on him including collecting scrap by the pile, working with family in a business, working with the Mini Masters as well as charitable projects, to the moments that made him question why he got into this business, Chase tells all.

614 Repack - Top Ten Best Camps for Kids

Release Date:May 17, 2021
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters kid around as they count down their Top 10 best camps for kids! They’ll fly down zip-lines, make moose calls and build a giant board game while revisiting kid-friendly cabins that appeal to everyone’s inner child. A number of deleted scenes are also included, including disc golf at Camp Agassiz, Ashley shopping for kid’s water toys at Northwoods Outfitters in Greenville, and more information about Ashley’s rat.

615 Repack - Ryan's Favorite Memories

Release Date:May 24, 2021
Synopsis:Ryan leads the charge on this trip down memory lane as he dishes out insider info on the Cabin Masters. He’ll reveal what his life was like before becoming a carpenter, what it’s like building with Chase and how he really feels about working with Ashley.

616 Repack - Ask The Cabin Masters, Part 2

Release Date:May 31, 2021
Synopsis:Chase, Ryan and Ashley bare all by answering questions asked by their viewers on social media. They’ll reveal behind-the-scenes anecdotes, brand-new commentary on their biggest challenges, a special ode to each of their High School Alma Maters, and never-before-seen-footage of the team rebuilding the circa 1807 Damariscotta Fish Ladder.

617 Repack - Top Ten Best Winter Camps

Release Date:June 7, 2021
Synopsis:Chase, Ashley and Ryan get bundled up as they count down their Top 10 winter camps. They’ve had to deal with frozen tools, weather delays and blinding blizzards to renovate and insulate cabins that are made for getting warm by the fire.

618 Repack - Custom Pieces You Never Saw

Release Date:June 14, 2021
Synopsis:Featuring deleted footage and extended scenes, the Cabin Masters showcase all the custom knick-knacks that slipped through the cracks. They’ll revisit the good, bad and just plain ugly one-of-a-kind pieces that never got their moment to shine, including propane lights at the refuge in Whitefield which they converted to LED, a rail cart for the two-family A-frame on Moosehead Lake, and words of wisdom from Wild Bill.

Season 5 Episodes

Originally airing as part of season 4 as 414 – 420, those episodes were renumbered as 501 – 507 to create season 5 on or about December 3, 2020.

Episode Title Duplication: Season 3 episode 15 and season 5 episode 1 (formerly season 4 episode 14) are both titled “A Dream Come True.” I’ve changed the title of season 3 episode 15 to “A Dream Come True – Hockeytown” both here and in the IMDb episode guide to differentiate between the two episodes.
501 - A Dream Come True

Release Date:Apr. 13, 2020
Location:Cobbosseecontee Lake
Owners:Jay and Sarah Wolfington
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Loft railing made of old water skis, baseball glove chair and baseball beanbag
Synopsis:A family of four from Florida is living in their dream home on a scenic Maine lake. But from the kitchen to the rafters, it’s in need of some serious renovations to withstand the winter months and really work for them. Chase and his team are up to the task.

502 - Cabin Masters to the Rescue

Release Date:Apr. 20, 2020
Owners:Gary and Ellen Fuller
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, ASAP
Special Projects:Flaked epoxy floor over concrete, combination deer-hanging stand and swing set with swings made by the Mini Masters, handmade “Registered Maine Guide” wall hanging, antler chandelier, butcher block table bar
Synopsis:A couple started building a small cabin after inheriting 97 acres in Manchester, Maine, but the Master Maine Guide’s health issues are making the job difficult. They call on Chase and the team to finish the project so they can enjoy it with their children and grandchildren.

503 - A Cabin for the Whole Family

Release Date:Apr. 27, 2020
Location:Pickerel Pond, Wayne
Owners:Larry and Noriko Pearson
Budget & Timeline:$15,000, 6 – 8 weeks
Special Projects:Handcrafted ceramic loon whistle from a potter in Wayne, privacy screen made of old shutters, outdoor stone bench
Quote(s):“Strippin’s easy when there’s seven men around!” – Ryan
“Strippin’s easy till you get holes in the roof! – Ryan
Synopsis:A man calls on the Cabin Masters to repair and renovate his family’s 1954 off-the-grid fishing camp that was converted from a tent platform on Pickerel Pond in Wayne. He hopes to get a screened-in porch where he can enjoy the surroundings with his grandchildren, his wife hopes for a space for her massage table, and the team must act quickly before winter arrives.

504 - Keeping the Dreams Alive

Release Date:May 4, 2020
Owners:Kay, and her son Dan Webster
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 10 weeks
Special Projects:Timberframe truss system, railroad tie steps down the hill, handmade hanging bench swing in the screened-in porch
Synopsis:Chase and the team are challenged to renovate a family’s cabin that’s fallen into major disrepair in Winthrop as no ones used it since the late 1990s. They must navigate a treacherous hillside to stabilize the camp and make necessary repairs so the family can enjoy it for another 42 years.

505 - A Re-Imagination

Release Date:May 11, 2020
Location:Messalonskee Lake aka “Snow Pond”, Sidney
Owners:Greg and Denise Shaw
Budget & Timeline:$70,000, 3 months
Special Projects:Live edge dining table and headboard both made from barn boards taken off the cabin
Synopsis:A couple finds a cabin that has been untouched for years on the beautiful shore of Messalonskee Lake aka “Snow Pond” in Sidney. With an interior that’s in a state of vintage hibernation, Chase and the team upgrade the property from 3-season to 4-season while maintaining its rustic beauty.

506 - A Cabin for Future Generations

Release Date:May 18, 2020
Location:Little Sebago Lake, Gray
Owners:Siblings Joe and Mary Loring
Budget & Timeline:$60,000 – $65,000, late spring
Special Projects:Paddle wall hangings with the siblings’ names, iron triangle dinner bell
Synopsis:A woman and her five siblings can’t keep up with their family cabin’s mounting repairs on Little Sebago Lake, Maine. Chase and the team step in to rework its floor plan and, in a show first, move the cabin off its foundation to rework it, creating space for their families, and making it more accessible for the older generation.

507 - A Changing of the Guard's Camp

Release Date:May 25, 2020
Location:Weber Pond, Vassalboro
Owners:Jeff and Leah Bickford
Budget & Timeline:$50,000 (became $70,000), 16 weeks (became 18 weeks)
Special Projects:Handmade pillowcase with a flag, ammo box coffee table recreating an old wooden ammo box from the property, poured concrete floor in the crawlspace to prevent moisture, prefinished hardwood floor and installation both donated by Maxton’s as the owners are military, red, white & blue loft handrail, handmade exterior wooden American flag, full-height outdoor flagpole
Synopsis:A couple, he being retired from and she being active duty in the National Guard, recently inherited the cabin where he spent summers in Vassalboro, and it needs major repairs. Unexpectedly and in a show first, the team finds they must tear down the entire structure to the original floor system and recreate a dream cabin to accommodate the entire family.

508 Repack - Top Ten Waterfront Episodes

Release Date:June 1, 2020
Synopsis:Chase, Ryan, and Ashley reveal their viewers’ favorite waterfront cabin projects. Deleted scenes include Jedi rescuing a family of mice that had been living in some insulation.

509 Repack - Ten Most Unique Builds

Release Date:June 8, 2020
Synopsis:Chase, Ryan, and Ashley take a fun-filled look back to pick their favorite unique builds from so many great camps over the years. These aren’t specifically cabins but, with a few exceptions, are other portions of episodes or projects outside the cabins themselves.

510 Repack - Ten Most Challenging Builds

Release Date:June 15, 2020
Synopsis:Chase, Ryan, and Ashley showcase their most challenging builds from all four seasons. Deleted scenes include Dixie firing off a miniature cannon at the twister cabin in Bridgton.

511 Repack - Work Smahta, Not Hahda

Release Date:June 22, 2020
Synopsis:The Maine Cabin Masters team share their favorite construction and remodeling tips & tricks, including tips for demo, working with and storing wood, using timberframe and cedar shakes, working with artisans and craftsmen to create custom projects, opening up ceilings to create more space, dealing with rot including jacking & leveling and ratcheting things back together, preventing rot with Techno Metal Posts, reusing and repurposing things to save money, and some Maine life hacks. And it’s a “trough”, pronounced “trof.”

512 Repack - Top Ten Island Escapes

Release Date:June 29, 2020
Synopsis:Chase, Ryan, and Ashley reveal their viewers’ favorite Island Escape projects.
Note: One of the cabins featured in this episode is the Nutt cabin from season 4 episode 6, “Passport to Greenville.” However, within this “Top Ten Island Escapes” episode the Nutt’s cabin is incorrectly referred to verbally as “The Call Of The Loon”, which is the Kopec cabin from season 4 episode 3.

513 Repack - Top Ten Trash-To-Treasure Custom Builds

Release Date:July 6, 2020
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters count down the top 10 projects they turned from trash to treasure as voted on by fans. Featuring their most creative upcycles, Chase and his team repurposed heirlooms that provide a one-of-a-kind touch to every camp. The real question is, “Is Chase a hoarder?”

514 Repack - Ask The Cabin Masters

Release Date:July 13, 2020
Synopsis:Chase, Ryan, and Ashley answer questions asked by their fans on their social media pages. From Ryan and Ashley working together as a married couple to build-related questions, the team provides behind-the-scenes stories and commentary on projects. Deleted scenes include cruises aboard the 1914 steamship Katahdin at the Moosehead Lake Marine Museum, and a better look at the extraction of 1800s-era timber from Quakish Lake in Millinocket.

515 Repack - Top Ten Family Retreats

Release Date:July 20, 2020
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters share the top 10 family retreats as voted on by the fans. This look back features cherished pieces of family art, historic landmarks, and dedicated stewards looking to restore the sacred memories of those gone, but not forgotten.

Season 4 Episodes

Chase’s descriptions of his team returned in Season 4’s introduction, while the group shot included Chase, Ashley, Ryan, Dixie, and Jedi. And after playing around with CAD on-screen in previous seasons, the show also transitioned from explaining the changes of a given project via a whiteboard and marker at the beginning of an episode (sometimes throughout for unexpected changes), to using animated CAD drawings to accomplish more advanced visualizations while still maintaining simplicity in the drawings.

401 - A Cabin in Training

Release Date:Dec. 4, 2019
Location:Piper Pond, Abbot
Owners:Ron and Hilary Porter
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Iron tractor wheel bench, rabbit wood carved art by Doug Frati for the caboose
Synopsis:A couple purchased a quaint cabin with an accompanying railroad caboose. Chase and the team transform both spaces to create a camp by enlarging the main cabin with more sleeping space, indoor plumbing and an updated kitchen, while the caboose provides more bunk space and storage.

402 - A Lobster Legacy Shack

Release Date:Jan. 20, 2020
Location:Orr’s Island, Harpswell
Owners:Zach and Shannon Lindsey
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 7 – 11 weeks
Special Projects:Bar made from an old wooden Chris-Craft transom, lobster buoy solar patio lights
Quote(s):“Everything is functionable.” – Ashley
Synopsis:A couple inherited their quaint cabin from his grandfather, a boat builder who had rather solidly built the cabin by hand in 1978. With a recently-built wharf that provided a stable foundation, Chase and his team focus on transforming the former fish and lobster shack into a fun family cabin.

403 - The Call of the Loon

Release Date:Jan. 27, 2020
Location:Moosehead Lake
Owners:Scott and Rachel Kopec
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Chief Needahbeh theming throughout, including a shadow box containing Chief Needahbeh flies made by Dixie and Ashley
Synopsis:Sitting on the shores of Moosehead Lake, the cabin known as the “Call of The Loon” has been reacquired in 2011 by Rachel, the great-granddaughter of Walter Gerrish, who built it in 1931. Chief Needahbeh of the Penobscot tribe owned it until the 1950s and apparently painted two murals in the cabin. He also collected stones from most of the states, marked them, and built the stone stove on the property with them. Chase and the team update the amenities and add a second story to accommodate the large family.

404 - Old Cabin, New Tricks

Release Date:Feb, 3, 2020
Location:Harpswell Sound
Owners:Allen and Anne Springer
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 12 weeks
Special Projects:Sea Bag tote with a Casco Bay coastal map having a heart at the camp’s location
Synopsis:For the past 20 years, a family has created lasting memories of their cabin overlooking Harpswell Sound, but the cabin is in need of some work to see the next 20 years and beyond. Chase and the team jack and level the cabin and expand it with a second floor loft space to accommodate the next generation of the family.

405 - A Multi-Family Affair

Release Date:Feb. 10, 2020
Location:Moosehead Lake
Owners:Kevin and Alison, and David and Megan
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Stone patio from slate pieces and crushed stone found on the property, moose call made of paint cans and string, floating swim mat, custom rail cart given to the owners for transporting gear on the railroad tracks (with the railroad’s permission … see “Ten Most Challenging Builds”, season 5, special episode 10)
Quote(s):“Use your Brad to your advantage.” – Ryan
Synopsis:A pair of couples found an isolated cabin and fell in love with idea of owning and restoring it. Chase and the team have their hands full trying to repair and restore this diamond in the rough that’s only accessible by hiking 2 miles on the railroad tracks, or by boating across the lake.

406 - Passport to Greenville

Release Date:Feb. 17, 2020
Location:Moosehead Lake, Greenville Junction
Owners:Jerry and Wanda Nutt
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Custom carved wood tap handle for the requested portable outdoor kitchen with a moose, Mt. Kineo, and a loon on the lake, live edge pine countertops for both the indoor and outdoor kitchens as well as an outdoor bench all from a tree on the property
Synopsis:On their way to Canada but without a lost passport, a couple fell in love with the stunning views of Greenville Junction, Maine. But the cabin they purchased just the previous October is in need of some serious work to make it livable year-round for their extended family. Chase and the team open up the floor plan to create a working bathroom and kitchen as well as additional sleeping space.

407 - It Takes a Village

Release Date:Feb. 24, 2020
Location:Agassiz Village, Poland
Owners:The Agassiz Village Board Of Directors
Budget & Timeline:$15,000, 10 weeks (donations of supplies and labor are estimated by Chase in the episode to be $60,000, for a total of $75,000)
Special Projects:5-hole disc golf course
Synopsis:Founded in 1935, Agassiz Village has provided underprivileged and at-risk kids an opportunity to experience a 470-acre 50-building camp surrounded by the beauty of Maine. Projects for the Cabin Masters are to restore the old Ringling Brothers’ carousel gazebo and add a raised deck floor inside, save and restore bunkhouse I1, and bring back the old carved totem pole in the Welcome area. Chase and his team take on the big project with a small budget to help the camp with the support of the community.

408 - Ballard

Release Date:Mar. 2, 2020
Location:Maranacook Lake, Winthrop
Owners:Jared and Mia Ballard
Budget & Timeline:$60,000, no deadline (took 7 months)
Special Projects:Live edge vanity, L-shaped dock with bench, front stone patio, wood lift-latches on wooden doorknobs, wooden un-powered period icebox refrigeration donated by Dixie
Quote(s):“I didn’t know it was going to drop that much … [high-pitched] Can somebody get me a ladder, please?” – Dixie
Synopsis:An early 1900s cabin that’s intimately tied to Maine’s history and legacy puts Chase and the team to the test as they try to re-create its original look and feel. The cabin was owned by the state and was taken to Boston and New York before being placed on the property in the 1940s. The camp and the property was then owned by Joseph Stickney, Mia’s Great Grandfather, who was credited with creating the term “Vacationland” for Maine.

409 - Retro-Fit for the Whole Family

Release Date:Mar. 9, 2020
Location:Jug Stream, Lake Annabessacook, Monmouth
Owners:Tony and Jeanne Sun
Budget & Timeline:$25,000 – $30,000, 8 – 10 weeks
Special Projects:Live edge siding which is a first for the Cabin Masters, upright arcade video game with 32″ screen and custom barn wood cabinet, decorative timberframe and threaded rod collar tie, trolley wicker basket pulley system down the hill from the cabin to the stream
Quote(s):“Shut the dooooor!!”
Synopsis:A couple found their own slice of heaven overlooking Lake Annabessacook, only to find out it needed more work than they could provide. Chase, the team, and the Mini Masters take it out of its current 1950’s decor and update it with modern touches and areas for the three dogs, with some special projects up their sleeves.

410 - Lighthouse Point

Release Date:Mar. 16, 2020
Location:Great Pond
Owners:Jay and Linda Saulter
Budget & Timeline:$35,000, 10 weeks
Special Projects:Stair rail with fish balusters (and one shark), kids’ craft shop made out of the old ice house, 10-foot working lighthouse built and donated by Jay’s friends John and Darren
Synopsis:After relocating back to Maine, a family of five has been cramped in their small 3-season 1940s cabin on a peninsula overlooking Great Pond. It’s so small the youngest daughter sleeps in the camper. Chase and the team want to expand the footprint of the cabin by adding a loft space, but they must work fast to finish the restoration before winter.

411 - An Uphill Battle

Release Date:Mar. 23, 2020
Location:Great Pond
Owners:Connie and Louise Nesbit
Budget & Timeline:$25,000, 8 – 10 weeks
Special Projects:Candle holder made from four welded steel grates from the stone fireplace, wooden kayak found on the property made to hang on the side of the deck
Quote(s):“Don’t let your Monday ruin your Sunday.” – On a sign in the camp when they started demo
Synopsis:Lifelong Mainers bought their 1954 Belgrade cabin in 1987 and have maintained it over the years, but the list of needed repairs continues to grow. Chase and the team ride in on horses to give the camp much-needed life by rebuilding its front wall and replacing the heating system.

412 - A Home for the Cabin Masters

Release Date:Mar. 30, 2020
Owners:Kennebec Cabin Company
Budget & Timeline:$0.00, 12 weeks
Special Projects:A 9′ x 4′ x 3″ thick live edge table for the design space from Chase, a portrait of Gus that matches the pose of an earlier family dog portrait, the surprise of an encaustic beeswax-based painting of their Mom’s “Buckin’ A” cabin from season 1 episode 11 “Six Weeks For Two A-Frames” from Ashley
Synopsis:As a surprise for Ashley, Chase and the team jump at the opportunity to buy the Daggett’s 1860s farmhouse in Manchester and transform it into their headquarters. Holding a barn sale with the barn’s contents they bring in $2,700 for local charity Capital Clubhouse. They plan to create a showroom, offices, and a special space where Ashley can design and create custom pieces.

413 - An Island Retreat

Release Date:Apr. 6, 2020
Location:Sherb’s Island, Maranacook Lake
Owners:Leon and Kim Roberts
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 10 weeks
Special Projects:Taller doorways and collar ties for Leon’s height, bedroom and bathroom log-faced doors with coffin shapes, concrete domed wood-fired pizza oven, stone “iZland Camp” sign gifted from Leon’s friend Bill Vickerson, aluminum stairs on the front hill with a kayak launch alongside, framed portrait of the newly-married owners
Synopsis:A man and his fiancée, who eloped during the build, would like to see their rustic camping cabin without plumbing transformed into a place where they can entertain, use the bathroom indoors and enjoy multiple seasons. Additionally, they’d like to pay homage to their sixth-generation funeral home business.

Season 3 Episodes

For Season 3, Chase’s description of his fellow team members was dropped from the introduction, while within it Lance still appears in the group shots on the boat and on the shore.

Episode Title Duplication: Season 3 episode 15 and season 5 episode 1 (formerly season 4 episode 14) are both titled “A Dream Come True.” I’ve changed the title of season 3 episode 15 to “A Dream Come True – Hockeytown” both here and in the IMDb episode guide to differentiate between the two episodes.
301 - Inspirations Brewing

Release Date:Dec. 3, 2018
Location:Sabattus Pond, Wales, Sabattus
Owners:Shamus and Naomi Neville
Budget & Timeline:$25,000 – $30,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Bar made of imported whiskey barrels with a “Temperance” sign from Prohibition, beer tap hidden in an old circuit breaker panel, blown glass pendant lampshade, barrel stave stair rail and bar front
Synopsis:If there’s one thing the Cabin Masters love as much as renovating cabins, it’s beer. When they learn that the owner of their latest cabin project works at Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, they’re excited to check out the brewery for inspiration as they turn the weekend getaway into a three-season home away from home. Located on the shore of Sabattus Pond, the cabin has a steep drop-off to the water, a front door in the wrong place, a kitchen that’s too tiny, and an unusable loft thanks to a low ceiling. Chase and the team brew up some incredible projects to reimagine the cabin footprint and use items from the brewery as well as custom pieces to transform it beyond their clients’ wildest expectations.

302 - Paws, Present, and Future

Release Date:Dec. 10, 2018
Location:Cobbosseecontee Stream, West Gardiner
Owners:Dave and Christie Allred
Budget & Timeline:$25,000, open timeline
Special Projects:Animal paw prints on the floors, cat condo and catio, dog door with overhang, glass burl table
Quote(s):“Cony Math”
Trivia:While Lane’s last episode was 216, “A Cabin For The YMCA”, he made a cameo appearance in this episode to help Ashley with the catio.
Synopsis:Two animal lovers with a heart for rescuing dogs and cats call on Chase and the team to transform the West Gardiner cabin they’d bought sight-unseen into a pet sanctuary. The crew works to bring modern-day amenities into a cabin that’s over a century old while maintaining the rustic appeal that originally attracted the owners. Former Cabin Master Lance Gatcomb also makes a cameo appearance.

303 - Ho-Ho Home

Release Date:Dec. 17, 2018
Location:Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Owners:Doug aka “Santa” and Lois Dodge
Budget & Timeline:$35,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Woodstove hearth made from camp’s former chimney bricks, bedrooms for “Naughty” (with posters found in the walls and a blacklight) and “Nice”, sleigh converted into a chair and table, much larger dock than Ryan requested, rocking moose for the grandkids
Quote(s):“I don’t want to get on the Naughty list … Ok, I want to get off the Naughty list!” – Ryan
Synopsis:Doug, aka “Santa,” and his wife Lois inherited a 1,250-square-foot cabin in Rangeley that’s been in her family since 1958. With no major renovations since the 1970s, Chase and the team are excited to perform a Christmas miracle and transform this cabin into a wonderland for the whole family to enjoy.

304 - Ship-Shape Shack

Release Date:Jan. 7, 2019
Location:Round Pond, Bristol
Owners:Siblings David, Tom and Sally Orcutt
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Lobster trap loading line/float rope floor mats, lobster trap chairs and a lobster buoy/wind chime drink ordering bell for the widow’s walk
Quote(s):Mike Eldridge (Ryan’s Dad): “I don’t remember the episode but I remember the incident. Ryan came home from work one day with the boot on. Upon me asking how he hurt himself, he stated….’ Oh Dad don’t worry, I just stepped wrong and pulled a muscle.’ Sure Ryan……Come later that Fall, I ,as well as thousands of other fans watched as he fell thru the second story floor to the first on one of their remodels. Kids!–grrrrrr.”
Synopsis:Chase and the team have their hands full transforming a family’s treasured 1950s lobster shack that had been moved from Boothbay, into a cabin that will create a lifetime of memories for generations to come. They re-imagine the cabin’s interior layout, preserve a cherished mural, and add an exterior widow’s walk on top of the new design.

305 - Cabin Overhaul

Release Date:Jan. 14, 2019
Location:Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Owners:Gene and Dotty Bettencourt
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Blown glass light fixtures molded from racing chassis springs, tailgate bench with pedestals turned from an 18″ log from the property
Synopsis:It’s a Cabin Masters conundrum as Chase and the team are challenged to take a 1960s former garage and turn it into a home that will comfortably accommodate six siblings and their 17 kids. They’re up against the clock to convert the cramped camp into a real cabin the family can enjoy for years to come.

306 - Hook, Line, and Sinker

Release Date:Jan. 21, 2019
Location:Toothaker Pond, Phillips
Owners:Keith and Terri Smith
Budget & Timeline:$25,000, 11 weeks
Special Projects:Tennis ball slingshot and dock for Millie the dock-diving dog, chandelier with fly fishing lures
Quote(s):“Hello, it’s for you.”
Synopsis:A couple buys a dilapidated cabin in Phillips, Maine, in hopes of keeping the area’s fly-fishing traditions alive. Chase and his team pull out all the stops to fix a myriad of issues in just 11 weeks.

307 - Stable Family Ties

Release Date:Jan. 28, 2019
Location:Biscay Pond, Bremen
Owners:Siblings Andrew, Nick, and Cammie Christ
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Peaceful memorial garden honoring Nanny & Pop’s cremation urns overlooking the camp (including a fresh beer for Fritz), horseshoe coatracks and a horseshoe door knocker handmade at a blacksmith shop, drop-down bed on a winch, gift of a 7′ table made by the owners’ brother-in-law with barn wood from their former family farm in Rhode Island
Quote(s):“Cony math!”
Synopsis:Chase and the crew have their work cut out for them turning a vacation cabin that was originally a 1920s horse barn that had been dragged across the lake in the 1940s, into a stable building for a large family. Drawing from the past as inspiration, the crew also wants to honor the owners’ late parents in this emotional build.

Doug the Plumber shows up on-camera for the first time in this episode.

308 - Past, Present and Future

Release Date:Feb, 4, 2019
Location:Belle Island, Cobbosseecontee Lake, Winthrop
Owners:Jon and Win Elliott
Budget & Timeline:$45,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:100′ zip line, hand-painted floor canvas
Synopsis:A couple’s Belle Island camp has a long multi-generational history within their family since the 1890s. Their three-building camp, with a main building, a log cabin with a wide stone fireplace, a boathouse, and a gazebo, is an ongoing focus of family life and they are now ready to make its preservation their main priority. They call on the Cabin Masters to bring these historic buildings into the present and stand the test of time for the next generation.

309 - The Honeymoon Suite

Release Date:Feb. 11, 2019
Location:Drury Pond, Temple
Owners:Seamus and Kali McKinney
Budget & Timeline:$35,000, no deadline
Special Projects:Winter scene wall hangings for Kali made by Ashley and Seamus’ mom Maggie, floor lamp made from sheet metal from the camp to match the older hanging lamps, planter boxes with decorative tiles found in the camp, champagne from the team
Synopsis:In a Maine Cabin Masters first, Chase and his creative crew help a newlywed couple take a questionable “wedding gift” with a 1970s vibe and turn it into an alpine ski bungalow that would rival those found in the Swiss Alps. With $35,000 and no time limit, Chase and his team completely gut the camp and start from scratch to transform it from its current condition into the beautiful bungalow that the newlyweds will enjoy for generations to come.

310 - The Twister Camp

Release Date:Feb. 18, 2019
Location:Moose Pond, Bridgton
Owners:Jim and Lisa Backman
Budget & Timeline:$22,500, 2 months
Special Projects:Canoe bookcase, donated cliff rock BBQ island, donated cedar dock with dual Adirondack chair, donated custom indoor stair rail with ski decorations
Synopsis:A couple calls on the Cabin Masters to help save the owner from himself after their camp was hit by a freak tornado, and a tree courtesy of the same tornado. With community involvement and an emphasis on outdoor entertaining, and with Ashley in charge while Chase is out ill, the team completes an open second floor and the desired finishing touches to the camp as they race to wrap it up before the first snow falls.

311 - A Legacy Preserved

Release Date:Feb. 25, 2019
Location:Cobbossee Stream, West Gardiner
Owners:Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary, Kennebec Land Trust: Theresa Kerchner, Executive Director, and Amy Lesko, Representative of Kendra Shaw’s Estate
Budget & Timeline:$45,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Bat boxes built at the Chewonki Foundation, two woven Bates Mill wedgewood blue “Martha Washington” bedspreads made at Maine Heritage Weavers
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters pay tribute to Kendra Shaw, an entomologist and late matriarch of an amazing legacy in West Gardiner, Maine, by restoring two rustic cabins on the 113-acre Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary she’d donated. With a budget of $45,000, they restore the cabins by adding composting toilets, hand pumps to pull water from the nearby stream, as well as propane heaters and cook stoves.

312 - Golden Years Family Camp

Release Date:Mar. 4, 2019
Location:Highland Lake, Bridgton
Owners:Sandra Stevenson
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Firehose wall lamp and handrail horizontal balusters, wheeled steamer trunk game storage cabinet
Synopsis:After buying her parents’ old summer camp in Bridgton, a mother calls on the Cabin Masters to help her completely renovate the home for her parents to retire in full-time. With a $40,000 budget and eight weeks, Chase and his crew come in to transform this camp into the ideal retirement space where the grandparents can safely continue to enjoy their twilight years surrounded by their loving family.

313 - Diamond in the Rough

Release Date:Mar. 11, 2019
Location:Salmon Lake, Smithfield
Owners:Pam, Jane aka “Mom”, and Suzanne, aka “PMS”
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Three-person Adirondack chair, the Adirondaquiri signature Tiki cocktail from the Portland Hunt & Alpine Club, Tiki masks made by Chase’s kids
Synopsis:After three women collectively buy a cabin they describe as “a diamond in the rough on a pretty lot,” they are determined to prove the naysayers wrong and create the cabin of their dreams, complete with an outdoor Tiki bar. With the help of Chase and the Maine Cabin Masters team, their dreams become reality and their “diamond in the rough” becomes a cherished gem and family gathering spot.

314 - Love Yurts

Release Date:Mar. 18, 2019
Location:Snake Island, Lower Patten Pond, Ellsworth
Owners:Gary and Mackenzi White
Budget & Timeline:$15,000, 5 weeks
Special Projects:Handmade ice fishing trap, four chainsaw-carved eagles (one for each of the kids), hanging outdoor cocoon pod chairs
Quote(s):“Hey Ryan, it’s awfully wet and slippery up there, don’t yurt yourself.” – Jedi
Chase: “When I come out, I’m gonna be a beautiful butterfly.” … Ashley: “More like a moth.”
Synopsis:In a Cabin Masters first, Chase and the crew are tasked with a relocation and land manifestation of a family Yurt on an island on Togus Pond. With a budget of $15,000 and five weeks to complete the job, Chase and the team enter uncharted (and nearly frozen) waters, knowing they will have to move quickly to beat the oncoming ice and snow so they can have the yurt ready for the family to drop their fishing lines in the frozen pond.

315 - A Dream Come True - Hockeytown

Release Date:Mar. 25, 2019
Location:David Pond, Fayette
Owners:Jon and Amy Faitsch
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Lamp made from four hockey sticks and a helmet, ice hockey table, pine tree-shaped shutters, hockey puck photo holders, captive puck pond hockey goals
Synopsis:A couple with two hockey-loving boys calls on the Cabin Masters to take their camp they’d purchased only two months earlier on David Pond and turn it into a family vacation cabin that will serve as a central part of their lives for generations to come. Chase and his team are poised to take this blank canvas and create a work of art that includes beautiful pine walls and ceilings and additional sleeping space for the growing family.

316 - The Dixie Dog Den

Release Date:Apr. 1, 2019
Location:Togus Pond, Augusta
Owners:Mamie Beale, “Dixie”‘s Grandmother
Budget & Timeline:$25,000, no deadline
Special Projects:Bowls turned by a neighbor from logs found on the property, kitchen shelving made from a dogsled which is still usable
Quote(s):“It’s ‘whiskey square’.” – Ryan
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters team helps their own Matthew Dix restore his Grandfather’s old shed to its former glory for Betty, Betsy, and Tootsie, Dixie’s Mom and Aunts. With $25,000 of family money, an open deadline, and his 92-year-old feisty Grandma waiting impatiently next door, “Dixie” and the Cabin Masters visit every chance they get to check on Grandma, and put hammer to nails to restore the decrepit cabin.

Season 2 Episodes
Bunganuc Creek Landmark, photographed on June 25, 2020.
201 - Bunganuc Creek Landmark

Release Date:Nov. 27, 2017
Location:Bunganuc Creek, Brunswick
Owners:Steve Stern and Arlene Morris
Budget & Timeline:$25,000 – $35,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:“No Nukes” sign restoration, live-edge table with anchor inlay, stainless steel school of fish, chairs made of slabs of granite, glass table made from an old anchor windlass, wine bottle river-chilling cage on a retrieval line
Quote(s):Chase: “They’re not looking for the Ritz.”, Ryan: “More like a saltine.”
(Throwing a TV out the 2nd floor window) “That Cabin Master show sucks, I’m gettin’ rid of my TV!” – Ryan
Ryan: “How was your slow-motion walkaround?”, Chase: Lovely.”
Synopsis:Builder Chase Morrill and his crew take on a historic clammers’ shack that’s one nor’easter away from falling into Bunganuc Creek. Designer Ashley joins the guys for a renovation that consists of opening up boarded windows as well as clearing out animal droppings and years of trash and old machinery, and removing 11 tons of concrete floor. In order to make a big transformation without changing the look of the outside, they get creative while battling the rising tide that touches the camp. The team has their work cut out for them with this rebuild, and they know everyone in town is watching closely as they work on this historic landmark.

202 - Clearwater Camp

Release Date:Dec. 4, 2017
Location:Clearwater Lake, Industry
Owners:Maine Surgeon General Dora Mills
Budget & Timeline:$35,000 – $45,000, 4th of July (8 – 10 weeks, unspecified)
Special Projects:Book lamp made of a stack of encyclopedias, bookcase made out of an organ, in-stair bookshelves
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters take on a cabin in Industry that hasn’t been touched since the 1970s. They discover that 40 years of Maine winters have not been kind to this place, and issues arise once the snow melts and they start digging into the project. Between the snow delays and their $45,000 budget, this project is sure to come down to the wire.

203 - Veterans' Retreat

Release Date:Dec. 11, 2017
Owners:Travis Mills Foundation
Budget & Timeline:$50,000 + $100,000 donations, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Changing room benches made from old doors and barn boards, stand dinner bell with the stand made at a blacksmith’s, activities/schedule chalkboard made from an old door, donated art created by local veterans
Quote(s):“Cabin Masters, Unite!” – Jedi
Synopsis:Chase and his team of builders take on an unusual project from retired United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills. Through his foundation, Travis has built a retreat in Maine on to help combat-injured veterans and their families adjust to their new normal. Chase and the crew are tasked with turning a simple lakeside cottage (formerly owned and operated as part of the Maine Chance residential spa from 1930 – 1970 by cosmetics industry founder Elizabeth Arden) into an ADA-compliant event center for the veterans and their families. The key feature will be a huge commercial-grade deck (for once the team received the engineered plans, to ensure ADA compliance) that can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time. With only eight weeks until the first guests arrive and the camp buried under two feet of snow, the team will have to get creative to finish this project on time.

204 - Kids' Dream Lake House

Release Date:Dec. 18, 2017
Location:Damariscotta Lake, Damariscotta
Owners:Luke and Laura Houghton
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, July 1st (weeks unknown)
Special Projects:Epoxy color concrete floor, custom storage benches, custom stone patio, Foosball game, Turbo Chute
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters help a DIY homeowner jump-start his project and renovate a cabin near Damariscotta with kids in mind. With a budget of $30,000 and short time frame, the builders have to use their imagination to keep the homeowners happy while still impressing their youngest clientele yet.

205 - The Hiltz Camp

Release Date:Jan. 8, 2018
Location:Kimball Pond, New Sharon
Owners:Rod and Barbara Hiltz
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Hiltz Hand front door, Hiltz Hand steel fire ring, beaver stick railing, live edge countertop
Quote(s):“I’m not fussy, and I really have no taste.” – Rod Hiltz, cabin owner
Synopsis:Chase and his team are deep in the woods of New Sharon, Maine, to help homeowner Rod save his rundown 1940s camp from falling into the pristine Kimball Pond. He’d like to patch up the holes and get his wife to come back to the camp, which means it’s going to need a lot of work. Chase will need all hands on deck to get this build done in time and under his $20,000 budget.

206 _ Taking It to the Finish Line

Release Date:Jan. 15, 2018
Location:Kennebec River, Embden
Owners:Larry Costa
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Custom metal stair rail and CNC plasma-cut design, handmade steel dragonfly lawn ornaments, barn board accent wall and stair risers, shotgun-blasted metal trash can light fixtures, framed old-style poster
Synopsis:Builder Chase Morrill and his team are hired to finish a cabin for a homeowner who has been collecting materials for years but just hasn’t been able to finish the project. With a budget of $20,000, the crew hopes to make the homeowner’s dream a reality in just eight weeks.

207 - Oyster Farm Shack

Release Date:Jan. 22, 2018
Location:Glidden Point Oyster Farm, Damariscotta River, Edgecomb
Owners:Ryan McPherson and Briana Endicott
Budget & Timeline:$25.000, 4 weeks
Special Projects:Portable oyster shucking station, light fixtures made of glass blocks filled with crushed oyster shells, oyster cedar shake shingles
Quote(s):“Cabin Masters, unite!!!” – Chase
“Random, all on the same course.” – Ashley
Synopsis:Chase, Ashley and the team find themselves rebuilding an old oyster shack for Glidden Point Oyster Farm, a working oyster farm in Edgecomb. Forced into immediate action by their shortest timeline to date while working with a budget of $25,000, the team must start their preliminary work with snow still on the ground.

208 - The Bullpen

Release Date:Jan. 29, 2018
Location:Clearwater Lake, Industry
Owners:The Morrill Family
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, Memorial Day (no weeks specified)
Special Projects:Family tree made of glazed clay
Quote(s):“Cabin Masters, unite!!!” – Chase’s kids
Synopsis:Chase and his team head to their family camp to take on the old Army barracks that has served as overflow sleeping for over 40 years. With the family expanding and sleeping space at a premium, the guys try to save the structure to accommodate family reunions for years to come. With a budget of $20,000, a lot of reclaimed materials and help from family members, the team races to pull off this renovation before the family reunion.

209 - Heirloom Home on the Shore

Release Date:Feb. 5, 2018
Location:New Meadows River, West Bath
Owners:Tina Sener and Michele Robinson-Pontbriand
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, autumn (no weeks specified)
Special Projects:Window flower boxes, “The Yorks, Darlene and Leland” sign, tile mosaics behind fireplace, floating hinged dock ramp for the dog
Quote(s):“Is that fresh water or salt water?” – Ashley
“I’m coming, sweetheart!” – Ashley
Synopsis:The team is in West Bath to work on a 20′ x 20′ family camp built in 1961 on the coast of the New Meadows River. After 56 years of use, the third-generation owners have decided to add facilities and more appropriate living quarters for the large family reunions they host each year. Chase has to figure out how to get down to the camp before taking it apart, which calls for some high-end stonework. The crew also springs into action to build something special for the family’s three-legged Labrador.

210 - Desert Pond Hideaway

Release Date:Feb. 12, 2018
Location:Desert Pond, Mt. Vernon
Owners:Vincent Hemmeter and Nicole Watson
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 4 weeks
Special Projects:Central floor insert, chimney gargoyle, claw foot tub with shower ring, “one-eyed bull” door knocker, canoe dock
Synopsis:The team travels to a secluded piece of land close to Desert Pond to help a couple turn their forgotten 16′ x 16′ shack with a fieldstone fireplace into a relaxing retreat. The couple has big ambitions for the one-room space, which means the crew will be stretched with a $30,000 budget and only four weeks to finish the project.

211 - Pilsbury Family Rafting Cabin

Release Date:Feb. 19, 2018
Location:The Forks, Dead and Kennebec Rivers, Caratunk
Owners:Mike and Kim Pilsbury
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 9 weeks
Special Projects:Bench made of small logs, towel and rafting gear drying rack, as well as an extra bench, both made from old paddles, a Pilsbury Cabin bird house for the highway birdhouse retaining wall about 10 miles down the road in Moscow
Quote(s):“Like I always say, it’s better to be lucky than smart.” – Ryan
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters take on a project along the Kennebec River in Caratunk. They’re challenged with taking a shell of a cabin that was moved to its current property from Lake Moxie and renovating it to create a small efficiency home for family and friends to stay when they visit. The timeline and budget aren’t the only challenges the team will face, however, as the remote location provides its own set of problems.

212 - Family's Empty Nest

Release Date:Feb. 26, 2018
Location:Pitcher Pond, Lincolnville
Owners:Kirk and Lisa Wolfinger
Budget & Timeline:$30,000 modified to $20,000, 10 weeks
Special Projects:Carved eagle over double doors, loveseat made from a stump, portable dividing walls for the writing nook
Synopsis:A family has the resources to give their Lincolnville cabin the love it deserves now that their four children are almost done with college. However, the crew has their hands full with this job because the cabin has been neglected for 25 years, corners were cut in the original build, and due to local compliance laws the budget has to be $10,000 less. And when it gets cold, Dixie brings in everything to make up one of the massive batches of his Seafood Chowdah.

213 - Family Fishing Cabin

Release Date:Mar. 5, 2018
Location:McGrath aka “McGraw” Pond, Oakland
Owners:Eric and Sarah Libby
Budget & Timeline:$25,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Second floor bunkhouse loft, fish drawn on a paper bag by Eric’s father framed/outlined with branches, minnow trap light fixtures, live cedar loft railing
Synopsis:Chase Morrill and the team work to save an old cabin in Oakland that the homeowner purchased from his father. Eric hopes that the renovation will give the cabin many more years of life so he can share his childhood memories there with his own children. Similar to a “Shotgun Shack”, Chase said “It’s like a mobile home” while Ryan describes it with, “This place is kind of just built like a good old Maine trailer — Long and skinny with rooms everywhere. You know, you could pack the kids in, feed them.” Chase and his team pull out all the stops to get this project done before winter comes and brings construction to a halt.

214 - A Family Gathering Place

Release Date:Mar. 12, 2018
Location:Tilton Point, McGrath Pond, Oakland
Owners:Stephanie Sturtevant
Budget & Timeline:$30,000 – $35,000, 8 weeks
Special Projects:Decoupaged photos, wine rack made of old water skis, countertops made from 19th-century water-aged logs from Quakish Lake extracted by Maine Heritage Timber in Millinocket, updated grilling and smoking stone firepit, handmade paddle uprights for the loft rail
Synopsis:Chase and his team take on a project on McGrath Pond in Oakland that has been empty for 15 years. Stephanie bought this 1940s place from her father and promised him she would fix it up. After her father passed a few years ago, she knew she needed to get some help so she could fulfill her promise and bring it back to the fun cabin it once was. While it seems like a pretty straightforward renovation, starting a project this late in the season raises a lot of challenges. Can Chase and his team get this project done before winter comes and brings construction to a halt?

215 - A Family Cabin Fit for a King

Release Date:Mar. 19, 2018
Location:East Penobscot Bay
Owners:Jon and Briar Fishman
Budget & Timeline:$50,000, 8 weeks (became 16 weeks)
Special Projects:Live edge dining table with slices of Briar’s father’s burl inlaid, live edge burl mirror, outdoor checkerboard
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters have a $50,000 budget to renovate a 100-year-old camp four-times the size of their usual builds. While they’re hesitant to take on such a huge project, the team is determined to deliver after finding out the client is a member of Ryan’s favorite band, Phish. After it’s found the cabin requires lead paint abatement, along with a series of harsh weather delays, the crew reluctantly asks for an extension on their deadline and faces the truth that cabins weren’t meant to be built in the winter. The team “drops the mic” on this build and blows away the entire family with a complete exterior and interior facelift including a special project that pays homage to a loved family member, and a giant outdoor checkerboard for the kids.

216 - A Cabin for the YMCA

Release Date:Mar. 26, 2018
YMCA Location:Augusta
YMCA Owners:Kennebec Valley YMCA
YMCA Budget & Timeline:Donations, and salvage from a cabin in Sugarloaf (estimated in the episode at $8,000)
YMCA Special Projects:Chainsaw-carved bench with two owls and a bear cub, tubular wooden xylophone, loon weathervane
Chase’s Special Projects:Beer/grain elevator, faucet coat rack, commemorative frame with camp project photos, ponies from Lance
Synopsis:The Kennebec Valley YMCA in Augusta needs a new play structure, and the Cabin Masters know just the crew for the job. In addition, Ryan decides it’s time to build the workshop that Chase has always wanted. With winter fast approaching and no budget for either project, the team works feverishly to finish the play cabin for the YMCA and the workshop for Chase before everything freezes over. This episode includes Ashley’s “tour” of the extensive piles of “organized” salvaged material and other items in Chase’s yard.

Season 1 Episodes

While Dixie and Jedi appear in every episode of Season 1 (Dixie doesn’t speak during Episode 101), they weren’t included in the show’s introduction. The intro for these episodes only includes Chase, Ryan, Ashley, and Lance.

101 - The Daggett Family Cabin

Release Date:Jan. 2, 2017
Location:Webber Pond, Vassalboro
Owners:The Daggett Family
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Framed camp photos, boat paddle/minnow trap ceiling fan, whole canoe bookshelf, chiminea, cedar plank dock with chairs and table, “Da88ett” pillows
Quote(s):“I’m coming, sweetheart!” – Lance
Synopsis:A family from Maine works together to save the historic “Daggett Camp” cabin once owned by a famous politician in the 1930s, the first female President of the Maine Senate. Builder Chase Morrill and his team attempt to save the camp in time, but a hidden surprise threatens to derail the whole project.

102 - Dilapidated Island Cabin

Release Date:Jan. 9, 2017
Location:Eaton Island, Deer Isle
Owners:Maine State Legislator Rob & Candy Eaton
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Carved eagle head with copper wings from old statehouse roof, save the entry door and the center post her late brother Bruce put in, a flag for the Eatons to raise when they’re there, a sign saying “Welcome To Eaton Island”
Trivia:This was Brad’s first episode.
Synopsis:Builder Chase Morrill and his team tackle a 1930s dilapidated island cabin with major rot issues. With a budget of $30,000 and six weeks to complete the project, the team works to transform the cabin and turn it into a secluded island retreat while maintaining its original rustic charm.

103 - City Slickers Off the Grid

Release Date:Jan. 16, 2017
Location:Stone Point, Frenchman Bay
Owners:Barry and Ruth Baker
Budget & Timeline:$45,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Kitchen tiles made of crushed clam and mussel shells, a chainsaw-carved lighthouse from a tree trunk on the property
Quote(s):“Check out the wounded walrus!” – Ryan to Ashley, as she’s crawling through the clam flats
“I thought it was for better or worse! This is the worst!” – Ashley to Ryan
Synopsis:Chase and his team of builders renovate an off-the-grid camp for a family of “city slickers.” With limited resources, they incorporate the comforts of city living into the camp along with creating more privacy in the sleeping quarters, but a rotted water tank that might violate Maine law threatens to shut them down before the renovation is begun.

104 - Dated Cabin Turned Retreat

Release Date:Jan. 23, 2017
Location:Belgrade Lakes
Owners:Brian and Theresa Scanlan
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Fishing pole chandelier, custom floating dock, Birdieball golf tee and floating green
Quote(s):(After hanging the fishing pole chandelier) Chase: “Good job, guys.”
Ryan: “Good job, guys.”
Dixie: “Good job, guys.”
Lance: “Good job, guys.”
Jedi: “I just wanted to tell you guys … Good job.”
Synopsis:The team takes on a dated and dysfunctional cabin in Belgrade Lakes, one of Maine’s most desirable regions. With a budget of $40,000 and six weeks to finish the project, they work to turn this Long Pond cabin into the perfect family retreat.

105 - Rebuilding the Old Schoolhouse

Release Date:Jan. 30, 2017
Owners:Sue (Mom) and Chris (Son) York
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Moving archery target with a shooting platform
Quote(s):Ryan: “Functionable”, twice in the same sentence.
Trivia:This is one of the very few cabins where the team installed drywall.
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters hike through the woods of Dedham to restore a dilapidated family camp that was once the old schoolhouse. From the swarming bugs to the relentless rain, the team quickly learns that nothing will come easy. When a serious case of rot threatens to close down the entire project, Chase and Ryan are forced to make a very expensive decision.

106 - Not-So-Pleasant Camp on Pleasant Pond

Release Date:Feb. 6, 2017
Location:Pleasant Pond, West Gardiner
Owners:Craig and Andrea Donovan
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Life-size dice board game “Go Jump In The Lake” with octagon mosaic stepping stones, custom horizontal Murphy bed for an upper bunk that’s a chalkboard when closed, outdoor couch or “canouch” made from a canoe found on the property
Synopsis:The team is called in to renovate a neglected circa 1932 stone camp with a vinyl addition for a growing family. Right away, the unusual footprint proves troublesome when they try to create a second bedroom inside. Outside, the steep slope becomes a challenge just hours before the reveal. The team is challenged to overcome these obstacles in time for the family’s end-of-summer party.

107 - A Cabin for the Bride

Release Date:Feb. 13, 2017
Owners:Maine Cabin Master Lance and Lilly Gatcomb
Budget & Timeline:$0 (wedding gift)
Special Projects:Metal bird sculpture, emu pens, emus from Chase
Quote(s):“Strippin’ ain’t easy.” – Dixie
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters are back home in Augusta, getting ready for Lance’s wedding when Chase gets a call from an old friend who has a little log cabin stuck in her backyard. He sees the cabin as a fun project for the team to work on and present to Lance’s lovely bride after the wedding, so with no budget and Lance as the foreman, landlord and overall malcontent, the team disassembles the log cabin and moves it onto his property. With the wedding quickly approaching and Lance busy building outhouses and emu pens for his fiance, the team must work fast in order to finish before Lilly walks down the aisle.

108 - 130-Year-Old Island Cabin

Release Date:Feb. 20, 2017
Location:Cuba Island, Manchester
Owners:Jac Arbour
Budget & Timeline:$40,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Inverted wooden boat chandelier, log benches, rickshaw sign, cornhole game
Synopsis:Chase and the team tackle the renovation of a 130-year-old cabin located on Cuba Island. With a budget of $40,000 and a time frame of six weeks, they attempt to overcome the challenges of building on an island to make sure the cabin is around for another 100 years.

109 - Off-The-Grid Cabin Renovation

Release Date:Feb. 27, 2017
Owners:Matt Siekman
Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Bear with fish chainsaw sculpture, “cookie” countertop, gravity-fed rain catchment system with 450-gallon storage tank
Synopsis:Chase and the team renovate an off-the-grid A-frame hunting cabin deep in the woods of Oxford, Maine, on 550 acres. Working with a budget of $20,000 and a time frame of six weeks, their goal is to get the cabin done before winter comes.

110 - A Camp on Two Ponds

Release Date:Mar. 6, 2017
Location:Whitney and Hogan Ponds, Oxford
Owners:Matthew and Randee McDonald
Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 6 weeks
Special Projects:Framed old 1951 Richard Bishop calendar prints found inside the walls, outdoor shower made from an old canoe, dining table made from “rough trod” barn wood
Synopsis:The team is called in to renovate the 1940s Camp Eskar-Go, uniquely situated on an eskar on two ponds. With winter right around the corner, Chase knows they need to hustle in order to complete the renovation, but the wet weather and a slew of other setbacks may interfere with finishing in time for the homeowners.

111 - Six Weeks for Two A-Frames

Release Date:Mar. 13, 2017
Locations:Carrabassett River, Carrabassett Valley, Sugarloaf
Camp 1 Owner:Peggy Morrill
Camp 1 Team:Chase, Ashley, Dixie
Camp 1 Budget & Timeline:$20,000, 6 weeks
Camp 1 Special Projects:Custom crow and tree stained glass window, fire pit
Camp 2 Owners:Chris and Lauren Andrews
Camp 2 Team:Ryan, Jedi, Lance
Camp 2 Budget & Timeline:$30,000, 6 weeks
Camp 2 Special Projects:Framed original plans, Sugarloaf emblem, “Survivor” boat stern on the deck rail
Synopsis:The Cabin Masters are called in to renovate two A-frame cabins, one being for Chase and Ashley’s Mom, Peggy Morrill, in Maine’s Sugarloaf Valley. With only six weeks to accomplish both renovations, Chase splits the team down the middle. Stakes are high as a friendly wager allows the winning team to dress the losing team up at dinner.

The Pilsbury family birdhouse from episode 211 on the retaining wall along Rt. 201 south of The Forks, photographed August 22, 2020.
Why Did Lance Leave the Cabin Masters?

In season 2 episode 16, “A Cabin For The YMCA”, the team also takes the time to complete Chase’s barn. While they’re giving it back to him Lance says “I got a couple of surprises for you guys. One’s bittersweet. I think it’s gonna be my last year. We’re having a little boy.” There are happy hugs all around, and he says “So I’m gonna be raising a little boy next summer.”

He then follows by explaining separately in an interview segment, ”You know, it’s been a great couple years. We’ve done a lot of stuff. Put 27 cabins back together. Love working with the guys, love doing all this stuff. I’m at a point right now in my life where I’m gonna raise a family. And between child-rearing and farming, I’m not gonna have time to do this anymore. Hopefully I’ll get some time to come back, but as it stands, I’m gonna start raising a family.” He then gave Chase the ponies… You can keep up-to-date with Lance by subscribing to his YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DSxI0aRhcRkDM8zLEu7nA.

Lance later made a cameo appearance in episode 302, “Paws, Present, and Future.”

Glidden Point oysters at The Woodshed, the Maine Cabin Masters' restaurant in Manchester, on August 27, 2020. Glidden Point Oysters were featured in episode 207, "Oyster Farm Shack."
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  • Maine Cabin Masters own Episode Guide: Consider this the Official and most accurate Guide. Maintained by Hero Media Network, this matches any discussion you’ll see on the podcasts or in person with the team.
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  • Maine Cabin Masters’ IMDb Pages: I originally built the Guide you’re looking at as a source to get the IMDb pages updated, which I still maintain. I use images on IMDb from Hero Media’s Official Guide via Michelle Miller, who also helped to make sure I was getting copyright info correct. This then syncs directly to the Official Guide on the Maine Cabin Masters site.
Notes About This Episode Guide
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  2. Anomalies:
    • Episode Title Duplication: Season 3 episode 15 and season 5 episode 1 (formerly season 4 episode 14) are both titled “A Dream Come True.” I’ve changed the title of season 3 episode 15 to “A Dream Come True – Hockeytown” both here and in the IMDb episode guide to differentiate between the two episodes.
    • Episode Title Swap: Season 7 episode 13, “Camp ‘Contee Going Up!”, and season 7 episode 14, “A Container Conversion”, were originally aired in reverse of what was announced. Because of this, many carriers will still show one one episode on their schedule and air the other. It’s so far difficult to tell which will air at the specified time.
    • Goof: One of the cabins featured in season 5 episode 12 (formerly season 4 special episode 25), “Top Ten Island Escapes”, is the Nutt cabin from season 4 episode 6, “Passport to Greenville.” However, within the “Top Ten Island Escapes” episode the Nutt’s cabin is incorrectly referred to in dialog as “The Call Of The Loon”, which is the Kopec cabin from season 4 episode 3.
  3. Episode Info Accuracy: In binging the all available episodes of the show, it turned out that many available episode descriptions online are inaccurate. This includes listing Lance’s wedding gift from Chase as geese instead of emus, inaccurate cabin ages or dates, incorrect budgets or available timelines, etc. Additional info included in the listing are:
    • Location: In most episodes this is relatively general, with some (i.e., the Fishman cabin) being intentionally obscure.
    • Owner(s): Parents and couples are listed without their kids.
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